Maedchen in Uniform…

In my last post I mentioned that Mistress R and I were heading to Cardiff to see the electronic band Nachtmahr. Nachtmahr is a somewhat controversial band, largely because of the aesthetic chosen by band leader Thomas Rainer. Being Austrian probably doesn’t help matters either, but I honestly didn’t feel like I was being indoctrinated with any right-wing ‘message’ any more than I genuinely believe Slayer or Venom are satanic.

Slayer have been using controversial imagery since the 80’s, including a suspicious Germanic looking eagle. It is what it is, as Lemmy (Motorhead) maintains the bad guys always have the best looking kit.

Thomas himself doesn’t shy away from controversy too much, after all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity…


Introducing the song ‘Maedchen in Uniform’, Thomas said something along the lines of ‘We don’t want to see women in lingerie, we want to see Women in Uniform’, or something to that effect. While I wouldn’t go quite that far, I have to say I’m not averse to it.

Several years ago I remember being at the ‘Erotica’ show in London and there was a woman standing in front of me watching the show on the main stage. She was wearing kind of a ’40s’ style (I guess) fitted military jacket, fitted skirt, shirt and one of those soft hats (like in the picture above) and I have to say she looked very attractive. I’m not a big fan of 40’s fashion as such, but I do remember thinking she looked pretty damned cool.

I knew that Nachtmahr are not averse to having uniformed women on stage at some of their bigger shows, sometimes playing drums, sometimes there for more fetish themed reasons, so I wasn’t particularly surprised to find the merchandise stall being staffed by a girl in a military uniform. She was a very friendly girl and Mistress R and I chatted to her for a while as I perused the goodies on offer.


Strangely, if you Google Images ‘Nachtmahr’ this pic of their merchandise girl appears!

She really did look very cool in her uniform and Mistress R was rather taken with her look as well, I know it’s pretty common for guys to wear military uniforms to fetish clubs, women in leather and PVC look great, men not so much. I reckon Mistress R would look pretty hot in a uniform, especially with her trim shape, a fitted jacket and hat and some nice shoes… yummy!

I think the merch-girl must have been wearing some sort of very high waisted skirt as well, or maybe a sort of mid-riff corset that pushed her boobs up, because later when we went back to the merch stall she had taken her jacket off to reveal a white shirt carefully parted to expose a very impressive cleavage!

The gig itself was fantastic, it was so nice to be in a room watching a band clearly enjoying themselves despite a fairly small turnout, with people who were actually dancing and enjoying the band instead of standing there holding their fucking mobile phones up and filming everything, if only all crowds were so enthusiastic! I’m not easily impressed either, 250+ gigs tends to make you a little blase…

Back at the hotel Mistress and I were laying on the bed chilling out, and I decided it was the perfect moment to give her beautiful feet some proper attention. I spent about half an hour in total, first kissing her feet and then stroking her gorgeous thighs as she read her book, it was a really lovely way to finish a fantastic night. Unfortunately that’s about as exciting as this post is going to get, since there hasn’t been a lot going on of late. We had (rather optimistically it must be said) hoped to have a Femdom session today, but after three very short nights and a very long car journey yesterday I don’t think it was ever really likely, but Good Friday looks promising…


I’m not the speediest but I do a good job…

Seems so difficult to find time to post at the moment, mind you I did spend two hours shortening my trousers last night (I’m not the speediest of sewers, but I did make a damn good job of it), so that might go some way to explaining it.
Wednesday night was really good, Mistress had another lovely orgasm on my tongue and then she set about teasing me again. I’m not 100% sure how long it’s been since I came, must be a couple of weeks I’m sure (I can’t see the front page while posting) but I feel pretty desperate already.
Mistress edged me a couple of times, and this time she did slap my cock and balls, but sadly not quickly enough or prolonged enough to ruin me. The edge had already faded a little before she started…oh well, maybe next time.
By the time Mistress had finished with me I was absolutely throbbing and couldn’t help but rub my poor needy cock against her leg as we kissed. This always seems to make Mistress smile, it obviously amuses her to know how desperate I am. 🙂
Mistress and I are off to Cardiff today, to see Nachtmahr. It’s a long drive, well over three hours, hopefully I will have something to write about on Sunday though…

More throbbing…

Tonight I gave Mistress another lovely orgasm with my tongue, it felt so good to taste her again even though it hasn’t been that long – any time is too long as far as I am concerned, I would love to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy morning, noon and night!

After Mistress came she set about teasing my cock, while I teased her asshole with my fingertip. As usual I was immediately thinking about teasing her ass with my tongue instead, but I didn’t ask if I could, I don’t like to ask every time… even though I pretty much want to lick her ass every time!

