2014 is nearly done…

Mistress and I are having a lovely week this week, today we have watched three episodes of ‘The Great British Bake Off – Series Four’ back to back. But that wasn’t all we did of course, we also went to bed late afternoon and I got to worship her gorgeous pussy again, taking her total for the month into double figures, which is always good!
It’s always a bit strange to be teased the day after I’ve been allowed to cum, because the tension is somewhat gone. Mistress did her best to overcome this though, leaving me absolutely throbbing by the end of my teasing session. She was really whacking me hard today, no doubt about that! But I loved it, of course!
Strangely, the day after I cum I always want to cum again really badly and Mistress said it was a good job that my voucher didn’t become active until January, she’s not wrong, I would totally have used it today. Instead, Mistress worked my cock until I was edging and then kindly allowed me to taste her pussy (briefly) once more.
Hopefully we will manage to get Mistress at least one more orgasm before the end of the year.

Today we also discussed ‘the plan’ for 2015, or as I’ve branded it ‘Project Porkshifter’. Mistress has suggested that in order to avoid a return to the dreaded ‘Slimming World’ (and the shit bread that they make you eat) I need to lose six pounds a month for the first six months of 2015. This would equate (to the mathematicians amongst you) to a total of 36lbs (or 2st 8lbs in English money) which would put me well under what I have achieved any time in the last ten years. I think that is achievable and reasonable, so that is what I am aiming for. To clarify, that means I need to lose 6lbs by the end of January, 12lbs by the end of February and so on. What I lose each month has no bearing, so if I lose 10lbs in January then I need to lose 2lbs (minimum) in February and so on.

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