So, Google has decided in it’s infinite wisdom that all adult blogs should now be picture and video porn free (when what they should be devoting their energy to is devising an update for my Nexus that makes it run faster not slower!). On reflection, this is perhaps not quite as bad as it first seemed. Aside from the captions (and a very few videos) this blog contains very few pictures really.
I suppose Google offer a free service, so they should be able to dictate the terms of use.

The problem is, my blog has well over a 1500 posts and there is no quick and easy way to rid it of pictures. The only way I can do it is literally go through the whole thing post by post and delete them wherever I find them. I may yet do this, so if you want anything from my blog, especially the captions, I suggest you start taking them asap, because I don’t know if I can arsed with putting them on a tumblr account.

As I see it these are my alternatives.

a) I delete all the pictures from my blog and carry on as before. This is shitty, but may be the best way forward.

b) I don’t delete the pictures and Google makes my blog private and by invitation only. This is pretty hopeless, since it will only mean a few people will see my blog.

c) I start a blog with another blog provider (WordPress), but this is by no means a safe option. There is a fear that WordPress (who already state that pornography is not acceptable on their blogs) will start enforcing their rules more vigorously now that Google have drawn a line in the sand.

d) I start a new blog with a sex friendly blog provider (Mistress Marie tells me that fetlife is an option). This is another possibility, but again, can I be bothered to start again? I know that there is a function whereby you can upload your blog to another provider, but because my blog has been constructed in a very complicated fashion this won’t work very well. All those buttons that take you to different menu pages will be lost and realistically I would have to pretty much start over.

So the most likely option is a).

What bothers me, is that Google might turn around in a year’s time and say ‘We don’t even want text only adult blogs anymore’. Which is why I am reluctant to spend a lot of time working on this blog at the moment. I am feeling rather disillusioned with the idea, and wonder if my time might not be better used elsewhere.

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