Punishing Scott’s Balls (written May 2015)

Emma smiled at herself in the dressing table mirror, her blood red lipstick making her reflection look oddly unfamiliar. Emma never wore red lipstick, except when she was playing the role of her husband’s Mistress, which was probably why it had such a marked effect on him. Scott loved to see Emma with red lipstick, partly because he subconsciously connected the colour with his own much-anticipated submission, while for Emma it was part of the ‘costume’ she put on when she wanted to assume the role of her husband’s domme.

Emma stood and turned to admire herself in the full length mirror on the wall opposite her dressing table. The cupless PVC basque she had decided to wear was one of Scott’s favourites, and she knew he would appreciate her wearing it for him. Emma’s smallish breasts fitted her athletic frame perfectly, and Scott appreciated seeing them whenever she allowed him to. She wondered if he would have the same appreciation for everything she was planning to do to him tonight.

A pair of expensive lacy panties and fine, black fishnet stockings completed Emma’s outfit and as she looked at herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but slide her hand inside her underwear and then her middle finger between her freshly shaved pussy lips. She was soaking wet already, just thinking about what she was going to do to her submissive husband.

As her wet fingertip found her clit she let out a sharp breath and closed her eyes, she needed to cum so badly, but while she could easily have brought herself off, she knew that she would cum so much harder if she had the patience to wait just a little while longer. Emma had been fidgeting all day as she played out the evening in her head over and over again and now she was getting a little desperate for her release.

The idea of Emma being ‘desperate’ to cum would no doubt have amused Scott. It had been almost seven weeks since Emma had last allowed him to cum, a memorable occasion for Scott as he had been granted the rare treat of pumping his creamy load into her delicious pussy. Knowing that he would be expected to clean his Mistress’s pussy only added to the experience for Scott and once he had finished cumming inside her, Emma had ordered him onto his back and straddled his face. With Scott’s cum already dripping from inside her, Emma ground her wet, slippery pussy against his lips and tongue until she exploded violently, leaving his face drenched in sweat, his cum and her juices.

Now he was tied down to their bed, waiting for her to reveal the special treat she had been promising for days. He had no idea what she had in store for him, but he hoped that it would include the opportunity to worship Emma’s gorgeous asshole with his tongue. Scott adored licking Emma’s ass and just thinking about it made his thick cock swell against his thigh.

Scott licked his dry lips and heard footsteps approaching and then the unmistakeable creak of the bedroom door opening. He turned his head to see his gorgeous Mistress all dressed up for him, his cock twitching as he drank in the sight of her naked breasts contrasting with the black PVC of her basque, while her red lipstick emphasised her transition from wife to Mistress.

Emma walked up the side of the bed, admiring Scott’s taut physique. He had been a little shabby when they had met, but she had soon whipped him into shape. Now he spent almost as much time at the gym as she did and his diet was much improved, though he was still reluctant to ditch the beer completely.

Despite looking very feminine, with her long blond hair tied into a wild pony-tail, when Scott first saw Emma she was beating three barrels out of a punch bag. He watched her for a while, feeling his cock swell slightly as he admired her well defined, lightly tanned legs, her high cut shorts offering just a glimpse of the curve of her ass. Scott found her athletic, slightly muscular form incredibly erotic and he was unable to look away until she turned his way and he became suddenly self-conscious and quickly returned to his free weights, picking up one that was slightly too heavy for him but struggling on in case she was now watching him.

Back then he was the kind of guy who turned up at the gym once a fortnight, did just enough to convince himself he wasn’t wasting his money, showered and went straight to the pub. But in the weeks after seeing her for the first time, Scott found himself spending many evenings at the gym, hoping to catch her there again.

The next time Scott caught sight of her he managed to pluck up the courage to talk to her, but it took a couple of months, and many hours of hard work with the weights before he managed to secure a first date. By that time he was spending a lot of time at the gym and the results were beginning to show, and of course once Emma got hold of him and gave him the right kind of encouragement, things really stepped up a gear.

