Six days…

It’s been six long days since I have been able to make my beautiful Mistress cum, but thankfully that came to an end this evening and Mistress R had a very nice, long orgasm. Needless to say I wasn’t granted an orgasm, but I was teased for quite a while, with some very hard stroking and some ball slaps which I can still feel (even though Harry would probably say they were barely worthy of the name…). I was also permitted to worship Mistress’s gorgeous ass for a brief time, which was very hot, and Mistress told me I might get to do it again tomorrow if I’m lucky!


Let’s hope so.

2 thoughts on “Six days…

  1. If your nuts are still a little tender tomorrow morning, Rob, then the lovetaps were just right. If they’re downright sore, then that’s too much, in my estimation.

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