A great end to a tough week…

This last week has been a bit shitty. I’ve had a cold, not so much in the runny nose and coughing sense, more in the kind of feel like I haven’t slept even though I have sense. That, along with Mistress’s period arriving at the start of the week, has meant not much to write about this week.

However, tonight things took a turn for the better. Firstly I got to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy and made her cum nice and hard, which instantly made me feel better of course. And then after I had made her cum, Mistress pulled me up between her legs and curled her hand around my cock. She stroked me until I was hard and then dragged her nails across my balls to make me even harder.

She pulled me closer and I felt my cock slide easily into her silky, wet pussy. It felt absolutely amazing and I felt so happy to be on top, pushing my hard cock inside her. Despite having not been allowed to cum for 31 days (not even a ruined one) I felt very much in control and was able to fuck my Mistress quite hard and deep.

After a while she turned onto her side, which gave me a perfect view of her wonderful ass. Even so, I still felt surprisingly relaxed and began fucking her harder still. I grabbed her ass and gently pulled her cheeks apart so that I could look at her oh-so-lickable asshole as I pounded my cock into her, and then decided to step it up a gear.

I had a strong suspicion that when the edge came it would be abrupt, I also strongly felt that Mistress was going to tell me to cum when I got there… but, you know, I could have been wrong. On this occasion I was 100% correct, and as I pounded Mistress’s slick, wet pussy hard and fast I felt that (not so) familiar feeling of approaching orgasm. I warned Mistress that I was getting close and she ordered me to cum inside her.

For once, my leg didn’t go into cramp, and I got to enjoy the wonderful feeling of over four weeks of hot cum spurting into my beautiful Mistress’s delicious pussy. Then Mistress ordered me onto my back and she straddled my face, planting her cum filled pussy right over my mouth. She tasted very creamy, and as you can probably imagine I swallowed a fair amount of cum before she got off of me. It was really hot and just what we both needed after a not very fun week.

4 thoughts on “A great end to a tough week…

  1. Love this post, how very hot this is! You know I totally keep forgetting to just straddle David’s face and make him eat his creampie that way! I am still getting used to being able to do so many more things now that I simply forget I have options!

    I am glad you got to cum properly and enjoy it.

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