The Femdom side of their relationship blossomed from a conversation they had one day when Emma asked if Scott thought she was getting too muscular. Scott reassured her that she still looked feminine and added that he had always found ‘powerful’ looking women attractive. Emma thought it interesting that he used the word ‘powerful’ rather than perhaps ‘athletic’ and she began to wonder if he was trying to tell her something…

She made a joke about him fancying Russian shot-putters, and Scott thought that was the end of it, but later that night Emma started teasing Scott about wanting a woman who could dominate him while she was giving him a handjob… and it didn’t escape her notice that the more she talked about dominating him the harder his cock (and his breathing) became.

“Is that what you really want Scott,” she whispered as she stroked him hard. “You want me to dominate you…?”

Scott didn’t even manage to get a single word out before his cock exploded in her hand, laces of cum spurting impressively as she milked every last ounce of spunk from his churning balls.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she smirked.

And so began a rewarding, but sometimes difficult journey to where they were now. Married for four years, and still exploring and pushing their Femdom relationship to new heights, Scott was now forbidden to cum without Emma’s express permission. As yet they hadn’t decided whether or not to fully embrace the chastity lifestyle by purchasing a device. Emma was keen on the idea of having the key to her husband’s cock around her neck, but at the same time she liked to feel his throbbing cock press against her at night. Sometimes Emma would fall asleep with her hand wrapped around Scott’s cock, simply holding it while her husband’s whimpers of frustration accompanied her into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Scott too was undecided. On the one hand he really loved the idea of being locked, and having his pleasure completely under Emma’s control. He could see that the experience of having his cock totally off-limits would make the times when he was released much more intense, but at the same time, while he was forbidden to cum without permission, he was still free to stroke his cock whenever he wanted and the thought of giving that up completely was hard for him to accept.

–    –   –

A breath escaped Scott’s lips as he felt Emma’s hand slide gently up from just above his knee to the top of his thigh and rest there, just a few inches from his rapidly swelling cock.

“You look beautiful Mistress,” whispered Scott.

Emma did not reply immediately, but allowed a slight smile to cross her lips for a brief moment.

“I hope you still find me beautiful when I’ve finished with you slave… I’ve been promising you something special and I don’t think you’re going to forget this in a hurry.”

Emma traced a finger across to the base of his shaft, letting it ride over the rubber ring that was encircling his cock and balls and up his rapidly hardening length. She circled the tip, then allowed her hand to fall between Scott’s thighs and slid her fingers around his tight ball-sack until they were surrounding the two orbs the way you might hold an apple. She applied a little pressure and watched, amused as Scott’s cock jerked violently upwards.

“You like it when I squeeze your balls like that don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Scott breathed.

“Would you like me to squeeze them harder slave?”

“If… if it pleases you Mistress.”

Emma smiled at the answer, knowing Scott’s predilection for Female dominance and CBT fantasies and wondered just how far she could push him before he used his safe-word. She bent down so that her face was right next to Scott’s, close enough that she could almost kiss him full on the lips if she wanted to, and whispered…

“I am so fucking wet right now, thinking about what I’m going to do to you. I think I could cum in a minute flat if I wanted to.”

Scott groaned and his cock twitched eagerly, desperate for attention, but Emma’s fingers remained fixed around his full, swollen balls, squeezing periodically. Then Emma turned and dragged her tongue across his chest until it found his left nipple. She flicked it twice and then gently bit it, increasing the pressure slowly until Scott winced in pain. She let go and then leaned across his torso so that she could repeat the same move on his other nipple.

“I bet you could too…” she teased, knowingly.

Scott’s cock was rock hard now, straining for attention, while Emma pulled his balls downwards, making his cock even harder as the skin was pulled tighter and tighter. He felt her move lower and then the warmth of her mouth as it gently closed around his cock and sucked him inside. Emma forced her head down onto his meat, taking as much of his cock inside her mouth as she could, greedily devouring the taste of his thick, hard shaft and just the slightest hint of precum. Emma loved the taste of a hard, throbbing cock in her mouth, and if it was denied and desperate then so much the better.

Scott grunted and tensed against his bonds anew as Emma pulled even harder on his balls, stretching the skin ready for the next stage of tonight’s fun. Her free hand was back between her legs as she sucked him, massaging her pussy as she brought herself closer and closer to climax. She continued sucking Scott’s cock, using her tongue on the sensitive spot under the head until she felt him getting close to the edge, then stopped.

