A frustrating week…

This week has been massively frustrating. We had our Femdom session last week but before I could write about it the whole Google shitstorm kicked off, and now it’s a week later and there’s no point writing about because I can’t remember the fine details that will separate it from the other reports.
Despite the fact that Google have backtracked, we in the blogging community cannot trust them with our content going forward. Thankfully Lady M has gone way beyond and found a way to provide blog hosting for us all, if you have a blog please consider switching to fetblogger, as Lady M is a far better long term bet than Google or WordPress.
Google may have backed down for now but I am convinced we haven’t heard the last of this issue. Let’s face it, Google are a massive corporate entity, and organisations like that don’t need the complications of morality that blogs like mine bring.
Besides, to be fair, Google offer their blogging facility free, so I guess you can accept that they are allowed to make the rules. Having said that, I’m almost more annoyed that they’ve changed their mind as it shows them to be spineless and indecisive. And it has caused a lot of unnecessary disruption to the blogging community.
As you can see my blog is in the process of being dismantled and reconfigured for transfer. Unfortunately, because I tried to make my blog look more aesthetically pleasing by creating button menus, this has meant more work as these things cannot be transferred. Blogger just isn’t designed to work like that, which is a shame as it’s not that long ago that I spent an afternoon redoing all the buttons.
In future, so that I can be sure my blog is easily transferable, I will be working within the paramaters of the blogging system I am using. This will probably mean it wont look quite as nice, but the content will still be there just the same.
My caption blog is up again, albeit in a temporary state and with the more recent captions missing. I fully intend to redo it in the near future and get that part of my blog fully back on it’s feet. My new blog will not have any captions on it.
Ironically, aside from the captions my blog never really featured much in the way of images, and this will probably remain the case in future. As such some of you may wonder why I am moving, well for one thing I want to get away from Google because I firmly believe our days here are numbered, and for another Lady M has really gone out on a limb for us all and she absolutely deserves our support. Again if you have a blog, please consider switching to fetblogger and also please consider donating to keep fetblogger going. Lady M has put her own money into this venture and I hope we as a community show our appreciation and support her wholeheartedly.
Before I go to sleep, there is one more thing to say. Yesterday I made Mistress R cum with my fingers, for the first time in at least four years. Every orgasm she’s had since this blog started has been via my tongue, all 475 of them. This wasn’t planned, it just kind of happened, and I’m really glad it did. It was a very intense orgasm for her and it was lovely for me to actually get to watch her cumming. So hot!
Well it’s 2AM here in the UK so I should probably go to sleep.

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