If you’ve never done this…

If you’ve never done this, I can tell you from experience that it’s fucking awesome. Of course it doesn’t happen that often, since I only get to cum about every 3-4 weeks or so, and even then I’m only allowed to cum inside Mistress’s gorgeous pussy about 50% of the time. So maybe every couple of months I get to lick my cum out of Mistress’s pussy and I love it. I can still vividly remember the very first time I did it, it was about 2002/3 and I clearly remember watching Mistress lifting up off me and moving up my body to straddle my head. As she moved towards me I could just see a sliver of white appearing between her silky, wet pussy lips, and I remember thinking that this was it, I was finally going to lick her pussy clean! Funny how it took another eight years for me to become Mistress’s full time chastity slave…
I didn’t get to do this today, but I did have a very intense orgasm. One of the benefits of my new weight loss regime is that every week that I lose new weight (or at least ‘new’ as far as this cycle is concerned – it’s going to be a while until I genuinely lose new weight) I get to choose a toy to play with. One of my main motivations or requesting the reinstatement/reset of this arrangement is that since I stopped losing weight last year, I haven’t felt able to initiate any kind of toy action and since Mistress hardly ever seems to either, we have been back to having a drawer full of stuff that only gets used once a month. Hopefully, over the coming months I will lose weight steadily and get to choose a toy every week. I hope this will help us get used to incorporating sex toys into our normal sex life and in the future they will be a more regular and constant feature.
Anyway, the thing I really missed, was having Mistress teasing me while she used my glass plug on me. So it was a no brainer this morning when I got on the scales and lost six pounds the first week… added to which of course, I also had the orgasm voucher in hand, and I was thinking these could be combined to formulate something pretty special.
After licking Mistress to orgasm (which was very enjoyable for both of us) Mistress started stroking my cock and got me hard, before grabbing the lube and spraying first my ass and then the glass plug. Then she slowly worked the dildo into my ass and stroked me with her other hand. Meanwhile I reached behind her and started to gently tease her asshole with my fingers, and Mistress seemed to be enjoying that too.
The sensations were fantastic as Mistress switched between stroking, slapping and sucking my cock and working the dildo inside my ass. After a while I told Mistress that I wanted to use my voucher, and I begged her to fuck my ass with the glass plug. Mistress did an amazing job of stroking me hard and pleasuring my ass and my cock just kept getting harder and harder and the sensations just kept building ad building, but release just seemed to always be a few more strokes away…until finally it hit me and I was literally bucking up and down on the bed as I pushed the dildo straight out of my ass. Weirdly it seemed like the orgasm hit me way before I started to ejaculate, almost as if my cock was so over-hard it was blocking the release of my cum. 
Once I started to actually cum, my cock was already moving into the hyper-sensitive stage and as Mistress struggled to grab at my slippery cock as I bounced around on the bed, I was kinda glad that she couldn’t get too good a grip on it as I think it would have quickly turned into ‘post-orgasm torment’ again.
It was super-intense, and I absolutely loved having my ass fucked while Mistress teased and stroked my cock. Who knows when I will get the chance to cum like that again, so I was always going to use my voucher today, even though it had only been two weeks since I was allowed to cum.

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