Scott felt the cool air hitting his cock as it was released from between her lips and seconds later Emma had mounted the bed and straddled his face. She was still wearing her expensive lacy panties and Scott could smell her beautiful pussy as she ground it against his nose, lips and chin. Unable to wait any longer, Emma reached down and pulled her underwear aside, then pressed her pussy back down against Scott’s face and eager tongue.

She was soaking wet and Scott knew this was no time for subtlety. He flicked her clit with his tongue as hard and fast as he could manage and after a few seconds Emma’s tight body shook violently against him as she experienced a massive, mind-blowing orgasm.

“That… was fucking incredible,” she gasped as she kissed Scott, enjoying the taste of her pussy on his lips and leaving a trace of red behind as she slid further down his body until her sodden pussy was just inches away from Scott’s aching prick.

After a few moments to catch her breath, Emma slid down a little further until her slick pussy was just touching the tip of Scott’s cock.

“How badly do you want to fuck me right now?”

Scott exhaled loudly as he pictured in his mind the image of his poor throbbing stalk sliding between Emma’s wet, silky smooth pussy lips.

“I want it so much, you have no idea Mistress…” he almost croaked.

“Poor slave, so close… I bet you can feel the warmth of my hot, wet pussy through my panties can’t you. Does that frustrate you? Well, that’s the idea isn’t it. Maybe I’ll let you have just a little bit more…”

Emma reached between her legs, moved her underwear aside a second time and then fed just the tip of Scott’s throbbing cock inside her and stopped again. She smiled as she felt him try to push up inside her but lifted herself up just enough to keep him exactly where she wanted him. Scott held his midsection up as high as he could for as long as he could, but eventually he had to let it drop and give up the scant couple of inches of velvet pussy that Emma had allowed him. He grunted in frustration as his cock fell back against his stomach.

“Oh slave, you are so very bad. You should have waited, shouldn’t you? I was going to ride your lovely hard cock… but now I’m going to have to punish you instead.”

Emma slipped off the bed and opened a drawer in the bedside table. She took out a device constructed of Perspex, with two rods running in parallel with a small plate of the clear plastic material fastened together with threaded rods and wingnuts.

“As you made me cum so nicely, I was going to allow you to lick my ass… and if you’d done that particularly nicely I might even have let you jerk off on it. But now… well, now you’re going to have to earn your treat all over again, and that’s not going to be easy…”

Emma held the device up so that Scott could see it clearly.

“Do you know what this is slave?”

Scott gave an audible intake of breath as saw the device and realised what it meant.

“Yes Mistress, I’ve… I’ve seen one before… in a video.”

“Good, then at least you have some idea of what to expect,” her voice trembled with excitement as she spoke, clearly very turned on at the thought of hurting her husband’s balls for her own amusement.

She dragged her nails up the underside of Scott’s prick before slapping it hard several times. Scott grunted with each harsh slap, and then looked down as Emma circled his balls with her thumb and forefinger. She pulled steadily on the sack, stretching the skin again before feeding his balls one at a time between the Perspex rods and then tightening the wingnuts so that his balls were firmly held between the rods and the main plate.

“I know how badly you want to worship my beautiful ass, which is why I haven’t allowed you to do it for the last few weeks. I wanted to make sure you were really, really desperate… you are desperate to worship my beautiful asshole aren’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I want it so bad…”

“I’m pleased to hear it slave, I love that you want it so bad. Especially since that means you’ll be more than willing to really work for it.”

Emma pressed a fingernail into one of Scott’s tightly held balls and smiled as he winced quietly.

“These poor balls are so swollen and full aren’t they? Remind me slave, how long is it since you were given the honour of filling my beautiful pussy with cum and licking it clean?”

“Forty seven days Mistress,” Scott replied, briefly reliving the memory in his head.

“You loved that didn’t you, you love licking my pussy when it’s full of your cum, isn’t that right slave?”

“I love licking your pussy at any time Mistress,” Scott corrected.

