So, Google has decided in it’s infinite wisdom that all adult blogs should now be picture and video porn free (when what they should be devoting their energy to is devising an update for my Nexus that makes it run faster not slower!). On reflection, this is perhaps not quite as bad as it first seemed. Aside from the captions (and a very few videos) this blog contains very few pictures really.
I suppose Google offer a free service, so they should be able to dictate the terms of use.

The problem is, my blog has well over a 1500 posts and there is no quick and easy way to rid it of pictures. The only way I can do it is literally go through the whole thing post by post and delete them wherever I find them. I may yet do this, so if you want anything from my blog, especially the captions, I suggest you start taking them asap, because I don’t know if I can arsed with putting them on a tumblr account.

As I see it these are my alternatives.

a) I delete all the pictures from my blog and carry on as before. This is shitty, but may be the best way forward.

b) I don’t delete the pictures and Google makes my blog private and by invitation only. This is pretty hopeless, since it will only mean a few people will see my blog.

c) I start a blog with another blog provider (WordPress), but this is by no means a safe option. There is a fear that WordPress (who already state that pornography is not acceptable on their blogs) will start enforcing their rules more vigorously now that Google have drawn a line in the sand.

d) I start a new blog with a sex friendly blog provider (Mistress Marie tells me that fetlife is an option). This is another possibility, but again, can I be bothered to start again? I know that there is a function whereby you can upload your blog to another provider, but because my blog has been constructed in a very complicated fashion this won’t work very well. All those buttons that take you to different menu pages will be lost and realistically I would have to pretty much start over.

So the most likely option is a).

What bothers me, is that Google might turn around in a year’s time and say ‘We don’t even want text only adult blogs anymore’. Which is why I am reluctant to spend a lot of time working on this blog at the moment. I am feeling rather disillusioned with the idea, and wonder if my time might not be better used elsewhere.

Not so good news…

Dear Blogger User,

We’re writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we’ll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We’ll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will take effect on 23 March 2015. After this policy comes into force, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content that we’ve made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. We would also ask you to make any necessary changes to your existing blog to comply as soon as possible so that you won’t experience any interruptions in service.

So I either have to delete every photo and caption from my blog, or make it private, or just piss off to Word Press and start all over again.
Or just stop blogging altogether, because actually Word Press don’t allow pornographic content either.
Or I could just put the captions on tumblr and have a text only blog. Thanks Google. You suck!

Valentine’s Day…

Yesterday Mistress emailed me that she had been reading some stories on Literotica that I had sent her links to ages ago. This is quite unusual as Literotica has a pretty poor hit rate with her as the stories are often either too lame or too nasty, but these were just right. Then when I got home Mistress asked me if I wanted to worship her pussy (because she was feeling horny from reading stories all afternoon – Mistress doesn’t work Fridays), well obviously I did – and yes I know she shouldn’t be ‘asking’…

Mistress had another lovely orgasm on my tongue and then she allowed me to worship her feet again, before stroking my cock and getting me good and hard. After a while Mistress knelt up on the bed and continued teasing my cock while my hand found its way around her and my fingers started playing with her gorgeous asshole. Then Mistress straddled my face for a few moments, before moving back and impaling herself on my cock.
Good that felt amazing. Her pussy was so silky and wet wrapped around my throbbing cock, it really was fucking perfection. After a short while I begged her to let me see her breasts, she made me beg her a couple of times before she lowered her bra and bent over so that I could suck her sexy nipples. Then I reached up to squeeze her beautiful tits as she rode me. Mistress certainly seemed to be enjoying herself (and I sure as hell was!), and she pinched my nipples while using my cock like her own personal fuck-toy. Eventually she got off me and knelt next to me again, stroking my cock hard and fast for a while before leaving me hard and aching once again, denied release for another day and loving her for every second of exquisite pleasure.
Today it’s weigh day again, and I managed to lose another pound. That means I’m only one pound away from hitting February’s target and I’ve got another treat to claim (I haven’t had last week’s yet). Also of course, it’s Valentine’s Day. Mistress and I have spent the day together, this morning we went to a shopping outlet, then this afternoon we watched a comedy DVD together and then I cooked us a meal and we exchanged gifts.
Men, of course, are hopelessly difficult to buy for but Mistress totally surprised me with a very cool present which I wouldn’t have expected in a million years. I like a band called Nachtmahr, but their latest CD’s only seem to be available as very expensive limited edition books. So I was pretty surprised when Mistress gave me a present that was about the size of a vinyl record but quite a bit thicker. And very surprised and delighted to unwrap it and find a copy of Nachtmahr’s ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ CD book! 
(click the book to see Nachtmahr performing ‘Tradition’ live)
Also, for at least the last ten years on Valentines Day, Mistress Day and our anniversary I have (one way or another) got the number onto the plate. This year I cut potatoes into the number twenty three (our first Valentines Day was in 1993), skewered them on a couple of heart shaped cake testers and stuck them into Mistress’s very favourite crumb coated chicken.
I know the chips look burnt, but they aren’t, they are lovely. And they are Slimming World chips, which we still eat, cos they are the nicest chips ever! Well, we’ve had an awesome day, I hope you guys have too!

