Excuses, excuses… and an AWESOME video!

I haven’t posted in a while I know, I have tried… several times, but every time I sit down at the computer I just come up empty. As happy as I am with my life, it becomes increasingly difficult to write about (honestly) the same things over and over and to make it sound interesting. Experiencing the same things over and again is great, because I don’t get to do things I want to do every day (cumming, worshipping Mistress’s ass, etc…) so to me those things are still exciting, but writing about them again and again with enthusiasm is hard.

As I said to Mistress Marie yesterday, normal people don’t have the pressure of ‘reviewing’ their sex lives every time they have sex, and it can get a bit tiresome to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong I still like to blog, but there are (and will be) periods when I just can’t get excited enough to write my thoughts down, just as there have been (and hopefully will be) times when I post every day, sometimes more than once.

Last night Mistress allowed me the pleasure of worshipping her gorgeous ass, for what seemed like the first time in ages, certainly since our last session anyway, and it really was fantastic. She stood over me and had me beg for it several times before stroking my aching, denied cock as I plunged my tongue into her asshole. It would be lovely to think that she might let me do it again tonight, though I very much doubt it.

Anyway, here’s a real treat for you all. A friend of mine sent me a link to a video the other day and I only just got around to watching it. It’s a Barefoot Princess video (always good) where she has her slave tied down and she’s got a perspex plate pressing on his balls, and she keeps tightening the screws until he blows his load in spectacular fashion. This one really is worth watching, the best video I have seen in a very long time!!!


Okay, that’s it for now, hopefully I will have more to say soon. It’s heartening to see that even though I haven’t been posting the blog is still getting plenty of views. Thank you for your patience.

Mistress R’s birthday treat (for me!)…

Today is Mistress R’s birthday and after opening her presents, Mistress and I went for a nice walk out into the country. Later this afternoon, after I had used my tongue to give Mistress a lovely orgasm, Mistress was teasing me wonderfully, stroking and slapping my cock and sucking and slapping my balls…not to mention rubbing my cock against her gorgeous breasts.

Feeling very horny despite having been allowed to cum only a couple of days ago, I chanced my arm and told Mistress how much I wanted to shoot on her gorgeous tits. Mistress asked me how much I wanted to be allowed to do that. I told her ‘sooooo much’. I thought she would do what she usually did and dismiss me with a wry smile, but instead she said ‘What if I said you could, but that if you did you wouldn’t be allowed to cum again for a very long time?’.

I didn’t really give it a lot of thought, I just wanted to cum on her beautiful breasts and lick them clean, so I agreed. Next thing I knew I was kneeling on the bed next to her as she pushed her tits together with one hand while stroking me with the other. I was instructed to tell her when I was close, and when I did Mistress told me to finish myself off. It felt incredible to jerk off and watch my cum splatter over those gorgeous tits and I was more than happy to bend down and lick every drop of my cum up.

I wonder what ‘a very long time’ means? 🙂

Age verification in the UK…

Seems the Conservatives are planning to tighten the regulations regarding accessing porn in the UK. ARTICLE Which is fine as long as the means to implement these rules are freely available to us (and not costing a fortune). Apparently betting sites already use some software which checks your identity/age, though how long it will take for under 18’s to realise that they can use their fathers details…

Femdom Session: 3rd April 2015

As you may or may not remember, our last session happened right at the tail end of February, right when those lovely Google people decided that it wanted all the perverts off it’s books! By the time Lady M had found us a new home, and Google had changed it’s (tiny) mind, it was almost a week since the session and while I had memories of the session, it’s not the big things that make a memory, it’s the tiniest details, details that were by then all but lost.

So it’s now just over an hour since our latest session ended and here I am, determined to write a good post this time…

As you know, this is the first session we’ve had since the beginning of our fifth year of 24/7 chastity, I make that distinction because there was a six month period prior to that where Mistress was controlling my orgasms for up to a fortnight at a time, leading up to our monthly Femdom sessions. But April 1st 2011 was where it really became proper, full time chastity and coincidentally it was only a few days later that my original blog was launched.

I said the other day that I wanted to put the question to Mistress R, of whether she was still happy to continue with the way things are. It’s not unnatural for either of us to occasionally feel that maybe we might like to have a ‘normal’ sex life again. Logically, it’s more likely to be me, because I’m the one who can’t initiate penetration, I’m the one who can’t give himself pleasure, I’m the one who has to wait and hope that Mistress allows me to do what ever it is that I’m currently craving.

But Mistress also is entitled to sometimes feel like maybe it would be nice to just have a ‘normal’ husband and a ‘normal’ sex life, and occasionally this shows through, however briefly. So last night I asked the question and Mistress was pretty firm in her stance that she was still behind it, she still wants to be in control and have me in chastity.

