Don’t Cum!

Tonight was a rather unexpected treat. Having been allowed to worship Mistress R’s beautiful pussy until she came hard again, Mistress told me to move up the bed so that she could play with my cock. She soon had me hard and slid me inside her, and for the next ten or fifteen minutes we had some lovely ‘conventional’ sex.

We started off slow and then slowly built up the intensity until I was thrusting into Mistress a few times and then slowing down or stopping altogether to let the edges pass. At one point Mistress reminded me ‘Don’t cum!’, I think she thought I was going to lose it, but I was being very careful. It was so lovely to be on top and inside her for so long, I think that’s probably the longest we’ve had PIV sex in a long, long time. She felt so silky, I love being inside her when she has just cum.

Haven’t looked at my story the past couple of days, should get back on it tomorrow afternoon or failing that Sunday for definite.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Cum!

  1. Good going, you two! Nothing beats a hot fuck every once in a while… Harry says, having not had any pussy for months and months.

      • Actually, Rob, it’s not as bad as it sounds.. Age and hormones (or lack thereof) have made PIV sex less than enjoyable for the past year or so… Fucking someone when it hurts them is a guaranteed erection destroyer, at least for me.

        Regular oral teasing and lots of other play has kept us going rather nicely.

        • Funnily enough, one of the things that interested me about chastity was the promise of a longer and more rewarding sex life, though essentially it was more about the inevitable decline of the male virility. Chastity seems a good option, it’s certainly done me the world of good. I can appreciate your comment, hurting Mistress R would certainly kill my erection stone dead.

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