I’m not the speediest but I do a good job…

Seems so difficult to find time to post at the moment, mind you I did spend two hours shortening my trousers last night (I’m not the speediest of sewers, but I did make a damn good job of it), so that might go some way to explaining it.
Wednesday night was really good, Mistress had another lovely orgasm on my tongue and then she set about teasing me again. I’m not 100% sure how long it’s been since I came, must be a couple of weeks I’m sure (I can’t see the front page while posting) but I feel pretty desperate already.
Mistress edged me a couple of times, and this time she did slap my cock and balls, but sadly not quickly enough or prolonged enough to ruin me. The edge had already faded a little before she started…oh well, maybe next time.
By the time Mistress had finished with me I was absolutely throbbing and couldn’t help but rub my poor needy cock against her leg as we kissed. This always seems to make Mistress smile, it obviously amuses her to know how desperate I am. 🙂
Mistress and I are off to Cardiff today, to see Nachtmahr. It’s a long drive, well over three hours, hopefully I will have something to write about on Sunday though…

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