Something new (and an unexpected orgasm)…

Tonight I finally got my reward for the week before last’s weightloss! Not only that, but I also got to cum too, which was more than a little unexpected.
For my reward I chose the glass anal dildo again, which Mistress used while she was sucking my cock, but then she decided to straddle me and allowed me to lick her ass a couple of times, and then once my cock was really hard she decided to sink herself down on me and ride my cock.
Now Mistress has ridden my cock while I’ve had things in my ass, but this time she took it one step further and reached back and fucked me while she was riding my cock, and I can honestly say it felt fucking awesome!
Then she knelt beside me and started really pumping my cock while I caressed her gorgeous ass. Needless to say it wasn’t too much longer before I had to warn her of my impending edge, to which she responded by asking me if I wanted to be allowed to cum. I really couldn’t answer her question, all I could do was repeat my warning that whether I wanted to or not would soon be academic if she didn’t stop.
But Mistress didn’t stop, she told me to cum and continued stroking my cock hard, while trying to manipulate the dildo, except that it felt to me like it had slipped out (slightly annoying!) or if it was still in it must have been only the very tip.
Afterwards Mistress fed the cum to me off the side of her hand, which I obediently licked clean and swallowed. And so ended another period of chastity, a reasonable 24 day stretch this time. I wonder how long the next one will be?

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