Harry will like this post…

It’s been a busy weekend, yesterday a friend and I drove 135 miles each way to see Combichrist in Bristol and today Mistress and I had a family dinner to attend. Knowing what a great mood that always puts us in… we decided to make the most of Saturday morning.

Mistress had trimmed her pussy lovely and short for me and she said afterwards that it sometimes makes her more sensitive, even a bit over sensitive. Everything was going as normal until she started to cum and after an initial spasm she seemed to fall away from the edge and as I continued to lick her she seemed to have almost three or four mini orgasms one after another, she said it was still lovely but just felt a bit odd…
Afterwards Mistress started teasing my cock as I played with her ass, for once she had come to bed without her bra so I was treated to the sight of her gorgeous naked breasts. After a while, sucking and slapping my cock, Mistress straddled me and rode my cock for sometime while I took in the sight of her nakedness. She looked so hot riding my cock, and then she sat on my face and let me lick her pussy some more. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Then Mistress stood over me and made me beg her to let me lick her asshole. Mistress allowed me to let me tongue her hole three times, and for a little while each time (probably the most prolonged ass worship in a long time), though of course it’s never long enough for me. All the time Mistress was stroking my cock and I really had to disengage myself mentally from what she was doing to my cock otherwise I would have had to have warned her that I was close and I’m sure that was what she was aiming for and I’m equally sure that would have been the end of the ass worship too!
Considering how long it is now since I’ve cum I thought I did pretty damn well to hold back, it’s fucking difficult when your tongue is pressed right into your Mistress’s tight ass to not just explode everywhere as I’m sure some of you will attest.
It looks like we’ve timed things fairly well as it seems that Mistress is probably going to start her period tomorrow, which hopefully means that we will be able to have our next Femdom session next Saturday morning. 

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