It doesn’t hurt to bring this question up now and again, as the last thing I want is a resentful wife, if she is unhappy about the situation I hope she would have told me anyway, but talking it over allows us both to relax about it and feel comfortable that we are both still fully on-board.

And so we come to the real reason for this post, our second Femdom Session of 2015.

As you may remember, before each session Mistress gives me a note detailing what I am to start the session ‘wearing’. This always includes my wrist and ankle cuffs, along with a variety of other items. This morning I was instructed to fit the Oxballs Cocksling and my glass butt plug. The Oxballs of course is very familiar to anyone reading this blog for any length of time, it is one of the best sex toy things I have ever purchased, but the glass butt plug is a relatively recent addition.

Last year Mistress and I were in an Ann Summers shop and I noticed a glass butt plug, of the kind which I had been wanting for a while. It’s not overly large, maybe an 1.1/4″ at it’s widest point, but because it’s glass not rubber it does not yield, so it feels bigger than a rubber one of the same size. I know that it’s not that big, but not being regularly plugged it’s big enough that I feel it’s necessary to start with the ring-ended dildo and after about fifteen minutes move on to the proper plug.

So that’s what I did, this morning. As I prepared the room and shaved I wore the ring-ended dildo and then after my shower I slowly pushed the glass plug into place, allowing it to work itself a little deeper each time until it finally eased itself fully inside.

Suitably prepared I knelt on the bedroom floor and looked at the pictures of Mistress on our bedroom walls as I waited for her to enter the room.



Mistress entered and immediately used her toenails to lightly scratch my balls, held firm and tight by the Oxballs rubbery grip. As usual I was questioned about my adherence to Mistress’s rules (not touching my cock without permission) and as usual I was punished for my transgressions. Eleven strokes of the whip and some further hits from the paddle, though I can’t quite remember how many it was.

As you know, I am not a lover of this kind of pain, so I am always glad when it is over, even though to some it might seem more like a tepid warm up than an actual punishment. It always makes me wince slightly when I see reddened bottoms or cane marks and wonder how much pain it would take to get to that stage… but then again, the consensus seems to be that if you stick at it long enough then you go past the pain and start to enjoy it. Perhaps we haven’t gone far enough, sometimes Mistress has punished me more than once in the session and I must admit that has been more enjoyable, probably because I’m more turned on in the first place. Perhaps this is something I should discuss with Mistress before our next session.

At least when I am being punished I always know that once it is over I will be doing something that I truly love, worshipping Mistress’s beautiful feet. God I love Mistress’s feet, they are perfect and I could spend hours kissing them and sucking on her gorgeous toes.

But first I was instructed to suck Mistress’s favourite glass dildo, which I eagerly did, making sure to leave it nice and wet for her. Mistress told me to keep my eyes and focus on her feet while she played the dildo around her pussy, occasionally describing to me what she was doing.

As much as I adore Mistress’s feet, it’s never that easy to keep one’s mind fully on the task in hand, especially when you desperately want to look up and watch as your Mistress pushes her dildo inside her pussy. Soon Mistress was describing to me how she was doing just that and she finished the sentence by saying…

“…it’s going inside me now, just like a real, hard cock… and just like a real cock you need to suck it.”

I felt my ass tighten around the buttplug and my cock harden suddenly and significantly as she spoke these words and then she was holding the glass dildo in front of my face, telling me to suck it and lick it clean of her juices.

Of course I was only too happy to oblige and then, as instructed, I contained to worship Mistress’s feet while she continued to enjoy herself above me.

Eventually Mistress decided that I had worshipped her pretty feet well enough and told me to stop. She got off the bed and told me to kneel on the bed, then she stood in front of me and pulled my face into her pussy. I wanted to lick her gorgeous slit, but managed to wait until Mistress instructed me to do so. This is something we haven’t done very often, but I really liked being on my knees like that and licking Mistress’s beautiful pussy. It felt very submissive and very hot.

This didn’t last long however and Mistress soon had me restrained on my back, whereupon she once again had me sucking her ‘cock’ before she finally allowed me to watch as she pushed it inside herself. My cock was nice and hard now, made even harder by the grip of the Oxballs of course and after cleaning the dildo once again she sat herself down on my face and I greedily lapped at her delicious pussy. Wonderful!

Soon Mistress had turned around and was teasing my throbbing cock while I lay, looking up at her gorgeous ass. Occasionally Mistress would reach back and part her cheeks for me, allowing me a better look at what I am always craving. Verbally teasing me about how much I love her ass, and how much I want to worship it.