“Yes, I know slave, you adore my pussy don’t you, my beautiful silky smooth pussy… but it’s extra special when it’s full of cum isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress,” breathed Scott.

Emma slipped her fingers inside her drenched pussy again, making sure that they were well coated with her juices. She moved up the bed and slipped her fingers into his mouth, then bent down so that she could whisper into his ear.

“Hmm, that’s it slave, swallow that gorgeous juice… I know it’s not the same as cleaning a nice load out of me, but you still love it don’t you….”

“Yes Mistress, you always taste wonderful, especially when you’ve just cum.”

“That’s good slave, but I wonder… I know you love the thought of licking my pussy when it’s full of hot, creamy cum… but do you sometimes fantasize that it’s someone else’s cum slave? Do you fantasize that I let someone else fuck my beautiful pussy and fill it with cum? Maybe someone with a bigger cock than yours, who really stretches my pussy out and leaves me absolutely dripping with cum…?”

Emma didn’t need to look at her husband to know that Scott’s eyes would be closed as he wrestled internally with his feelings regarding this particular fantasy. Emma knew that Scott, while monogamous to a fault, couldn’t help but get turned on by his cuckolding fantasies, especially when she pushed his buttons just the right way. She continued…

“Do you fantasize that after you’ve watched him fuck me hard, with my legs up over his shoulders so that he can really pound me into the bed… that after he’s emptied his big, heavy balls inside me he pulls out to leave me with my legs spread wide open, my pussy already leaking as I call to you to crawl on your hands and knees across the floor to lick me clean?”

Scott could barely reply, such was the humiliation of his own fantasy being used against him.

“Don’t worry slave, I know your fantasies… but I still want to hear you say it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Yes what, slave.”

“Yes, I… I fantasize about cleaning another man’s cum out of your pussy, Mistress.”

“And what else slave?”

“I… I fantasize about you ordering me to… to clean his cock afterwards, Mistress.”

Emma smiled to herself as she observed Scott’s hesitation.

“And how do I order you to clean his cock slave?”

“With… with my mouth Mistress.”

“That’s right slave, you suck his cock clean for me don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Scott could feel his face burning red with shame, but his cock betrayed his obvious arousal, constantly twitching and pulling against the device imprisoning his balls.

“Say it slave, I want to hear it from your own lips. And open your eyes too, don’t you want to look at your beautiful Mistress anymore?”

“Please Mistress… you know it’s not….”

Emma dragged her fingernails up the underside of Scott’s cock again before digging them hard into the engorged meat. Scott let out a groan as her nails tormented his sensitive flesh without mercy.

“Just say it!” spat Emma.

“Yes Mistress, I… I suck his cock clean for you.”

“See… that wasn’t so hard was it?”

“No Mistress…” winced Scott as he felt Emma’s nails release his cock, red lines remaining on his skin where her long fingernails had dug into his tender flesh.

“It’s so cute, watching you struggle with your fantasies. Who knows, maybe one day they won’t just be fantasies any more, and then it really will be fun to watch you struggle.”

Scott closed his eyes again, he could feel his lip trembling as the conflicting emotions built within his body.

“I know that would be hard for you slave, but I know, if that was what I truly wanted you’d obey me… wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” said Scott quietly with a noticeable tremble in his voice.

Emma’s pussy was utterly soaked now, the thought of Scott sucking another man’s cum out of her and then cleaning his cock for her made her want to cum again. She climbed onto the bed and then stood by Scott’s side, she slowly worked her panties down her legs and then stepped out of them as he watched. She bent forward and hooked them up with one finger and laid them across Scott’s face. He breathed in the scent of her wet pussy from the sodden material and felt his cock flex once again.

“Oh yes, you like that don’t you… I think next time I fuck your ass I’m going to roll my panties up into a ball and stuff them in your mouth… just think about that. How humiliating, to be fucked by a girl with a big strap-on cock while you breathe through her soaking wet panties. That makes your cock soooo hard doesn’t it?”

Scott could only murmur his agreement as Emma bent down and gently stroked his rock hard shaft, prompting a groan of appreciation from Scott.

