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Much to my surprise, ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’ has been uploaded to Literotica! Not only that but 1400 odd people have read it already. And not only that but four people have left comments too, ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other…

ANONYMOUS said: Beautifully written and very erotic, Thoroughly enjoyed  your writing.

ANONYMOUS said: Damned stimulating story, I really started oozing precum reading this. I was only let down when she didn’t fuck another guy and force Scott to clean her cunt and the other guy’s cock. Maybe on another occasion?

ANONYMOUS said: Footwear? You forgot to put high heel shoes or boots on Emma, she did all this in her stocking feet?

ANONYMOUS said: Boy was this stupid. Scott went to the hospital where they were forced to amputate one of his testicles. Because she was a vicious cunt she had gone too far in her torturing him. She went to prison for years. He was never the same. Badly thought out garbage!

If you would like to joint the ‘debate’ or vote for my latest story you can visit the Literotica page HERE. Comments and voting at the bottom of the page. Thank you.


Another classic comment I found on another of my stories.. (Thirty Seven Days). this one responding to a comment left by another reader.

ANONYMOUS said: “The Fetish World Should Be Judgment Free!” LOL, what a silly fucktard you must be. Reality check for you and those like you, bub. You are not normal, you are fucked in the head, if you like this shit. Normal people speak out on fucked up shit, because we make ‘judgments’ based on what we consider normal. People condemn pedophilia because it’s not a fetish it’s a sick and abnormal fucked up thing. And locking up your junk while your wife semi-forces you to suck a dick (sounds like the dude is gay anyways, and most of these stories are probably written by fags wanting to suck a dick) is far, far from normal. So unbunch your little panties, you pathetic whiner, because most of us around here feel that people like you are sick bastards. Gee, if you don’t like comments ‘judging’ this shit, why don’t you stop reading them?

Strikes me, this is the sort of moron who thinks all gay men are pedophiles, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Comments on Literotica…

  1. I submitted a few stories on Lit some years ago, and, of course, got comments that irked me… at least until I decided that they wouldn’t…

    I think that we have to chalk it up to there being a lot of people out there are closet assholes… Talk to them face to face, and they’re as pleasant as all get out. Let them comment anonymously and their inner fuckwad emerges, full force.

    It also seems that many of them will comment negatively on any story, regardless of the topic, or how well it’s written… because they can and because they’re assholes.

    And of course, it’s not limited to Lit…

    • Hi Harry,
      If I’m 100% honest I rather enjoy the bad reviews, obviously it’s different if someone criticizes my ‘writing’, constructive criticism is fine though… But this kind of YOUR A HOMO WHO WANTS THE COCK, or WHAT SORT OF DUMB ASSHOLE PUTS UP WITH THIS FAG SHIT HE WOULD KICK HER IN THE CUNT stuff just cracks me up. It isn’t about my writing it’s all about their prejudice, ignorance and probably their God issues, I’m convinced most of them live in the bible belt, drive a pickup, wear check shirts and idolise their Pop.

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