Just because she can…

I’ve noticed that Mistress has started to make me beg more, which can only be a good thing! Like tonight, after I had made her cum with my tongue, she was teasing me while I was allowed to touch her ass with my fingers. I love to gently stroke her asshole while she sucks, strokes and slaps my cock, just the heat from her ass on my fingertips makes my cock throb harder.
So I was lying there thinking that I hadn’t actually been allowed to lick Mistress’s ass yet this year, when she got up on her knees and continued sucking my cock. I don’t know what she was planning, obviously something… maybe she was going to sit on my face anyway? But since she was sucking my cock and allowing me to play with her ass, I thought it was worth asking permission to worship her delicious ass.
She looked down at me, looking absolutely gorgeous and smilingly said ‘Do you really want to?’
I told her that yes, I really wanted to and she told me to beg again. Which I did obviously and then enjoyed the absolute pleasure of tonguing her gorgeous asshole while she stroked my cock. It really was heavenly, Mistress has such a sexy ass and feeling my tongue press against her tight little hole is totally wonderful for me.
Earlier, after I had made her cum, I got to worship Mistress’s feet for a while, and from where I was laying I could look up and see her beautiful pussy. I tried to concentrate on her lovely feet, but it was hard not to be distracted by such a gorgeous sight.
I love that Mistress is making me beg more, especially out of our sessions. It indicates to me that her confidence in herself is growing, slowly… but it is growing. I want her to be absolutely confident in her sexiness, I want her to know that she can order me to worship any part of her gorgeous body at any time, even if it’s just to satisfy herself that I will drop everything to please her.
I can’t think of anything that would please me more than her ordering me, out of the blue, to lay down on the bed, floor or couch, whatever, and then having her plant her pussy or ass on my face and telling me to worship her, just to assert her dominance over me. I appreciate it must be hard to get used to the idea that you can do things like that, but it would be awesome all the same.
We were lying in bed earlier, after our little session was over and Mistress’s fingers brushed over my nipple. I couldn’t help wishing she would would pinch it between her fingers and squeeze it, just to remind me who is in control in the bedroom and that she can do what she wants…
A year ago if I would have asked Mistress if I could worship her ass, she would probably have just said ‘yes’, or not said anything and just straddled my face. I think it’s great that she makes me beg now, pretty much every time. What was that line from Mr Rika again, I really need to get that up on my blog somewhere. And to maybe stencil it on the wall above Mistress’s mirror…
“There is nothing more attractive to a submissive man than a woman who demonstrates openly how confident she is in her sexuality and it’s effect on him.”
This is so, so true.

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