Edged three times…

I was so very sure that Mistress was going to ruin me this afternoon. Three times I had to warn her that I was getting really close, and three times she let me cool off a little before taking me right back to the edge. The second time I actually looked down at my cock, convinced that as she teased my cock with her fingertips I would see a slow drip of cum trickle from the tip. But somehow, it didn’t happen.

The third time Mistress was really pumping hard, and I really thought she was going to let go just that bit too late. But no, again I was left dangling… and then a few seconds later she slapped my cock several times before telling me that was it.

Earlier, after I had made her cum with my tongue, Mistress had no sooner got me hard than she was straddling me and rubbing my cock against her pussy. Last time Mistress was going to allow me inside her I had a horrible cramp and missed the opportunity, fortunately (or unfortunately…!) I only get cramp like that when I am on top and when my leg is at a certain angle.

Of course I begged for Mistress to take her bra off, and she did too, allowing me to suck her gorgeous nipples several times, and sneakily when she bent forward to push her breasts into my mouth I reached behind her and teased her asshole with my fingertip.

Several times Mistress sat straight up on my cock and reached behind her to slap my balls, the first time unusually hard it seemed. The first time I had to warn her was when she was on top of me. After a brief pause, Mistress lay next to me and grabbed my slippery cock in her hand and started jerking me. Then she had me lick her juices off her hand, which was pretty hot too.

Mistress had a lovely orgasm today, despite the phone ringing twice while i was eating her gorgeous pussy. Thankfully there wasn’t a third call, or I fear the phone may have gone out of the window.

And so we come to the issue of my story…

This afternoon I sat down for a final read through and immediately started adding more… and now I have to go out, but tomorrow I really will try to get it finished. I promise.

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