My last orgasm this chastity year?

Wednesday night was amazing, redeeming my reward led to a wonderful session with some super-hot teasing and anal stimulation leaving me feeling very horny indeed. The last thing I expected was for this evening to be even better, especially since the last few days has been a bit fraught what with one thing and another.

For one thing, Mistress has been having some issues with her car this week, and so we decided to go check out some cars with the idea that she might want to replace her 10 year old Punto with a newer Panda. It was quite good fun test driving the cars and put us in a good mood when we got back. We may have discovered a solution to the problem she’s having, but we are not sure, at least now we feel that we have the information to make a decision if Mistress decides she does want to change her car and trade in her troublesome old model.

Mistress and I have been watching the latest season of The Bachelor (US) on the internet, and again, watching that this afternoon left us feeling very chilled out. We went to bed about 9pm and things began with me lying next to Mistress, gently stroking the insides of her gorgeous thighs until she slowly opened her legs wider to allow me access to her pussy.

I licked my fingers and gently teased her pussy and after a while she pushed me down between her legs. I carefully settled on my front, feeling my hard cock pressing into the bed as I first kissed all around her pussy, before beginning to tease her with my tongue.

Mistress tasted absolutely delicious and I was rewarded with the feeling of her bucking hard against my tongue several times, before she finally pulled away and kissed my head. Then she allowed me to kiss her feet for a while, before having me move up the bed between her thighs.

Mistress grasped my cock and started teasing her pussy with it, before telling me to lick some of the juice off of her lips and then sliding the tip of my cock inside her. She pulled me fully inside her and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, allowing me to stroke deep inside her, which felt wonderful of course!

Soon I was fucking her quite hard, and we continued like this for a while, since I was feeling very much in control, slowing occasionally to kiss her feet or to watch my cock sliding into Mistress’s beautiful, slick pussy. Mistress was really enjoying herself it seemed and we settled into a fairly brisk rhythm, and before too long I could feel the edge approaching.

I really thought Mistress would tell me to keep going and to shoot inside her, but instead she told me to pull out. “Play with your cock,” she told me as she lifted her leg over and moved onto her side, exposing her awesome ass to me as I gently stroked my slippery, pussy juice coated cock.

“I want to you to stroke your cock until you cum all over my ass.”

I looked down at Mistress’s gorgeous ass and started stroking my cock. Mistress shifted forward a little further, allowing me to see her sexy asshole, as I imagined what it would be like to lick my cum from her ass again. It’s been a hell of a long time since I was allowed to do that, and needless to say it wasn’t long before my rock hard, swollen cock began to erupt strings of cum between Mistress R’s cheeks.

I seemed to keep coming for a long time, depositing a fair amount of cum on Mistress’s ass. As soon as I had recovered my composure, Mistress got onto her knees and instructed me to clean her with my tongue. I moved behind her and eagerly set about licking up every drop of cum, gently probing her ass with my tongue as I swallowed every drop I could find on her skin.

I really didn’t expect tonight to be as good as Wednesday, but incredibly it was even better. And if that was the last orgasm I am to be allowed this chastity year (Apr-Mar), then what a way to finish! 🙂

8 thoughts on “My last orgasm this chastity year?

    • Hi Harry
      Well, it just happened that we went full time on the 1st of April 2011, so the financial year and my chastity year go hand in hand. Coming up to the end of year four now, 15 orgasms this year, 20 last year… what will the 2015/16 year bring?

      • Well, Rob, math and logic suggest 10 for this year, 5 for 2016 and none for 2017… Permanent orgasm denial!! Woo hoo! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

        • Methinks you may be jumping the gun a little there Harry, the ruined orgasm frequency has been erratic at best, and Mistress seems to have a renewed interest in ‘normal’ sex of late…

    • Hi Marie
      I was EXTREMELY lucky, do you know how long I have waited for that? Last time I was allowed to do that was November 2013! I hope you do get David to cum on your asshole and lick it clean, you can always make him ruin it if you don’t want to let him cum. 🙂
      I love that Mistress is getting used to the fact that I love worshipping her ass, and is getting more comfortable with it, and seemingly enjoying having me do it too.

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