Mistress R’s birthday treat (for me!)…

Today is Mistress R’s birthday and after opening her presents, Mistress and I went for a nice walk out into the country. Later this afternoon, after I had used my tongue to give Mistress a lovely orgasm, Mistress was teasing me wonderfully, stroking and slapping my cock and sucking and slapping my balls…not to mention rubbing my cock against her gorgeous breasts.

Feeling very horny despite having been allowed to cum only a couple of days ago, I chanced my arm and told Mistress how much I wanted to shoot on her gorgeous tits. Mistress asked me how much I wanted to be allowed to do that. I told her ‘sooooo much’. I thought she would do what she usually did and dismiss me with a wry smile, but instead she said ‘What if I said you could, but that if you did you wouldn’t be allowed to cum again for a very long time?’.

I didn’t really give it a lot of thought, I just wanted to cum on her beautiful breasts and lick them clean, so I agreed. Next thing I knew I was kneeling on the bed next to her as she pushed her tits together with one hand while stroking me with the other. I was instructed to tell her when I was close, and when I did Mistress told me to finish myself off. It felt incredible to jerk off and watch my cum splatter over those gorgeous tits and I was more than happy to bend down and lick every drop of my cum up.

I wonder what ‘a very long time’ means? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Mistress R’s birthday treat (for me!)…

  1. Well, this makes things interesting, Rob… I would think that a “very long time” means, at the very least, longer than you’ve been denied up until now. How long is that?


      • What is the longest stretch of orgasm denial that you’ve dealt with so far, Rob? I have it my head that it’s 40 or 45 days…

          • So, seven weeks, eh?…

            Mistress R… Normally, I’d suggest moving up (it’s denial duration we’re talking about) in reasonably small increments. Say, from 7 weeks to 8, for instance. However, since you indicated to Rob that he’ll need to go a “very long time” before you allow him to cum again, and he seems to have accepted that, may I respectfully suggest that doubling up on his current record might be suitable?

            Kindest regards,

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