That was a HUGE mouthful of cum…

Today, rather unexpectedly, my latest chastity period came to an end. It was thirty six days since my last orgasm and as I said yesterday I was interested to see if Mistress would let me cum again before the new year started.
With the Christmas shenanigans it had been five days since Mistress’s last orgasm, and it was lovely to reacquaint myself with Mistress’s gorgeous pussy. After she came she set about teasing my cock for a while, before straddling me and riding my aching cock. Feeling surprisingly in control, I decided that I could handle seeing her beautiful breasts and begged Mistress to take her bra off for me.
Mistress looked so amazing riding my cock and she bent forward so that I could suck on her hard nipples. Then she moved up and straddled my face (oh I love that), before sinking down on my cock once again. She rode me for a little while longer and then lifted off and reached back to stroke my cock hard and fast. It was clear she was trying to force me to the edge, and when I warned her that I was getting close she turned around and offered her ass to my tongue.
Mistress continued to stroke me hard and after asking permission to tongue her lovely ass and also being told that I was allowed to cum, I was pumped hard to an intense orgasm as I tongued Mistress’s gorgeous asshole.
It was an incredibly long orgasm, and I became super-sensitive really quickly, which again resulted in some (presumably???) unintentional post orgasm torture… then Mistress had me lick her fingers clean and I swallowed what seriously felt like a tablespoon of cum! Still I guess thirty six days is quite a while.
Now of course I have something of a dilemma. I have a voucher where I can ask to cum any time in January, but of course that means that even if I use it at the last possible moment I can only get a maximum of thirty five days, so would the smart thing to do be to use the voucher on the 1st?
Hmm, tricky…

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