Redeeming a reward…

You may remember that I have three outstanding rewards left for my weight loss efforts (though the last week was a bit of a disaster, we won’t talk about that now…). So tonight I thought I would redeem one of these rewards. I was tempted to go with the Oxballs ball stretcher, but I decided instead on the glass anal dildo again.

Firstly though I had to take care of my Mistress’s needs. As we lay together kissing, with my fingers caressing her sweet, wet pussy I wondered if she might want me to repeat last week where I used just my fingers to make her cum for the first time in at least four years…? But as she firmly pushed me down the bed, I realised this was not to be, though I was not in the slightest disappointed as I was eager to taste her delicious pussy.

Mistress had another lovely, hard orgasm and afterwards she lay back while I worshipped her beautiful feet for a while. Then it was my turn and I was soon on my back, kissing Mistress for a while before she slid the dildo into my ass. It felt so fucking good. It really did, and feeling Mistress sucking my cock while she manipulated the dildo with her hand was wonderful.

After a while the lube warmed up and the dildo was moving nice and freely and Mistress decided to climb on top of me, giving me a lovely view of her amazing pussy and ass, before sinking down and taking me inside her as she faced my feet. It was a really tight fit in that position, but it felt great having my cock inside Mistress R’s silky smooth pussy, with the added pleasure of a warm, glass cock in my ass too.

Mistress rode me for a while before lifting off and standing over me, I fucking LOVE it when she does that. I love to reach up and part her cheeks so that I can see her gorgeous little asshole. I love looking at her amazing legs and seeing her swollen pussy right there above me…so fucking sexy!

Mistress had me beg to worship her ass again, which was an unexpected treat and she jerked my cock hard as she allowed me to tongue her delicious, tight asshole two or three times. Needless to say my cock was throbbing hard and then Mistress knelt by my side, working the dildo in my ass as she stroked my cock. By this time I was super-horny and I would have welcomed a bigger toy in my ass, I would have loved her to have slipped her RodeoH’s on and fucked me. I’m pretty sure the dildo was all the way in, but I wanted more (what a shameless ass slut I am!) and by the time she called a halt I couldn’t have been more than a few strokes from cumming….

– – –

Seems like the new blog is taking off a bit, I had a slow start, but yesterday I added some more links from my previous blog, so maybe that’s helped a bit. Still miles away from the numbers I used to get on the old blog, but at least it’s going in the right direction. Then again, I’ve split the blog into three so I’m never going to get those numbers am I.

– – –

I should apologise to my fellow bloggers, I am so behind on reading other’s blogs. I don’t think I’ve read anyone else’s blog for a week or more. Sorry guys, I will try and catch up at the weekend.

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    • Hi SomeoneNSFW
      Thanks for your comment, It’s always nice to hear that someone likes your blog! I know that Google changed their mind, but seriously Fuck Google. If they don’t want us, and they clearly don’t, then why should we stay there? Besides Lady M worked her ass off to find us a new home, truthfully it doesn’t feel quite like home yet, but it’s only been a couple of weeks and it looks like people are finding their way here now, give it a few more weeks and I’m sure it will be like we’ve always been here.

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