“Oh yes, you definitely like the sound of that…”

Emma sensed that the device wasn’t yet having any discernible effect and reached down and turned each wing nut a couple of times, bringing a gasp from Scott through the soaked panties.

“Ah, now that’s more like it,” Emma chuckled.

She straddled his stomach and pulled the panties from his face, then pinched a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, squeezing hard enough to get his attention.

“I know how much you want to lick my ass slave, do you want to see it?”

“Yes please Mistress…”

“Very well, but it will cost you.”

Emma turned around and tweaked each of the wingnuts a quarter turn, bringing another moan from Scott.

“I told you I’d have to punish you, but really… you’re going to be punishing yourself.”

Emma stood over him and bent forward, allowing Scott a perfect view of her shapely ass and shaved pussy. She reached between her legs and slid two fingers into her sloppy cunt, then reached back and wiped them on Scott’s lips. Scott couldn’t help but flick his tongue over his lips, eagerly collecting then devouring his Mistress’s delicious juices.

“Oh you love my pussy juice don’t you… but that’s not what you really want is it?”

Emma reached round and grasped each buttock with a palm, before slowly spreading her cheeks to reveal her tight little asshole.

“There it is slave, that cute little hole you just love to worship.”

Scott moaned with lust as his hard cock throbbed at the sight of his Mistress’s gorgeous asshole.

“Do you want to smell it?”

“Oh yes, yes please Mistress.”

“Very well slave, but you know what you have to do now, don’t you?”

After a moment’s silence Emma clarified the situation for him.

“You need to beg me to tighten the screws and crush your balls if you want to smell my beautiful asshole.”

Scott groaned at the realisation of what he was now expected to do to earn what he craved so badly.

“Please Mistress… please tighten the screws and let me smell your gorgeous ass.”

Emma reached forward and turned the screws another quarter turn, pulling the Perspex plate tighter against the backing rods and slowly squashing Scott’s balls in between them.

Emma dropped onto her heels, so that her ass was just an inch or so above Scott’s face.

“Can you smell my beautiful asshole slave?”

Scott breathed in the exotic musky scent and desperately, desperately wanted to slide his tongue into her cleft.

“Yes Mistress, it smells amazing…”

Emma reached back between her legs once more and worked her fingers into her pussy again. Once coated with juice she grasped Scott’s cock and slowly began stroking his tight meat, using her thumb to tease the head as she stroked.

“Your poor cock looks like it could explode at any second slave, you best not forget that you aren’t allowed to cum without permission… especially with your balls trapped in that crusher.”

Scott gulped loudly, as he continued to breathe in his Mistress’s scent and feast his eyes upon the object of his desire, right there in front of him.

“Are you ready for more slave? Are you ready to beg for more?”

“Yes Mistress…”

Scott paused for a beat to ready himself for the next phase of the game.

“…please tighten the screws and allow me to worship your beautiful ass.”

“You really want me to slave?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

“Well… if you really want it.”

Emma slowly turned the screws another quarter turn, bringing a wince from Scott as his balls were crushed a little more by the device.

“You must really want to taste my ass slave,” giggled Emma.

She lowered her delicious asshole until it was pressed right against Scott’s mouth and immediately felt his tongue flick over it. Abruptly she pulled it away.

“Ah-ah-ah… did I say you could begin?”

Scott cursed his impatience silently.

“No Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress…”

“I’m sure you are slave, but I think if you really want to lick my ass I’m going to have to make you pay. Another quarter turn I think… don’t bother to beg this time.”

Scott felt the device squash his balls a fraction more and then Emma’s hand gently stroking his cock as she lowered herself onto his face once again.

“Remember slave, don’t you dare cum without permission… or your balls will pay! Now you may begin.”

Scott pushed his tongue forward again, savouring the musky taste of Emma’s sweet ass. As he did so he was aware that Emma’s hand was gripping his cock tighter and pumping harder than before, and this, added to the eroticism of finally being allowed to worship his Mistress’s gorgeous asshole soon made the pressure in his balls all the more intense.

After a while Emma lifted her ass off Scott’s face and he strained upwards, trying to keep his tongue inside her ass, but soon fell back to the pillow.

