1000 at last…

I finally broke the 1000 hits in a day barrier! On the 14th of May, the day after my last post… which is nice, because it was a bit depressing, on the old blog 1000 hits was a quiet day, my best was nearly 4000! I know this is pretty meaningless to most readers, but I’m sure my fellow bloggers understand.

Suddenly getting a ton of spam comments, I don’t know what’s triggered that but it seems never ending!

I’ve been working hard on my story, no really. I’ve spent about four hours on it today, it’s over 6000 words now. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow, but I’m not 100% sure. I really hope so. I think it’s pretty good, though I realise that I’m far too close to it to be certain. Hopefully Mistress R will read it through tomorrow and correct my punctuation (if nothing else).

Mistress is on her period now, so not much is happening. We are hoping to have another Femdom session next weekend, as it is a bank holiday here in the UK.

2 thoughts on “1000 at last…

  1. First, Yay to 1000! I was so happy to get our hits back after moving too! So that’s awesome! Are you still posting at the old blog pointing to the new one? I do that once in awhile still.

    Second, you do have Askimet enabled, right? That totally takes care of the spam comments for you!

    • Hi Lady M
      Yes I left my old site with forwarding addresses and I refresh the page every so often so that any feeds it’s on get updated too. I never got very far with the jetpack for some reason… I can’t even remember why, I wanted to have an RSS feed, but I couldn’t get it to work.
      By the way, do you know why it won’t let me post certain GIFs? It says the file is too big, but then I know you post videos on your site.
      Seems a bit odd.

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