Thanks to anyone/everyone who took the time to visit Literotica and vote for my latest story (Punishing Scott’s Balls), it has now been viewed nearly 8,000 times and the score has risen to a much more respectable 4.31 / 5.00. Only one more comment has been added, but it’s not of the entertaining ‘Your mammy raised a fagget’ variety so I won’t bother to paste it here.

Anyhoo, still not much going on here really. Mistress R and I visited a tattoo convention yesterday, which was interesting. I don’t actually have any tattoos myself (Mistress has a couple) but if I did ever decide to have one I would probably want something by either HR Giger or Laurie Lipton.


Santa Muerte by Laurie Lipton


The original painting which inspired the ‘Alien’ concept by HR Giger

Amazingly, there was a photo on the wall of one of the booths of a Laurie Lipton tattoo, which was extremely impressive. So if I do decide to get one done then at least I know there’s someone very local who is capable of doing it. Whether I will ever actually be able to make a decision is another matter. And then there’s the matter of actually being punctured, since I’ve never had a tattoo I don’t know if I really want t go through it, especially since anything I might want to have done is likely to be a fairly decent size. It wouldn’t really be fair to a tattooist to want a Laurie Lipton done three inches square, would it?

I must say, most of the people actually being tattooed at the convention looked pretty relaxed, although there was a couple who looked like they had had enough. Most of them were playing with their phones, although one lad who didn’t seem to have any other tattoos was having a spider web done on his elbow, and even I know that’s going to hurt!

– – –

I came across the FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 2015 the other day (not literally, obviously…) and was amused to see that the Queen of Baking Mary Berry was on the list at number 79. Mary-Berry-573433


I wonder how Jennifer Lopez feels about being beaten by an 80 year old?

Being a little out of touch, I didn’t actually know who some of the women on the list were, actually about 50% of them. I also can’t help thinking that a lot of people must be confusing ‘sexy’ with ‘pretty’, patently not the same thing. Ah well. I didn’t vote so I shouldn’t complain. Mind you, it would be interesting to know whether it was an open vote or whether there was a short list, and how many were on that short list.

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