Speaking of Alex Jordaine…

Not only can you download Alex’s first book ‘Mistress of Torment’ free until the end of the month from Amazon, but also Alex has a new book out called ‘Mistress Absolute’. I must admit I haven’t read it myself as yet, but I’m sure this will be another worthy addition to the series… click the cover to see more.
Praise for Alex Jordaine titles: 

‘Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.’ Romance Reviews Today 

‘Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.’ Forum Magazine 

‘Brilliantly written.’ Midnight Boudoir 

‘Great Femdom erotica.’ Cara Sutra 

Robert’s life changes forever when he allows himself to get drawn into the deviant world of sexually dominant Tessa and her best friend Hannah, a powerful dominatrix. In the dark, erotic games the two women play with Robert they demonstrate how deliciously seductive and cruel they can be. They take him on a journey of sexual awakening and Robert is forced to come to terms with himself as the profoundly submissive person he has always been deep inside. 

But what had started as a partnership between Tessa and Hannah becomes a fierce competition when both decide that they want him exclusively as their personal slave. The one who must decide which of them is to be his ‘Mistress Absolute’ is Robert himself. And it is an agonisingly difficult choice for him to have to make.

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