Heading for a new record, maybe?

Mistress and I are heading off for the next couple of days, and knowing how unlikely it is that we will do much in our hotel room (bizarrely we have more sex at home, since Mistress finds it less easy to relax in a hotel room and so harder to cum) we decided to make the most of being at home today.

So this morning Mistress allowed me to worship her beautiful pussy and make her cum, before teasing me to the brink once more. Unless something surprising happens, I doubt I will be allowed to cum until Wednesday at the earliest which would mean 44 days… but it could be that a new record is on the cards. If I am denied until next Monday then that will be a new personal best and if it’s not until Tuesday then that would mean 50 days!

During my teasing Mistress knelt up and had me lick her pussy and then when she had called a halt I begged to be allowed to lick her again and she allowed me slide between her parted legs and worship her for a short time. Her pussy looked so gorgeous, I would happily have licked her to another orgasm, however long it took… but sadly I was stopped after a minute or so.

One awesome benefit of having sex this morning was that Mistress never got dressed beforehand so she didn’t put her bra on – hurrah! šŸ™‚ So cruel keeping her gorgeous breasts hidden from me. I don’t know why I put up with it.

Later in the day I remarked to Mistress that there should be a law that every day she had to sit on my face for at least 5 minutes, to which she replied that ‘You can’t even remember to kiss my feet everyday’. I wouldn’t say it’s that I don’t always remember, it’s not always… it would be wrong to say convenient, but… often it gets left to the end of the night and then it feels either rushed and/or a chore. Which is not how I envisaged it when I made the suggestion.

Anyway, so I am going to make more of an effort to do this everyday and not leave it until the last minute before we go to sleep. Perhaps if I can show Mistress how serious I am about worshipping her then maybe, eventually, she will sit on my face everyday? Here’s hoping! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Heading for a new record, maybe?

  1. Hey, Rob, I just stopped in to tell you that you have my unqualified support for much more face sitting, and way fewer orgasms.

    I don’t get many orgasms, but gee, I could use a lot more time with CH’s pussy planted on my face.


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