I cannot tell you how much I love it when Mistress stands over me like this, Mistress has such gorgeous legs that even if she was wearing underwear this would be hot as fuck for me, but having those silky smooth, perfect legs topped off with the sight of her wet pussy and ass is just heaven for me, if only I had a photograph of this to share with you all. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Mistress continued stroking and teasing me for some time, slapping my cock quite a bit and gently swatting my balls (which hurts more than you’d think, when they are held tight by the Oxballs). She also sank herself down onto my cock and verbally teased me about using my cock like a dildo, solely for her pleasure. I don’t know what it is about this, but in my eyes Mistress never looks more stunningly beautiful than when she is using my cock like this.

Okay, it could partly be that I am somewhat euphoric with pleasure, but somehow Mistress just gets this glow when she’s being ‘Mistress R’. Her skin looks amazing, her smile looks wonderful and her eyes have a certain twinkle about them. It’s also the only time Mistress wears properly red lipstick, maybe that’s part of it? It really suits her I think, she looks AMAZING.

Mistress turned away from me and sank down onto my cock one more time, my view was blocked by the PVC skirt she was wearing, which probably wasn’t a bad thing given how tight her pussy felt around my cock in that position!

Having survived that, Mistress took it upon herself to kneel beside me suck and whip my cock for a while, before slipping off the bed altogether. I turned to see her pick something up from the bedside table and watched as she squeezed my nipple with one hand and then attached the clothes peg to it with the other. She then picked up the other peg and reached over me to attach it to my other nipple. As she did so I noticed the way her mouth opened just slightly as she did it, which I found really erotic. Like I said, it’s the tiny details that make the memories…

Mistress left me alone for a while, and after a couple of minutes the pain in my nipples subsided along with my previously steel-hard erection. As usual when this happens my nuts start to burn a bit. I can only assume that what happens is that as I get harder and harder it pulls the Oxballs tighter and tighter around my balls, and then you don’t really notice it too much while you are mega-turned on, but once you relax it’s a different story. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it does make you wish you could take it off, or at least loosen it a bit to get the blood flowing again.

When Mistress returned she plucked the pegs from my nipples, grinning mischievously at my winces of pain (I must confess I really do love seeing her taking pleasure in my suffering, it’s hot as fuckity-fuck! :), maybe I would enjoy being paddled more if I could see the look on her face when she was doing it, I bet she loves it), then she untied me and had me take the Oxballs off (relief!) and remove the butt plug, which again, I’d almost forgotten about.

Even though we’ve had this plug for quite a while now, I’ve only worn it twice before, the first time I wore it Mistress tried to remove it herself and her very long nails made it impossible (and very painful for me) and I had to remove it myself. Last time we remembered that I had to remove it myself but I found it a little difficult, this time however it was easy enough with a little patience. All that’s really necessary is to hook one finger behind the base and ease it out a little, then wait for it to push itself out. Easy!

I thought the next thing to happen would be for Mistress to lay on the bed in front of me and for her to order me to eat her pussy, but no… instead she blindfolded me and then told me to get on my hands and knees. Realising what was coming I moved forward on the bed, giving Mistress plenty of room to get on behind me as I heard the unmistakable sound of the Rodeo’s being slipped on.

Mistress climbed on the bed behind me and I felt the head of the strap-on being pushed against my asshole. I immediately felt very submissive and the strap-on entered me fairly easily, the butt plug had stretched my ass nicely and it was very enjoyable feeling Mistress fucking me for a while. Sometimes anal can be comfortable and sometimes not, but the longer you wear a plug or dildo in your ass beforehand the better. Obviously having had the butt plug in my ass for half an hour I was well prepared and it was pretty comfortable for me this time. Being fucked like that does tend to make me feel quite submissive/passive quite suddenly and I’m not sure if Mistress maybe misinterpreted this as me not enjoying it, I hope not, because I love being used by her like that.

Inbetween strokes, Mistress occasionally reached down and stroked my cock, although this time I wasn’t getting hard (sometimes anal makes me hard sometimes it doesn’t) it was still nice to feel her fingers around my cock with the strap-on still inside me.

Then Mistress pulled out completely and I was instructed to kneel up again. After a short time I felt Mistress getting on the bed and then my blindfold being pulled off. I was expecting to see Mistress’s ‘cock’ standing right in front of my face, but instead she was standing there naked (save for her black bra and key pendant). It would be churlish to suggest that I was disappointed, after all seeing my Mistress’s pussy is never a disappointment, but I would have liked for Mistress to fuck my mouth a little with her nice warm cock.