“I like seeing your balls squashed like that,” Emma said, looking down at the clear plastic device gripping his balls quite uncomfortably now.

“Does it hurt?” she enquired, somewhat dispassionately.

“A little Mistress,” Scott replied.

“Good, it turns me on to hurt you… a little.”

She turned around so that she was on top of him, looking down straight into his eyes.

“But it would turn me on even more to hurt you a lot. Do you want me to hurt you a lot slave?”

Scott gulped before responding in the affirmative.

“Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Tell me.”

Scott gave his safe-word and then Emma briefly covered his mouth with her own, her tongue flicking against his. He could taste the scent of his cock on her lips and tongue, mixed with the slightly waxy texture of her thick red lipstick.

“Good slave, I want to hear you use it before I’m done,” she whispered into his ear before she pulled away from him. “I’m going to hurt you now, and it’s going to make me wet.”

Emma turned around and gently tightened the wingnuts another quarter turn. The plate was pressing quite hard on Scott’s balls now, and each quarter turn brought a small but noticeable increase in the pain being inflicted on his balls. But he knew that if he wanted the continued pleasure of tasting his Mistress’s sweet ass he would have to stand it for as long as he could.

Like any slowly inflicted pain, as the endorphins kicked in at each stage the pain lessened as he got used to it, but even so the pressure was mounting each time and he didn’t really know how much he would be able to take. At the same time the steadily increasing pressure was making it harder and harder for him to hold back his orgasm.

Emma dropped her ass back onto Scott’s face once more and gave a one word instruction.


As she felt Scott’s eager tongue pressing against her tight little asshole, Emma’s fingers were already back between her legs, her copious juices soaking her skin before she started to rub her clit rhythmically, her other hand gently stroking her slave’s poor, throbbing meat.

“Don’t fucking cum, if you know what’s good for you slave. Only I get to cum when I want to, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress,” came Scott’s muffled reply.

“That’s right, only I get to cum as much as I want, whenever I want… but you, you have to wait for my permission, and no matter how much you beg or plead, sometimes I won’t give it. Sometimes I think about how long I would have to make you wait before you broke down and cried for release…”

As she spoke, Scott felt Emma push back against his tongue, trying to force his probing muscle deeper into her tight hole.

“…do you know how much it turns me on to think of you like that, so desperate that you’d agree to almost anything? There’s no way I could trust you to keep your hands off your cock, you would have to be locked up properly, but maybe I could live with that, if it achieved my goal. I know you fantasize about being locked up don’t you… I know you wonder what that would be like, a steel cage around your poor, dripping cock. So pathetically desperate for attention…”

Emma gasped the last few words as she neared her second climax.

“…maybe I’d tie you down and then unlock you, just so that I could hurt your balls. How mean would that be slave?”

Scott grunted into his wife’s ass as he felt his cock twitch wildly at the thought of being treated like a piece of meat, used for his Mistress’s amusement with no consideration of his pleasure.

“Don’t cum slave! Don’t you fucking dare.”

Emma slapped his cock hard, while continuing to frig her clit and pushing back against his tongue, eager to feel his tongue wiggling inside her asshole as she came.

“You love the thought of that don’t you, the thought of me being sooooo cruel to you… well, maybe I should start being a lot crueller to you. Deep down I know you’d love it… and just thinking about treating you like that makes me feel incredible…”

Emma reached forward and tightened the wingnuts another quarter turn, which caused Scott’s stomach to ripple with the added pressure applied to his tormented, aching balls.

“Oh fuck yeah… I love watching you suffer for me,” panted Emma as she felt her orgasm getting closer and closer.

“Mercy Mistress!” begged Scott as the pain in his balls become ever more unbearable.

“Not yet slave… I want to cum knowing how much it’s hurting you, it makes me so fucking hot!”

Emma was riding Scott’s tongue now, pushing back hard against his face as her fingers moved quickly between her legs, the sweat glistening on her skin as she pushed herself closer and closer.