Finally back to normal…

So as you can probably tell from my posts (or lack thereof…) the last week or so hasn’t been great for us. It’s been eight long days since Mistress’s last orgasm, which is a hell of a long time for us, and it’s been horrible. Even worse, the last couple of orgasms before the break weren’t that great either because Mistress was feeling a little sore.
It seems an absolute age since Mistress was fucking my ass with the glass butt plug and making me cum all over her hand, but it was only nine days. We’re simply not used to going long periods without intimacy, and it creates a horrible disconnect between us that only physical interaction can address.
Fortunately, this evening we were both feeling okay (illness, periods and general tiredness having all played a part in the long break) and so finally, tonight we were able to reconnect properly, and it was wonderful.
It’s strange, considering Mistress and I have been together since 1992, that a relatively short break like this can cause… not nerves exactly, but a hesitance. I don’t know if Mistress feels it too, but I did a bit today. I guess mostly because I really wanted it to be spectacular for her, and because the last two before the break weren’t so I wasn’t as confident as I would have liked.
Thankfully I needn’t have worried…
Before we went to bed I was checking my blog (as I do constantly through the day) and I happened to read sissy terri’s latest post (HERE), which was very hot and made me hard while I was reading it. It then occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve been hard in about the last four days, even my morning wood has been noticeable by it’s absence… but then there hasn’t really been any reason to be hard, and I feel like I am fighting off the cold that Mistress has just about got rid off. It keeps poking it’s head up, causing me a few snuffles and then going again when I dose it with a Lemsip, so that could be something to do with it.
Anyway, once Mistress and I were in bed and snuggled up next to each other it didn’t take much to get the blood pumping into my cock. Mistress and I were kissing when she told me to lick my fingers, and I started teasing her pussy with my fingertips, before gently sliding a finger inside her. We continued like this for a short time, with her occasionally stroking my rock hard cock… it seemed very vanilla to me, like the old days, and I half wondered (hoped?) if she would pull me on top of her and tell me to fuck her hard and cum inside her. Okay, maybe hoping to be allowed to cum inside her was a bit optimistic… it’s only been nine days after all.
Instead Mistress pushed me gently down between her legs, though I cheekily slid back up her body… partly to carry on kissing her, and just maybe, perhaps, hoping my cock would brush against her pussy and she might… maybe, pull me inside her. One can hope, right?
But no, Mistress grabbed my cock and started slapping it as we kissed, and then pushed me back down between her legs (a little firmer this time I noticed…). My cock was throbbing hard by now and being back between her gorgeous thighs felt so good to me, I swear as I finally tasted her delicious pussy I thought my cock was going to explode underneath me. I’m not joking, I seriously thought I was going to cum. Mistress’s pussy tastes so amazing and I have missed it so very much.
Thankfully I managed to curtail my impending accident and concentrated on worshipping Mistress’s beautiful pussy. Mistress was lovely and wet, my finger sliding easily into her silky hole while my tongue worked around her clit, bringing her slowly towards her climax. I don’t know if it was the break, but I felt something I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. Before Mistress came, her pussy was contracting strongly around my finger, like she was right on the edge and just teetering there. It was awesome and Mistress had quite a long orgasm before she laid back on the pillows and presented me her feet to worship.
I don’t think I’ve worshipped her feet for at least the last week, so this was extra lovely for me, and I spent some time kissing her beautiful feet and sucking on her pretty toes. Then, when Mistress was satisfied, it was my turn. Having waited so long it felt totally amazing. Mistress stroked and slapped me, and even licked my balls at one point, which felt great! As ever I gently teased her ass with my fingertip, which always makes me ache a little bit harder (I love Mistress’s ass, like crazy!). While Mistress seemed to be intent on making my teasing a little bit more intense that usual, using her teeth to great effect, and making me wince and throb at the same time.
As has become increasingly common these past few months, Mistress seems to be able to tell when I am getting close without me having to tell her, and again today she got me a couple of strokes away from a warning, before slowing down, and by the time she called a halt my cock was throbbing and just a few strokes away from exploding all over me. Even after she let go it continued to pulse threateningly, and I think if I had a mind to I could have cum without any further touching, such was the level of throbbing going on!
Of course I didn’t, I just cuddled up against my beautiful Mistress and felt my desperately aching cock pulse against her as we kissed some more. It feels great to be back, and hopefully we can get back to normal now (though I fear Mistress’s orgasm count for February is going to struggle to get into double figures now).

