Today is the first day of our next year of chastity, hard to believe it’s been four years since I surrendered total control of my orgasms to my beautiful Mistress R. I’m not sure if Mistress is aware of the significance of the date, but She’ll find out when she gets home as I left her a little present and a card. πŸ™‚
Last night Mistress teased my cock and left me really throbbing and hard, before swinging her legs up and over me so that I could worship her gorgeous feet for a few moments. Frustratingly, even as I was kissing her lovely feet and wishing that I was licking my cum off of them, Mistress was blatantly ignoring my cock… even though it was right there, rock hard, aching to be stroked! How mean was that?
Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to cum, so I finished the year on 15 orgasms, by far my most chaste year yet, and a 25% drop from last year. Mistress had 125 orgasms in the same period, which was a few less than last year, but importantly the ratio increased significantly to 1 : 8.33 from 1 : 6.60 (from memory), which is a good step closer to the 10 to 1 that somehow ultimately feels right.
Maybe this year Mistress will reduce my orgasm count further, while allowing me more ruined orgasms (and hopefully, ruining me onto her gorgeous feet, breasts or ass…), because I really love licking my cum off of her body.

3 thoughts on “Chastiversity!!!

  1. Congratulations on starting into your fourth year, Rob… Here’s hoping that your orgasm count will drop significantly again this year. I hope you’ve hinted to Mistress R that it’s something you hope will happen…


    • Thanks Harry, although it’s actually our fifth year we’re starting! I guess it’s up to Mistress R what happens regarding my orgasms, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I was allowed to cum once a month or so, but I do hope she starts ruining a few more… I’d love her to be a bit meaner about it too, for example maybe tricking me into thinking I was going to be allowed to cum and then changing her mind at the last minute or ruining it when I least expect it. πŸ™‚

      • Oops… Sorry about the date mix up. If I’d read your post a little more carefully…

        As to getting more mean treatment, it sounds as if Mistress R and CH are on the same page. It usually takes quite a while for CH to act on something she perceives as being mean… Case in point: She was releasing me from my Jailbird almost nightly, for a short tease/edge session. I thought it was too much (although I loved every second of it) and suggested that she do it less frequently. She thought about it for a long while before agreeing to use our “Wheel of Misfortune” tool to determine how often (from zero days, to six days of constant lock up with no release) I get a “treat”.
        For example, I received a delightful teasing last night, and this morning, she clicked on and now I’ll be waiting until Sunday until my cock sees daylight again… Mind you, she may smack my balls around in the days ahead, but it’s nowhere near the same as her wonderful oral teasing.

        I was going to comment on 12 orgasms a year being too many…. however I looked at my records, and I’ve had 7 already… My god!! But… five of them were packed into the two weeks, early in the year, when we were on vacation on Maui. It’s possible that I’ll get five more during the rest of the year, if I’m very lucky. There is one “scheduled” for sometime in May.


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