Now officially HOT!

I don’t know if anyone from here voted on ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’ on the Literotica site, but if you did then thank you very much. The score has shot up to 4.54 giving me an official ‘HOT’ rating on that particular story.


‘P.S.B.’ has now been viewed 9578 times in just over two weeks and has been voted on 82 times.

It’s slightly annoying that there’s no easy way to combine my two submissions pages, I originally submitted stories to Literotica under the name ‘Malibuman666’, it would be nice if I could get them all to appear on one menu.




As of the 16th June 2015, PSB has now gone up to 4.61, making it my best scoring story since I changed my screen name from Malibuman666 to Robert Anthony!

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