She edged me twice before leaving me throbbing, whereupon I surprised her slightly by begging her to slap my balls. I was treated to a couple of quite firm slaps, which of course only served to make my cock throb even harder (and my balls too for that matter). For some reason I really thought she might be thinking about ruining me tonight, maybe even ruining me by getting me close and then slapping my cock and balls… that would have been so amazing, I’m sure. But no, I was left aching and desperate as usual… maybe next time?

We can but hope!

It seems adding the story, webtease and video menus was a jolly good idea, given that today has seen my stats shoot up to their highest level since this blog started! I’ve also added a page with a few random captions of mine, along with a link to my dedicated caption blog.

Tweaks, Stories and Stats…

I added a few new pages (see the bar at the top of the page) to make it easier to find and navigate the Webteases, Videos and Stories. (Judging by my stats for today this was an excellent move!).

On Friday Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, but I wasn’t feeling well enough to enjoy being teased. Sunday morning Mistress stroked my cock for a while, but no orgasm. Hopefully tonight I will get to make her cum again, and maybe I will get teased too. Our fourth year of chastity is rapidly coming to a close, just eight more days after this one. Needless to say, at year end I will produce some analysis for Harry the Stat Guy 🙂

You may remember that I wrote about a story I had planned at the end of January, well, truth be told, I still haven’t started writing it, and now I have another story idea brewing. This one is neither chastity nor Femdom based though… so now not only do I have to find time to write these stories I have to choose which one to write first!

Would you date a former porn actor?

My absolute favourite TV show right now is called ‘First Dates’, it’s on its third series here in the UK and last night’s episode was a belter. For those who haven’t seen it, or for those who don’t live here and presumably aren’t able to see it, the idea is simple. There’s a nice restaurant in London, where loads of couples who are matched up via the Channel 4 website, meet for the very first time and go on blind dates together. The TV company films it all and shows us the best ones.

It is endlessly entertaining and at times hilariously funny. Last night a guy explained that his mother was half-Egyptian, at which his date looked confused and said ‘I didn’t know you could be Egyptian…’, like Egypt only existed thousands of years ago…? Later she was filmed in the bathroom moaning into her phone that ‘He isn’t even wearing a Rolex’.

But it was another couple who raised the question above. There was a girl and a big guy who had quite a lot of tattoos, and they seemed to be getting on well until he dropped into the conversation that he had made porn films. At which point she pretty much freaked out and disappeared to the bathroom herself. When she returned the situation quickly deteriorated and it was clear that this was not going to go any further.

After the show finished Mistress R asked me if it would bother me, to which I replied that, actually I had never really given it any thought. It’s a long, long time since I was single for one thing… but this got me thinking about this subject and I asked my friend at work for his opinions too. We mulled it over for most of the day, and decided that it would depend on a lot of things, but assuming all things to be equal and that you meet someone who you are attracted to, would it actually be any different from them having slept with loads of people and not getting filmed/paid for it?

In the case of this guy (and, let’s be honest most ‘guys’ in porn) if he hadn’t told her then she probably wouldn’t have known. Of course, other people might tell her, what I meant was it’s not like he was likely to be recognized in the street in the same way that, say Sacha Grey might be. In any case, if he had kept it to himself for a while at least, he might have had a chance to build a relationship with the woman first before revealing something which is obviously potentially quite contentious. True, she’s bound to say ‘Why didn’t you tell me this before… and what else aren’t you telling me?’, but the obvious answer to that is I wanted you to get to know me first, so you wouldn’t judge me unfairly.

Actually, in this instance, the main issue seemed not to be that he’d been filmed and that his porn stardom was an issue or likely embarrassment waiting to happen (funnily enough the woman had worked in a sex shop), but more that she felt like she couldn’t compete with the women he’d slept with because they must be young and have perfect porn bodies…

To be fair, if I was single and a *retired* Bobbi Starr or Ashley Fires wanted me to date them, would I feel secure enough about myself, when all it would take would be ten seconds and a Google search to find video of either of them being thoroughly pleasured by guys with stupidly big cocks (on the plus side, both of those women have made Femdom / Chastity / Cuckold porn too :)).

Honestly I think it would come down to a lot of factors, not least of which would be their attitude and personality. I certainly don’t think I would dismiss someone out of hand if they told me they had done porn, but I might if I thought it had negatively affected their attitude towards men, and more specifically their attitude towards sex within a normal relationship.

I’m not sure if Mistress R answered her own question or not, if she did I can’t remember what she said. Thankfully it’s not something either of us are likely to have to consider, but it is an interesting question and I would be interested to hear what my readers think?