Speaking of Alex Jordaine…

Not only can you download Alex’s first book ‘Mistress of Torment’ free until the end of the month from Amazon, but also Alex has a new book out called ‘Mistress Absolute’. I must admit I haven’t read it myself as yet, but I’m sure this will be another worthy addition to the series… click the cover to see more.
Praise for Alex Jordaine titles: 

‘Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.’ Romance Reviews Today 

‘Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.’ Forum Magazine 

‘Brilliantly written.’ Midnight Boudoir 

‘Great Femdom erotica.’ Cara Sutra 

Robert’s life changes forever when he allows himself to get drawn into the deviant world of sexually dominant Tessa and her best friend Hannah, a powerful dominatrix. In the dark, erotic games the two women play with Robert they demonstrate how deliciously seductive and cruel they can be. They take him on a journey of sexual awakening and Robert is forced to come to terms with himself as the profoundly submissive person he has always been deep inside. 

But what had started as a partnership between Tessa and Hannah becomes a fierce competition when both decide that they want him exclusively as their personal slave. The one who must decide which of them is to be his ‘Mistress Absolute’ is Robert himself. And it is an agonisingly difficult choice for him to have to make.

Free Alex Jordaine e-book…

Alex has contacted me to let you know his first ‘Mistress’ book is now available for free download on Amazon.

When dark fantasy turns to darkest reality… 

Self-bondage addict Paul is submissive to the core but deeply unfulfilled. He despairs of ever meeting a really sadistic woman who will give him the constant hard discipline that he craves. Then a chance meeting with an old friend brings him within the thrilling orbit of top professional dominatrix Mistress Nikki. Paul is stony broke and cannot possibly afford Nikki’s expensive services. She amazes him by saying that she’s prepared to discipline him regularly without charge – but only as long as he always does exactly as she instructs and never asks why she is doing what she’s doing for him. The stunning dominatrix goes on to discipline Paul frequently and in ever more kinky and deviant permutations. On one occasion she takes him to an outrageously uninhibited S&M club where she arranges for the Amazonian Strap-on Jane to use and abuse him. On another occasion she summons him to an anonymous hotel room where, bound and blindfolded, he is sexually tormented by a mystery assailant. 

Paul has been thoroughly debauched by such experiences and wonders what perverted sexual adventure Nikki is going to devise for him next. He finds out with a vengeance when she hands him over to her friend, the ultra-sadistic Mistress Alicia. This truly formidable dominatrix keeps Paul locked in her dark dungeon where she submits him to constant heavy discipline. Too late he realises that everything that has happened to him has been part of a ruthless conspiracy and that he is now completely at the mercy of the ultimate Mistress of Torment.

I don’t know for how long it will be free so I suggest you act quickly if you are interested. Click HERE

Something new (and an unexpected orgasm)…

Tonight I finally got my reward for the week before last’s weightloss! Not only that, but I also got to cum too, which was more than a little unexpected.
For my reward I chose the glass anal dildo again, which Mistress used while she was sucking my cock, but then she decided to straddle me and allowed me to lick her ass a couple of times, and then once my cock was really hard she decided to sink herself down on me and ride my cock.
Now Mistress has ridden my cock while I’ve had things in my ass, but this time she took it one step further and reached back and fucked me while she was riding my cock, and I can honestly say it felt fucking awesome!
Then she knelt beside me and started really pumping my cock while I caressed her gorgeous ass. Needless to say it wasn’t too much longer before I had to warn her of my impending edge, to which she responded by asking me if I wanted to be allowed to cum. I really couldn’t answer her question, all I could do was repeat my warning that whether I wanted to or not would soon be academic if she didn’t stop.
But Mistress didn’t stop, she told me to cum and continued stroking my cock hard, while trying to manipulate the dildo, except that it felt to me like it had slipped out (slightly annoying!) or if it was still in it must have been only the very tip.
Afterwards Mistress fed the cum to me off the side of her hand, which I obediently licked clean and swallowed. And so ended another period of chastity, a reasonable 24 day stretch this time. I wonder how long the next one will be?