Then she was cumming, spasming wildly as Scott tongue-fucked her asshole as deeply as he could. Even though Emma wasn’t touching his cock he could feel his own orgasm building steadily, the verbal stimulation, the pressure on his balls, the pleasure of being allowed to worship his Mistress’s gorgeous asshole and the absolute joy of feeling her cumming so hard above him was simply getting to be way too much.

As her orgasm faded Scott felt Emma pull away from him, then turn around and lie next to him, exhausted. She snuggled against him and whispered how much she loved torturing him as he struggled to juggle the constant ache in his flattened balls and the orgasm he knew was becoming inevitable.

“I’m getting close Mistress…” he warned. Emma sat up immediately, back in control.

“But you’re not going to cum, are you. Even though you think it’s too much, you’re going to hold back aren’t you slave?”

Emma reached down and ratcheted up the pressure another quarter turn, causing Scott to tremble and shake as the pressure in his poor balls threatened to push him over the edge.

“You’re doing so well darling, it turns me on so much to see you suffer like this… I came so fucking hard knowing how much you were suffering for me, you don’t want to disappoint me now do you?”

“No Mistress,” breathed Scott.

“Good slave…. I’m glad, I promise it will be over soon, but….”

Emma paused for a moment then reached over and loosely gripped Scott’s throbbing, tight cock and began a delicate stroking motion, barely touching it but making Scott’s situation ever more impossible.

“I need to tell you something… but you have to promise to hold it back for me.”

“I’ll try Mistress….”

Emma’s grip loosened even more until Scott could barely feel her fingers at all.

“This has been amazing, but now I can’t stop thinking of other ways to hurt your balls…”

Scott groaned, his jaw visibly trembling as he listened intently.

“I want to have you standing right in front of me, legs spread, while I sit playing with my pussy, getting myself closer and closer to cumming… yeah, I want you to watch me, I know you love watching me touch myself don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress….” Scott groaned.

“I know you do, and that is so hot for me slave… that you find watching me so sexy, especially when you know that I can do it whenever I want and you can’t… can you even remember what it’s like to cum whenever you want slave? I bet it’s hard to remember now, it’s been so long since you could jerk yourself off to please yourself instead of me, but you wouldn’t want to go back to that would you, not really. You might think you would, but I think in a few days you’d be begging me to control you again, begging me to keep you frustrated and desperate. You love being desperate for me don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress….”

“Just like you are now slave, desperate to cum… so fucking desperate to feel all that cum scream out of your poor tormented balls. I can’t believe how good you are at holding back slave, I’m so proud of you.”

Emma breathed heavily in Scott’s ear for a few seconds as she continued to gently stroke his cock.

“And while you’re standing there watching me, I’m going to let you stroke your cock for me. You like stroking for me don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress…” Whispered Scott, trembling all over now.

“Maybe I’ll have you edge a few times as well, you love to edge your cock don’t you slave, and it will be even better having me there watching you.”

Emma felt Scott’s cock swell in her hand at the thought.

“Do you know what I’m going to do then slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“I’m going to flick one of my beautiful feet up into your balls slave.”

Scott grunted as he felt his orgasm edge impossibly close, every fibre in his body screaming for release.

“You like the thought of that don’t you slave, the thought of my pretty little feet, the feet that you worship and adore, turning against you and hurting your poor, swollen, cum-filled balls…”

“Yes… Mistress,” Scott replied, feeling mortified at his admission even as he said it, and wondering how much longer he could possibly hope to maintain control.

“Of course I’d start off soft, but the more turned on I got, the closer I got to cumming the harder I would kick… harder and harder, until your balls were aching. But you’d want it harder too wouldn’t you? You’d want me to kick your balls hard if it made me cum, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress… but Mistress please, I can’t, I really can’t hold it.” Scott could barely string the words of a sentence together now

“I know slave. The thought of my gorgeous foot smashing into your balls makes you want to shoot doesn’t it slave…”

“Yes Mistress, please… I can’t hold it back…”

“No slave, you don’t cum without permission, ever.”

Emma reached down and turned the two wingnuts one more time, watching as Scott’s stomach rippled madly as he sought to contain the pain, but to no avail. Emma was barely touching his cock now, merely rubbing the underside of the head with one finger, but even that was too much.

