Now on day 43…

Mistress and I had a great little break away from home, last night we were up until past midnight drinking cocktails in a fancy hotel penthouse bar overlooking a marina. My last cocktail was not unlike a pina colada and came with a gourmet marshmallow, and that’s not something you see everyday. Very nice it was too, though I was a little woozy – I’m really not used to drinking at all, and I had at least 5-6 measures last night.

This morning Mistress spent a good ten minutes very gently teasing me, though I don’t think she gave me one decent stroke. She was just playing with my balls and lightly teasing my cock, it was very frustrating… especially as it’s now 43 days since I was allowed to cum. Is this going to be a new record? Am I going to make it to 50 days? 60 days or more???

Strangely, the last two days have been the best this blog has ever had, nearly 1200 page views on both days – what’s going on there then?

2 thoughts on “Now on day 43…

  1. Great post!

    “She was just playing with my balls and lightly teasing my cock, it was very frustrating…”

    Such delicious frustration. Makes me hard just thinking about it.

    It’s the middle of June and so far this year I’ve had a total of 2 orgasms. 2! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I absolutely love my sex life. Once in a while you see a captioned picture that says something to the effect of “Darling, my orgasms should be enough for the two of us.” In my marriage, that is absolutely the case. Each time I am lucky enough to give or witness an orgasm by Mistress K., even though i do not orgasm as well, I am left with very kind of afterglow that many women talk about them having after sex. Aroused but content. Life is good!.

  2. Hi SubHub
    Blimey, two orgasms this year… I’ve had seven. I feel such a fraud! 🙂 Mind you Mistress R has had fifty five… should be at least seventy shouldn’t it? Damn.
    I totally get what you mean about ‘afterglow’, love it!

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