Tidy up…

At some point I’m going to try to tidy up the video section. For whatever reason wordpress doesn’t seem to like it when you have a lot of spaced out text in a post, which is why my video menus (and the orgasm tracker pages) always end up looking a mess. I might try pasting to a word doc and then reposting back, as this might refresh the formatting. But also I noticed that some of the videos are now not available which is a bit annoying for people.

Also maybe it would be better if they were split into different pages or menus rather than just a massive list of titles. Hopefully I will get round to it soon, although obviously it won’t be before my story is finished. Yes I’m still fettling it, and it’s grown to about 7,000 words now. I think I’ve probably cracked it for the most part, it just needs another read through and hopefully I won’t start pulling it apart and adding more text and delaying things further!

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