Saturday’s still on my mind…

Obviously the events of Saturday have been on my mind for the last few days, how could they not be? So you won’t be surprised that the image of Mistress’s cum covered ass was still vivid in my mind… even as I was licking her delicious pussy tonight and making her cum nice and hard.

Again, as soon as I was on my back and Mistress was stroking my cock, then sucking and slapping it, my thoughts drifted back to Saturday night… being on top of her and slamming my cock into her, getting close enough that I had to warn her, then being told to stroke my cock while she turned over and presented her amazing, sexy ass to me. Looking down at my slippery, wet cock. My hand stroking it steadily, the tip just a few inches from Mistress’s ass, and then hearing her say that she wanted me to cum all over her ass and lick it clean.

I so want to do that again, it was over so quickly. Last time I knew that it was going to happen, this time was a spur of the moment thing (at least as far as I know). On the one hand knowing gave me a chance to relish the moment, on the other, this time was better because it was less… awkward. I loved that after I finished cumming on her, Mistress got up on her knees and presented her ass for me to clean, that was awesome. It was much easier and hotter cleaning her ass like that. I absolutely loved every second of it.

Tonight I didn’t get to cum, but then I didn’t expect to. It’s only been three days. Which isn’t to say I didn’t want to… but no, one more orgasm for Mistress to add to her yearly total was the result. The end of our fourth year of 24/7/365 chastity is approaching, it’s kind of incredible to think about that fact. It’s mildly disappointing that Mistress is going to have less orgasms this year than last, but unless Mistress is going to let me cum an awful lot between now and the 31st (I think not!) then it’s a pretty safe bet to say that my allowance has shrunk significantly this year.

On the one hand I’m pleased about that, on the other I wish I got the chance to cum on Mistress’s ass (and other parts of her gorgeousness) more often… of course there’s always the ruined option. How mean (and hot) would it have been for Mistress to have had me ruin my orgasm onto her ass on Saturday, and then to have had to clean her with my cock still throbbing and desperate to cum properly?

My last orgasm this chastity year?

Wednesday night was amazing, redeeming my reward led to a wonderful session with some super-hot teasing and anal stimulation leaving me feeling very horny indeed. The last thing I expected was for this evening to be even better, especially since the last few days has been a bit fraught what with one thing and another.

For one thing, Mistress has been having some issues with her car this week, and so we decided to go check out some cars with the idea that she might want to replace her 10 year old Punto with a newer Panda. It was quite good fun test driving the cars and put us in a good mood when we got back. We may have discovered a solution to the problem she’s having, but we are not sure, at least now we feel that we have the information to make a decision if Mistress decides she does want to change her car and trade in her troublesome old model.

Mistress and I have been watching the latest season of The Bachelor (US) on the internet, and again, watching that this afternoon left us feeling very chilled out. We went to bed about 9pm and things began with me lying next to Mistress, gently stroking the insides of her gorgeous thighs until she slowly opened her legs wider to allow me access to her pussy.

I licked my fingers and gently teased her pussy and after a while she pushed me down between her legs. I carefully settled on my front, feeling my hard cock pressing into the bed as I first kissed all around her pussy, before beginning to tease her with my tongue.

Mistress tasted absolutely delicious and I was rewarded with the feeling of her bucking hard against my tongue several times, before she finally pulled away and kissed my head. Then she allowed me to kiss her feet for a while, before having me move up the bed between her thighs.

Mistress grasped my cock and started teasing her pussy with it, before telling me to lick some of the juice off of her lips and then sliding the tip of my cock inside her. She pulled me fully inside her and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, allowing me to stroke deep inside her, which felt wonderful of course!

Soon I was fucking her quite hard, and we continued like this for a while, since I was feeling very much in control, slowing occasionally to kiss her feet or to watch my cock sliding into Mistress’s beautiful, slick pussy. Mistress was really enjoying herself it seemed and we settled into a fairly brisk rhythm, and before too long I could feel the edge approaching.

I really thought Mistress would tell me to keep going and to shoot inside her, but instead she told me to pull out. “Play with your cock,” she told me as she lifted her leg over and moved onto her side, exposing her awesome ass to me as I gently stroked my slippery, pussy juice coated cock.

“I want to you to stroke your cock until you cum all over my ass.”

I looked down at Mistress’s gorgeous ass and started stroking my cock. Mistress shifted forward a little further, allowing me to see her sexy asshole, as I imagined what it would be like to lick my cum from her ass again. It’s been a hell of a long time since I was allowed to do that, and needless to say it wasn’t long before my rock hard, swollen cock began to erupt strings of cum between Mistress R’s cheeks.

I seemed to keep coming for a long time, depositing a fair amount of cum on Mistress’s ass. As soon as I had recovered my composure, Mistress got onto her knees and instructed me to clean her with my tongue. I moved behind her and eagerly set about licking up every drop of cum, gently probing her ass with my tongue as I swallowed every drop I could find on her skin.

