Unfamiliar territory…

Unfamiliar as opposed to uncharted of course, because I have been here before – just not that often. Yes, today marks the 40th day (actually 41st now, since it’s after midnight) since I was last allowed to cum, and that really hasn’t happened that many times before. In fact that’s only happened three times before, twice I made it to 42 days and once to my record of 48 days.



Interestingly, while I haven’t really pushed the extremes as far as absolute records go, looking at the patterns it’s clear to see that in the past year the incidences of longer periods of chastity have risen. Indeed, in the last year I have been denied for more than 30 days six times, including my record chastity period of 48 days. So six out of eleven of the 30 day plus periods have been in the last twelve months. No wonder my total orgasms for the year is falling steadily.

I don’t imagine for a minute that I will get to July without an orgasm so, it’ll probably be the same story as usual that the first three months I’m allowed to cum four times (same as the last three years), but if Mistress lets me cum twice in June then that will either mean that I’m likely to be allowed more orgasms this year than last, or… I’m in for some more extended denial through the rest of the year!

Meanwhile, over at Literotica, Punishing Scott’s Balls is now agonizingly close to being rated ‘hot’, standing at 4.49 / 5.00 it needs just 0.01 to be awarded the little red ‘H’. If you would like to vote, go HERE and at the bottom of the second page there are some stars for you to click.

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