The Oxballs Ball Stretcher…

Although I think it’s a bit late to start writing about last weekend’s Femdom session (for reasons already given), there was one aspect that is worth mentioning, one that I know Harry Haversackers was interested in hearing about. Don’t get excited Harry, this isn’t a blow by blow description of how I tongued Mistress R’s tight, pink asshole (though I did get to do that). No, it’s more of a product review with added filth…

I’ve been looking for a ballstretcher for a long time, I’ve got a leather one in my drawer that I’ve never been able to get on in fact, mainly because my balls ‘ride high’ (as my doctor put it). So I was interested when I saw the Oxballs range because my experience with Oxballs Cocksling have been very positive. The one thing with the Cocksling is that it grips you very well, but means it’s better for penetration, otherwise things can get a bit friction burned… If you know what I mean!

Since the ball stretcher doesn’t wrap over your cock, this is less of an issue, but it depends on how high you ride and which size of ball stretcher you choose. For me, even though I bought the narrowest one it still puilled pretty tight. That said, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and it didn’t feel like it was too small around my nutsack. It was only when I came to remove it that I realised how snug the fit was. I must say, I wore it for about 30mins during the session, and that was enough since by then my balls were pretty cold.

I started the session with it on, and after quite a substantial punishment (I had a lot of transgressions to atone for after three months, obviously) Mistress had me on the floor worshipping her beautiful feet while she described to me in detail how she was pleasuring her pussy with her favourite glass dildo.

At this point I must explain that before the session I had shown Mistress ‘Sub Hub in Phoenix’s’ excellent post about how his wife cuckolded him with a pair of dildos. I should also say that the paddling I had received at the start of the session had left me totally soft, at least until Mistress offered me her glass dildo and told me to suck it clean. I can’t remember her exact words here (which is the issue I have about writing this too long after the fact), but she definitely used the word ‘cock’ a lot more than she would normally, and by the time she dropped in a casual ‘You’d suck a real cock and get it ready for my beautiful pussy wouldn’t you?’ I was fully hard and feeling the full effect of the ball stretcher for the first time.

It felt nice, much like the Cocksling really. I was quite surprised how tightly it pulled my skin even without the cock ring part, but I’m looking forward to getting it back on soon. Unfortunately Mistress R has just started her period and I am feeling a bit under the weather too, back on the Lemsip again… It’s rather unfortunate that my new blog has come into life with a whimper rather than a bang, but that’s life isn’t it? Hopefully things will pick up and there will be more to post about soon!

2 thoughts on “The Oxballs Ball Stretcher…

  1. You’re totally right, Rob. I’d have loved to hear about how much Mistress R enjoyed your tongue probing her sweet bumhole, but the review of the ball stretcher is good. Not nearly as effective at making my Jailbird snug up, but good, nevertheless.

    I’ve been eyeing the entire line of Oxballs products. They appear, at least on the adult toys websites, to be well made and useable, and you’ve confirmed that.

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