Femdom Session: 28th June 2015…

One of the reasons I didn’t really think I would go much past my record was that I knew we had a session planned for this weekend. So once we got to the old record it was pretty clear to me that Mistress would either let me cum at the start of this week or I would have to wait until this Sunday. There was no way she would let me cum on Friday knowing there was a session on Sunday, it would make no sense.

So I went into this session with just five days of chastity under my belt, quite a lot less than normal I should say. It’s also been pretty warm here in the UK this week and Mistress and I absolutely hate it (it’s going to be even worse this week, not looking forward to that), Mistress hasn’t been sleeping at all well this week and I’ve been going to bed really late (to make sure I’m tired) and sleeping on top of the covers.

Unusually we slept in until almost 11am today, and I was half expecting the session to be cancelled. But even though neither of us really felt like it, we decided to go ahead anyway because we’ve been through this before and whatever you might say, you never ‘make the sessions’ up later, you just get to the end of the year and realise that you missed three or four out. Besides, once you get started you quickly get into the swing anyway.

One thing that’s been a bug-bear for us ever since we bought our new mattress is that our black PVC sheet isn’t quite big enough anymore. You know these new mattresses are much deeper than the old ones and so it barely goes underneath. It’s been a nightmare to get on and by the end of the session it’s pulled out and moving all over the place. We had looked into getting a fitted PVC sheet, but they are so expensive, like £80 ($120) whereas the flat PVC sheet we’ve had for about ten years cost about £15 ($20). So after last month’s session I decided to see if I could solve the problem.

What I did was get an old cotton sheet and cut two full length strips about ten inches wide and then taped them to the (back) edges of the PVC sheet using ducting tape. So today, no problem at all, the cotton part goes right under the mattress and holds it solid as a rock and you can’t see it either so it doesn’t spoil the look. Result!


I had already admitted to Mistress that I had touched my cock quite a few times while I was super-horny and denied, so I was expecting to be punished. Mistress wasted no time at all giving me fifteen swats with the paddle to start the session, and then had me worshipping her feet while she played with her beloved glass dildo. After this Mistress had me get on the bed on all fours and gave me another eleven swats with the paddle.

Mistress used the session mostly to re-emphasize that I should be asking for permission to touch my cock. Standing over me and showing me her ass she said things like ‘If you ask, you might get a bonus’. She had me repeat several appropriate phrases while she sucked, slapped and stroked my cock, emphasizing over and over that she controls my cock, balls and ass, and she decides when, if and how I get to cum.

Mistress sat astride me and rode my cock for a while, during which I was happily thrusting my cock upwards inside her, I’m not sure I could have done that quite so enthusiastically if I had been carrying fifty-five days of cum in my balls… She looked so gorgeous today, I told her that I love every single bit of her body, and I do. There isn’t one part of her that isn’t sexy as hell, nor that I wouldn’t happily spend ages worshipping.

I love it when she stands over me, bending forward to suck my cock, giving me a perfect view of her open pussy and tight ass. It’s true what she says of course, touching my own cock without her there can never be as good, and I really want to focus on that thought now and obey her like I know I should. I will also make the effort to ask her permission, at least once a week, because again, that’s something that needs to be done regularly if we are both to become comfortable falling in to DS at a moment’s notice.

I think that’s something we struggle with a little, it’s not like (for example) Mistress Marie, where her slave is her slave all the time. Out of the bedroom we are just a normal couple so it’s weird enough just going and asking if I can worship her feet while she reads a magazine or something, let alone coming up to her completely out of the blue and asking if I can stroke my cock. I find that quite difficult, especially as it never seems a good time.

Anyway, so then Mistress decided to plug my ass and peg my nipples (I forgot to mention that I was wearing the Oxballs ballstretcher right from the start – very comfortable after the initial fitting, right up until she left me alone and my cock started to wilt) and left me alone for a little while.

