Starting off on a high…

Mistress and I have got our fifth year of chastity off to a great… make that, ‘PERFECT’ start, with a very hard orgasm for her and a hard throbbing, unsatisfied cock for me. 🙂

After I had licked her gorgeous pussy to orgasm and worshipped her beautiful feet for a while, Mistress pulled me up the bed and started stroking me until I was fully hard. She soon straddled me and sank down on my rock hard cock, enveloping my shaft with her silky wetness… always feels so good!

Mistress rode my cock for some time, having me beg her to remove her bra and then allowing me to suck and caress her lovely breasts as she squeezed my cock with her pussy. I wondered if she might want me shoot inside her, being as it was our anniversary and all… but I guess it was more fitting to leave me hard and desperate, starting as she means to go on you might say. 🙂

I had intended to ask Mistress how she felt about starting another year of chastity, giving her an opportunity to talk about it, and see if she was still happy with it all and whether she wanted to change anything or stop it altogether. On tonight’s evidence it would seem all is more than well, but a few weeks ago Mistress said something which made me wonder.

She said something about ‘The only downside of chastity is that we can’t just go and have normal sex’. Which I thought we’d long since established we can do, if that’s what she wants to happen. Then the next night we did exactly that, so I guess Mistress came to the very same conclusion. Still it wouldn’t hurt to sit down and talk about it, maybe review our chastity contract and see if there’s anything that needs addressing.

2 thoughts on “Starting off on a high…

  1. Rob, do you ever get the impression that Mistress R goes along with you on aspects of your kinky sex life, just to make you happy… for instance, her comment “we just can’t go ahead and have normal sex.”? I find that CH can easily put aside the fact that she is in control, and does what she thinks that I want. I try to gently remind her that it’s always her decision, but often to no avail.


    • Hi Harry,
      Yeah of course. Without doubt I am the instigator, I don’t really think that Mistress (if she was single again) would instigate what we have with another lover. But on the other hand, if I didn’t think Mistress enjoys what we do, then I wouldn’t want her to do it.

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