Unquestionably ruined…

Last night Mistress and I went to bed early, it had been a long day which included a visit to my parents (for me) and a late tea. On Sunday Mistress was feeling a bit under the weather so I never got my treat, something that was addressed last night and more…
I started out kissing Mistress’s beautiful feet and then worked my way up her legs, kissing all along the way. After briefly kissing her on the lips, Mistress pushed me back down between her legs and I gently kissed and licked her delicious pussy. As things progressed I gently slid a finger inside her and massaged her slippery pussy, all the time using my tongue to help build her towards orgasm.
When it hit Mistress pushed my head away roughly, but then immediately grabbed my head and pulled it back between her legs, moaning as I continued to stimulate her. I love it when Mistress cums like that and I love it when she grabs my head like that too. It gives me that wonderful sense of being used for her pleasure, which any submissive loves.
Afterwards Mistress had me worship her lovely feet again for a while, I especially love kissing her feet after making her cum because I can usually enjoy the sight of her pink pussy as I kiss and suck her toes. šŸ™‚
Then Mistress had me lay on my back and she reached for the cock whip that I had left on the bedside table (my reward for losing weight again last week). Once she had me hard, Mistress started flicking my cock and balls with the whip but also slapping my cock with her hand as she usually does.
The funny thing is, Mistress has got so used to slapping my cock and finding the correct level that her hand was far more effective than the whip, although it still felt nice, just a bit too gentle. I guess Mistress just isn’t so confident about how hard she can use the whip, which is fair enough as it doesn’t get used anywhere near as much as her hand (Mistress’s rings also give an additional sting too by the way!).
Eventually I asked Mistress to whip me harder, but I don’t know if she misheard me (I’m very quietly spoken at the best of times) but instead of thrashing my cock with the whip, she took a firm hold of my cock and began pumping me hard. She looked so hot, staring at my cock as she jerked it like a jackhammer, it felt amazing and before too long I was getting close. I told Mistress that I was getting close and she pumped a few more times and then let go.
Those last few strokes I was getting so close I was sure she was going to tell me to cum, especially the way she was pumping my cock, surely… but no, she let go and we both watched as a single drop of cum appeared and slowly trickled down my cock. Mistress used a finger to catch it and had me suck it clean. Then when she turned back, another trickle of cum had appeared and she fed that to me too.
When my cock finally decided to soften, there was a fair amount of cum released, she really had taken it to the absolute limit, one more stroke would have done it. Two would have resulted in a spurt of cum, even without further stimulation I’m sure. But as it is, it was unquestionably ruined, even by the most hardline standards!
Of course, this is all very well, but Mistress never gave me permission to cum, so now she has a reason to punish me in our next Femdom session. I wonder what I will chose as my reward next week, assuming I lose weight again (and I’m pretty sure I will). Archedone thought I had chosen the strap-on, that’s a definite maybe!

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