Scott opened his mouth again, trying to beg for release one more time, but even as he did so he knew it was too late. His cock bucked and Emma pulled her finger away immediately, removing the stimulation as fast as she could in the hope of halting his unauthorised orgasm. But she was too late and the first huge spurt flew from his cock and landed high on his stomach and lower chest. After that the remaining cum began to stream slowly from the tip and pool at the base of his thick cock, but Emma wasn’t finished.

“Oh….no, no, no. I told you not to cum!” She growled as she slapped his cock again and again. “Now you will really suffer…”

She reached down for the final time and tweaked the wingnuts one more quarter turn each, laughing as her husband winced loudly, his cock still bobbing in angry frustration. Finally he could take no more, the pain was too intense.

“Red, Mistress, Red!”

Emma immediately released the pressure and span the nuts loose, gently removing the contraption and tossing it aside before straddling him and kissing him hard on the mouth, telling him over and over again how much she loved him, thanking him for being such a wonderful slave and telling him again and again how amazing her orgasms had been.

Scott gradually relaxed and wished that he could wrap his arms around his beautiful wife and hold her tight, but his bonds prevented him from doing so. Instead, he whispered into her ear.

“Thank you Mistress… I love you so much.”

Emma looked into his eyes, both of them feeling the intensity of the scene they had just played out. Emma allowed herself a brief moment of tenderness before snapping back into Mistress-mode.

“I love you too slave and I love hurting your balls… but right now you need to clean me, I’m covered in your cum.”

Emma manoeuvred herself over Scott’s mouth, watching as he licked the cum first from her breasts and then the PVC that covered her midriff. When he was done she grabbed her panties from alongside him and wiped him clean, then wiped her sodden, slippery pussy dry before rolling the tiny garment into a ball and pushing it into his mouth.

“Does that taste good?” Emma asked, her fingers idly stroking Scott’s still hard and very angry looking cock.

He nodded slightly and she smiled as she felt the cum trapped in his cock after his ruined orgasm ooze out and lubricate her palm. She palmed the head of his cock for a few seconds bringing a stream of violent growls from her husband’s throat and then spread the cum over his throbbing cock, her hand speeding up as she pumped him hard.

“Poor slave, I know you want to cum so badly… can you take just a little bit more pain for me?”

Scott felt the edge rapidly approaching again and grunted his agreement through the makeshift gag.

She released his cock, stood up on the bed and moved so that she was standing directly over his throbbing, frustrated cock. She leaned forward and grabbed the head of the bed to steady herself and then lifted her stocking clad foot a few inches.

“Just one gentle one for now… okay?” She said playfully, hoping she wasn’t pushing him too far after what she’d just put him through, but desperately wanting to know how it felt to feel her foot connecting with his tender balls.

Scott had waited so long for this moment… he simply nodded his head slowly and braced himself for the impact as best he could.

Emma, stood over him, her foot hovering in mid-air, dragging out the moment as long as she could… then she leant forward and hooked her finger into his mouth, pulling her sodden panties out of his mouth.

“I want to hear you beg me to do it.”

Scott was breathing heavily, his cock twitching madly as he struggled to stay in control and find the words he was required to say.

“Please Mistress… please use your beautiful foot… to punish my balls.”


“Please Mistress… please kick my poor swollen balls, hard.”

Emma felt a fresh stream of juice flood her cunt as she snapped her foot forward and felt it connect with Scott’s balls, the impact pushing Scott over the edge a second time as he writhed on the bed in a mixture of intense pain and frustrated pleasure, a fresh slick of cum oozing out of his spasming cock onto his belly .

Emma watched from above, her fingers momentarily sliding into her slick hole before she lifted her foot again, this time to massage the rest of Scott’s cum out of his cock and onto his stomach, before collecting it on her toes and feeding it to him. Scott sucked on Emma’s cum soaked toes and then licked between them, collecting every drop of his ruined creamy load and swallowing it all.

“What do you say slave?”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Thank you for what slave?”

“Thank you for kicking my balls and ruining my orgasm Mistress…” breathed Scott.

Emma smiled warmly, then sank down onto his face again and rode his tongue to her third and final orgasm of the night.

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