A Question from a Reader…

I haven’t had a good question in ages, but this is a good one.

“Do you find your ability to write fluctuates depending on how far you are into a new period of denial? For example does your imagination and writing get filthier the longer Mistress teases you and the hornier you are? And less so in the day or two following release?”

The slightly hopeless answer is… I’m not sure. It would make sense, I guess, but these days just getting to sit down and write is hard enough regardless of how horny I am. Curiously, some stories that I write affect me more than others, for example I remember when I wrote ‘Everything Has a Price’ it made me ridiculously horny, and actually extremely agitated to a ridiculous degree… so much so that I stopped writing for quite a while, not wishing to return to something that was making me feel so dissatisfied with real life.

On the other hand, my latest story had almost no effect on me. Yet I could tell it was a good story, and Mistress R confirmed that when she read it. But it didn’t make me horny really…

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