Hopefully things are back on track…

There’s not been a lot worth writing about over the last few days, the weekend was pretty shit (Saturday was at any rate…) and the Femdom session on Sunday was quietly forgotten about.

Thankfully, tonight was wonderful. Mistress had a really good orgasm on my tongue, which put a big smile on her face, and indeed, she’s already told me she wants some more attention tomorrow night. 🙂

After that Mistress started playing with my cock and got me really, really hard. It’s hard to believe it’s only a few days since I was allowed to shoot my huge load inside my Mistress’s beautiful pussy (and lick her clean), it feels more like I’ve been denied longer. But this often happens, I find the first few days are harder, rather than easier as you might imagine, and then everything settles down for a while, and then it gets tough around the 35 day mark again.

Mistress was teasing me beautifully, and while she was sucking and slapping my cock I was allowed to tease her ass with my fingertips, this makes it even harder to resist cumming of course, and eventually I begged Mistress to allow me to worship her gorgeous asshole with my tongue. Mistress obliged and quickly straddled my head, stroking my cock hard and fast as I tongued her sexy asshole. She tasted so hot and I nearly came right there, but after a brief pause I was able to continue, until I had to warn Mistress that I was getting close at which point she called a halt.

I was pretty close, and I was half expecting to see my throbbing cock slowly leaking a stream of cum, but it didn’t happen. Instead I just stayed rock hard for about five minutes while Mistress and I cuddled. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to push Mistress onto her back and fuck her hard and fast until I exploded inside her tight, wet pussy… just like last time.

But that was Mistress’s choice… so of course, I didn’t… and Mistress seemed unusually amused by my frustration (which itself is pretty hot of course…) as I casually rubbed my aching, throbbing length against her soft, silky skin.

4 thoughts on “Hopefully things are back on track…

  1. Dear Mistress R,

    So Rob finds it hot that you’re amused by his frustration… I can pass along that my sweet bride, CH, feels much the same. Not only does she laugh as I try to escape her reach as she connects with firm slaps at my balls, but she finds it most entertaining as she teases me to the point of insanity, and ruins my orgasms after weeks (or months) of denial…
    I can only suggest that increasing the length of time between Rob’s orgasms (two or three months would be a good starting point) and the intensity of your teasing would be a suitable thing to do. You’ll find his groans of frustration, after 10 or 12 weeks of blue balls, to be music to your ears. Have fun!!

    Best wishes,

      • You’ve gotta trust me on this one, Rob… Once you get it into your head that constant arousal is better than an orgasm, extended denial becomes such a sweet thing!!

        • Hi Harry,
          Oh I get that already, and most of the time I agree, but sometimes it’s nice to revisit how it used to be… Last night was fucking incredible though.

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