When she came back she untied me and removed the pegs from my nipples and had e remove the ballstretcher. Then she had me on all fours again and gave my ass another eleven swats with the paddle, before telling me to kneel back and then having me worship her pussy until she came.

It took quite a while for Mistress to cum (a combination of tiredness and heat perhaps) but when she did she came nice and hard and when she pushed me away it revealed a torrent of pussy juice all over the PVC sheet. Mistress stood up and I could see more juice dripping off of her onto the sheet. She turned around and told me to lick her clean, which I eagerly did. There were drops of pussy juice down by her knees and her pussy and as were drenched. Yummy!

Once she was satisfied she got off the bed and left me to clean the sheet. There was more than I have ever seen before, it was amazing. So much in fact that Mistress got tired of waiting for me to lick it all up and wiped the last bits up with a tissue. I wasn’t being slow either, there was just a lot of pussy juice! 🙂

Finally Mistress allowed me to worship her beautiful asshole while she stroked my cock. We both knew there was no way I was getting to cum today, and that was fine. I was really enjoying licking her ass and having my cock stroked though, and she allowed me to lick it three times before she called a halt to the session.

Adjusting to empty…

I’m sure (if you’ve gone any length of time in chastity) that you will agree, that as ridiculous as it sounds, the first few days after release are a bit…. difficult. You tend to feel a bit lost, because that feeling of horniness is (if not gone, then) diminished to say the least. You kind of get used to feeling horny all the time and then when you’re don’t… it kind of sucks.

At times like these (and I’ve said it before I know) I can truly understand the appeal of permanent denial. The idea of every future release being ruined, leaving my frustration and horniness intact is so damned alluring… but I know this isn’t going to happen, at least not anytime soon. And for one thing, I’m not really sure I even want to give up cumming hard inside my Mistress (completely).

Against this backdrop of emotions it’s hard to get your head around the end of a period of chastity, and it’s weird to think that I just went fifty days without cumming. Fifty days! Despite everything, it doesn’t really sound that impressive to me really… it doesn’t sound like that big a deal, but to a ‘normal’ person I know it would sound completely insane.

I guess it may be because, in reality I only went a couple more days than my previous record, so it wasn’t like I was being pushed much harder or further. But it was still 50 days, seven weeks and a day!

Unlike some, I don’t really consider it an achievement, I don’t feel proud of myself or anything. It’s just how it is now. And while I hate the ‘drop’ you feel after being allowed to cum, as I’ve always said, I want Mistress to decide. I want to cum when she wants me to cum, and not before. I don’t really want her to consider ‘records’, unless it pleases her to do so (of course). I certainly don’t want her to feel constrained or dictated to by them.

This is why getting the balance right in a chastity relationship is such a tricky business. For a start the whole thing makes little sense to a woman… and even when you get over that hurdle you have such conflicting information and feelings. Just look at what I’ve written just now, essentially ‘I want her to decide’, ‘I like the idea of permanent denial’, and ‘I don’t want to give up being able to cum hard inside her completely’.

Is it any wonder that being a keyholder isn’t easy?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I don’t get near fifty days again for a goodly length of time. And I am honestly okay with that. I’m far more interested in making my Mistress cum to be honest, and if the ten to one ratio was to be achieved I’d much prefer it to be because she had a lot more orgasms than because I had a lot less.

Mistress had a lovely orgasm earlier, and then she allowed me to touch her ass as she teased me. Feeling my finger tips press against her warm asshole makes me ache to push it with my tongue, and even though it’s only three days since I came, I was feeling pretty eager.

But at the same time of course, that’s the last thing I want to do… really.

New Records…

Aside from the major new record set yesterday of 50 days without being allowed release, it seems there is another record that needs flagging up. Sadly, it isn’t the ‘Most Mistress R Orgasms Between Robert’s Orgasms’, you would think a new longest period of denial would make that pretty much a cert, but in fact no… we missed that by a country mile. The record for that is 19 orgasms, and during this last period of 50 days we actually only managed 14.

But, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before, there was another record set at the tail end of our last chastity year. That was a new record for days between being allowed to cum inside Mistress R. From 22nd November 2014 until 6th March 2015 I was not allowed to cum inside Mistress R, a total of 105 days, which beat the previous record by 15 days.

50 Days of Cum – Released (and Consumed)…

Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue about two hours ago, and even then I still didn’t really know for sure whether this was to be my last day of chastity… or rather the last day of this period of chastity, because of course tomorrow is simply ‘day-one’ of the next however-long Mistress decides to make me wait.

I was kind of expecting her to let me cum to be honest, but there was still some doubt. I was happy for either eventuality, cum or not cum… or for her to ruin it (it’s a long time since that happened). But once she stood over me and let me run my hands up her legs, then let me part her cheeks I was pretty sure I was going to be cumming. To be honest that awesome sight and her hand stroking my cock pretty hard was getting me close as it was, and after I begged and she lowered her ass down on to my face… it was only a few seconds before I had to warn her that I was getting close.

Mistress told me to cum and continued jerking me hard, I tried to keep my tongue in her delicious ass for as long as I could, but once I started to cum it was hard to focus and after a few seconds Mistress pulled her ass away from me anyway. It was very intense and there was quite a lot of cum (as you might expect). Mistress first had me lick her fingers clean and then scooped more cum up from my skin and wiped it on her beautiful feet for me to lick clean. That was a nice touch…

I think I was probably ready to cum to be honest. Being denied for a long time is cool, and it’s fun to feel so desperate and horny, but I do miss getting to lick my cum off my Mistress’s gorgeous body. Hopefully now that I’ve had a long period of denial, maybe I will get to cum a few times a bit closer together and hopefully Mistress will have me cum on her breasts, ass or feet, or inside her wonderful pussy… I really have missed that submissive feeling of licking her clean.

Or, perhaps if Mistress can be persuaded to embrace the ruined orgasm again, maybe I can remain denied and horny and get to lick her clean too. Let’s hope so.

You know, I just checked and it’s almost exactly two years since I got to properly cum on Mistress’s beautiful feet. Two years and 33 orgasms ago… !

If you’ve never experienced a long period of chastity, it’s probably safe to assume that you might think that an orgasm after a really long wait is going to be mind-blowing. Well, it is… but there’s also an element of anticlimax. And I’ve read this from other chastity practitioners as well. No doubt you’ve often read about the dip in mood after being allowed to cum, and the truth is, as good as that orgasm is, it’s over so quickly compared to being left hanging. As wonderful as it felt to pump all that cum out with my tongue pressed into Mistress’s ass (and make no mistake, it was fucking great), I honestly can’t wait to be teased and denied again. I can’t wait to be rock hard, and gasping for release, holding my Mistress and feeling my aching cock pressing against her, begging for just a few more strokes… and that’s just how it is.

50 Today…

No it’s not my birthday, I’m only 45 anyway. But today makes 50 days of chastity for me, without so much as a ruined orgasm. No ill effects really, other than I’ve got a headache today, but that could be the weather. Will I make it to 51, that’s the question… in fact will I make it until 9pm, I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!

New record…

Firstly, I hope you’ve all enjoyed watching the excellent video I posted earlier. I don’t know why it won’t play, I really don’t. But you can watch it by clicking the link below the video, I’m sure you will agree it’s worth your while…

It’s ten minutes to midnight, and there’s no way on Earth I’m going to be cumming today, so that means I am into new territory. Tomorrow will be day 49 for me, and now we are planning on having our Femdom session next Sunday, if Mistress makes me wait until then that will be a big jump.

I have my doubts that she will, but you never know.

I have started outlining my next story, it’s going to be something different this time, some of you may still enjoy it, but for others it may be of little interest. Depends on what you like I guess… hopefully I will get on with writing it this week.