Excuses, excuses… and an AWESOME video!

I haven’t posted in a while I know, I have tried… several times, but every time I sit down at the computer I just come up empty. As happy as I am with my life, it becomes increasingly difficult to write about (honestly) the same things over and over and to make it sound interesting. Experiencing the same things over and again is great, because I don’t get to do things I want to do every day (cumming, worshipping Mistress’s ass, etc…) so to me those things are still exciting, but writing about them again and again with enthusiasm is hard.

As I said to Mistress Marie yesterday, normal people don’t have the pressure of ‘reviewing’ their sex lives every time they have sex, and it can get a bit tiresome to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong I still like to blog, but there are (and will be) periods when I just can’t get excited enough to write my thoughts down, just as there have been (and hopefully will be) times when I post every day, sometimes more than once.

Last night Mistress allowed me the pleasure of worshipping her gorgeous ass, for what seemed like the first time in ages, certainly since our last session anyway, and it really was fantastic. She stood over me and had me beg for it several times before stroking my aching, denied cock as I plunged my tongue into her asshole. It would be lovely to think that she might let me do it again tonight, though I very much doubt it.

Anyway, here’s a real treat for you all. A friend of mine sent me a link to a video the other day and I only just got around to watching it. It’s a Barefoot Princess video (always good) where she has her slave tied down and she’s got a perspex plate pressing on his balls, and she keeps tightening the screws until he blows his load in spectacular fashion. This one really is worth watching, the best video I have seen in a very long time!!!


Okay, that’s it for now, hopefully I will have more to say soon. It’s heartening to see that even though I haven’t been posting the blog is still getting plenty of views. Thank you for your patience.

4 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses… and an AWESOME video!

  1. Don’t worry about not posting, b/c you always post such great content. Personally, while i enjoy your play by play review, i am most interested in how it effects you longer term. For example, the discussions you have, decisions to have vanilla sex or not, adding in the weight loss routine, and so on. To me, the psychology is more interesting than the physical – lets me know i am not alone!! keep up the good work

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