(Actually it wasn’t until I came to clear up the room that I realised that Mistress hadn’t used a condom on the strap-on, I don’t know if she forgot, but that explains why she didn’t have me suck it afterwards.)

Mistress really does look amazing naked, I wish she was naked a whole lot more frankly. Like most women, she puts herself down, but she looks fabulous, and she looks particularly super-incredible when she’s laying on a black PVC sheet with her legs open, ordering me to eat her pussy and make her cum. Oh fuck yes!

As much as I love everything else that we do in the session, eating Mistress’s delicious pussy is always the most wonderful treat for me, especially when it results in a really hard, wet orgasm for her. Nothing makes me happier than feeling her bucking under my tongue, it is the best feeling in the world and I am so glad that I get to do it as often as I do.

After Mistress had cum hard, she stood in front of me and had me lick her pussy, ass and inner thighs clean, before ordering me to lick the sheet clean and then turn over onto my back. Mistress didn’t bother tying me down again, which made it tough not to reach up and stroke her gorgeous legs when she straddled me again, I fucking love her legs…

Mistress again reached back to show me her gorgeous asshole as she stroked my cock and got me fully hard again. Then she started teasing me about my commitment to chastity and her control…

“Are you sure you don’t want to give all this up, just to be able to touch your own cock and make yourself cum whenever you want to?”

Nothing could be further from my mind! I will never give this up, ever!

Mistress asked me how many days it had been since I had been allowed to cum, I told her it had been 19 and she asked if I wanted to make it to 20. I told her I wanted her to decide which made her chuckle a little, and then she asked me which I wanted more, to be allowed to cum or to be allowed to lick her gorgeous ass. What I really wanted of course was to cum on her ass and lick it clean… but with her asshole just inches away from my tongue I was never going to pass up the opportunity, and so I begged to lick her asshole as she stroked my cock.

Mistress allowed me to worship her ass a couple of times and then lifted herself away from me. She gave my throbbing cock a somewhat dismissive slap and then turned around to tell me that the session was ‘over’.

It was a fantastic session, and I was so happy that I made Mistress cum so hard, nothing makes me happier than knowing I have made her feel good.

Starting off on a high…

Mistress and I have got our fifth year of chastity off to a great… make that, ‘PERFECT’ start, with a very hard orgasm for her and a hard throbbing, unsatisfied cock for me. 🙂

After I had licked her gorgeous pussy to orgasm and worshipped her beautiful feet for a while, Mistress pulled me up the bed and started stroking me until I was fully hard. She soon straddled me and sank down on my rock hard cock, enveloping my shaft with her silky wetness… always feels so good!

Mistress rode my cock for some time, having me beg her to remove her bra and then allowing me to suck and caress her lovely breasts as she squeezed my cock with her pussy. I wondered if she might want me shoot inside her, being as it was our anniversary and all… but I guess it was more fitting to leave me hard and desperate, starting as she means to go on you might say. 🙂

I had intended to ask Mistress how she felt about starting another year of chastity, giving her an opportunity to talk about it, and see if she was still happy with it all and whether she wanted to change anything or stop it altogether. On tonight’s evidence it would seem all is more than well, but a few weeks ago Mistress said something which made me wonder.

She said something about ‘The only downside of chastity is that we can’t just go and have normal sex’. Which I thought we’d long since established we can do, if that’s what she wants to happen. Then the next night we did exactly that, so I guess Mistress came to the very same conclusion. Still it wouldn’t hurt to sit down and talk about it, maybe review our chastity contract and see if there’s anything that needs addressing.


Today is the first day of our next year of chastity, hard to believe it’s been four years since I surrendered total control of my orgasms to my beautiful Mistress R. I’m not sure if Mistress is aware of the significance of the date, but She’ll find out when she gets home as I left her a little present and a card. 🙂
Last night Mistress teased my cock and left me really throbbing and hard, before swinging her legs up and over me so that I could worship her gorgeous feet for a few moments. Frustratingly, even as I was kissing her lovely feet and wishing that I was licking my cum off of them, Mistress was blatantly ignoring my cock… even though it was right there, rock hard, aching to be stroked! How mean was that?
Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to cum, so I finished the year on 15 orgasms, by far my most chaste year yet, and a 25% drop from last year. Mistress had 125 orgasms in the same period, which was a few less than last year, but importantly the ratio increased significantly to 1 : 8.33 from 1 : 6.60 (from memory), which is a good step closer to the 10 to 1 that somehow ultimately feels right.
Maybe this year Mistress will reduce my orgasm count further, while allowing me more ruined orgasms (and hopefully, ruining me onto her gorgeous feet, breasts or ass…), because I really love licking my cum off of her body.