I really didn’t expect tonight to be as good as Wednesday, but incredibly it was even better. And if that was the last orgasm I am to be allowed this chastity year (Apr-Mar), then what a way to finish! 🙂

Redeeming a reward…

You may remember that I have three outstanding rewards left for my weight loss efforts (though the last week was a bit of a disaster, we won’t talk about that now…). So tonight I thought I would redeem one of these rewards. I was tempted to go with the Oxballs ball stretcher, but I decided instead on the glass anal dildo again.

Firstly though I had to take care of my Mistress’s needs. As we lay together kissing, with my fingers caressing her sweet, wet pussy I wondered if she might want me to repeat last week where I used just my fingers to make her cum for the first time in at least four years…? But as she firmly pushed me down the bed, I realised this was not to be, though I was not in the slightest disappointed as I was eager to taste her delicious pussy.

Mistress had another lovely, hard orgasm and afterwards she lay back while I worshipped her beautiful feet for a while. Then it was my turn and I was soon on my back, kissing Mistress for a while before she slid the dildo into my ass. It felt so fucking good. It really did, and feeling Mistress sucking my cock while she manipulated the dildo with her hand was wonderful.

After a while the lube warmed up and the dildo was moving nice and freely and Mistress decided to climb on top of me, giving me a lovely view of her amazing pussy and ass, before sinking down and taking me inside her as she faced my feet. It was a really tight fit in that position, but it felt great having my cock inside Mistress R’s silky smooth pussy, with the added pleasure of a warm, glass cock in my ass too.

Mistress rode me for a while before lifting off and standing over me, I fucking LOVE it when she does that. I love to reach up and part her cheeks so that I can see her gorgeous little asshole. I love looking at her amazing legs and seeing her swollen pussy right there above me…so fucking sexy!

Mistress had me beg to worship her ass again, which was an unexpected treat and she jerked my cock hard as she allowed me to tongue her delicious, tight asshole two or three times. Needless to say my cock was throbbing hard and then Mistress knelt by my side, working the dildo in my ass as she stroked my cock. By this time I was super-horny and I would have welcomed a bigger toy in my ass, I would have loved her to have slipped her RodeoH’s on and fucked me. I’m pretty sure the dildo was all the way in, but I wanted more (what a shameless ass slut I am!) and by the time she called a halt I couldn’t have been more than a few strokes from cumming….

– – –

Seems like the new blog is taking off a bit, I had a slow start, but yesterday I added some more links from my previous blog, so maybe that’s helped a bit. Still miles away from the numbers I used to get on the old blog, but at least it’s going in the right direction. Then again, I’ve split the blog into three so I’m never going to get those numbers am I.

– – –

I should apologise to my fellow bloggers, I am so behind on reading other’s blogs. I don’t think I’ve read anyone else’s blog for a week or more. Sorry guys, I will try and catch up at the weekend.

Hopefully things are back on track…

There’s not been a lot worth writing about over the last few days, the weekend was pretty shit (Saturday was at any rate…) and the Femdom session on Sunday was quietly forgotten about.

Thankfully, tonight was wonderful. Mistress had a really good orgasm on my tongue, which put a big smile on her face, and indeed, she’s already told me she wants some more attention tomorrow night. 🙂

After that Mistress started playing with my cock and got me really, really hard. It’s hard to believe it’s only a few days since I was allowed to shoot my huge load inside my Mistress’s beautiful pussy (and lick her clean), it feels more like I’ve been denied longer. But this often happens, I find the first few days are harder, rather than easier as you might imagine, and then everything settles down for a while, and then it gets tough around the 35 day mark again.

Mistress was teasing me beautifully, and while she was sucking and slapping my cock I was allowed to tease her ass with my fingertips, this makes it even harder to resist cumming of course, and eventually I begged Mistress to allow me to worship her gorgeous asshole with my tongue. Mistress obliged and quickly straddled my head, stroking my cock hard and fast as I tongued her sexy asshole. She tasted so hot and I nearly came right there, but after a brief pause I was able to continue, until I had to warn Mistress that I was getting close at which point she called a halt.

I was pretty close, and I was half expecting to see my throbbing cock slowly leaking a stream of cum, but it didn’t happen. Instead I just stayed rock hard for about five minutes while Mistress and I cuddled. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to push Mistress onto her back and fuck her hard and fast until I exploded inside her tight, wet pussy… just like last time.

But that was Mistress’s choice… so of course, I didn’t… and Mistress seemed unusually amused by my frustration (which itself is pretty hot of course…) as I casually rubbed my aching, throbbing length against her soft, silky skin.