Tweaks, Stories and Stats…

I added a few new pages (see the bar at the top of the page) to make it easier to find and navigate the Webteases, Videos and Stories. (Judging by my stats for today this was an excellent move!).

On Friday Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, but I wasn’t feeling well enough to enjoy being teased. Sunday morning Mistress stroked my cock for a while, but no orgasm. Hopefully tonight I will get to make her cum again, and maybe I will get teased too. Our fourth year of chastity is rapidly coming to a close, just eight more days after this one. Needless to say, at year end I will produce some analysis for Harry the Stat Guy 🙂

You may remember that I wrote about a story I had planned at the end of January, well, truth be told, I still haven’t started writing it, and now I have another story idea brewing. This one is neither chastity nor Femdom based though… so now not only do I have to find time to write these stories I have to choose which one to write first!

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