Still going…

So today is day… 46 of this denial period, only three more days to break the record. I must admit, as much as I want to cum… I kind of don’t want to. I would be quite happy if Mistress gave me a ruined orgasm and made me wait a few more weeks. How crazy is that?

I’m sure those of you who have experienced this level of denial will agree and understand perfectly… the dilemma of wanting to cum, but not wanting to give up that ache. It’s HARD!

Yesterday I was allowed to worship Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and make her cum, and afterwards Mistress teased me good. After she sucked and stroked me for a while she straddled me and rode my cock. She was wearing a grey vest top and her bra, and she looked really hot. At one point Mistress pulled her vest top up and her bra down just enough that I could see her nipples for a short time. And the way she looked down at me… fucking hell, I can’t even explain how hot that was. Somewhere between ‘amused’ and ‘you’re not fit to lick my boots’… makes me hard just thinking about it!

After not a massive amount of time with Mistress riding my cock, I told her that I was getting close. I genuinely thought that she would keep riding me and tell me to cum inside her… but no. She got off straight away and then told me that if I could promise not to cum, she would let me worship her ass.

After a few seconds to steady the ship, I told her I would be okay, and then Mistress straddled me and sank down onto my face. As I licked her asshole she stroked my cock fairly hard, but I was good. She lifted herself up and then asked me if I wanted some more, which I obviously did! So Mistress sank down once more and allowed me a few more precious seconds of tonguing her delicious ass.


2 thoughts on “Still going…

  1. I hope Mistress R keeps you orgasm free for a while longer, Rob. While an orgasm is nice, it’s over far too quickly, and then the dreaded refractory period sets in. It’s far more fun, if that’s the right word, to maintain the elevated level of arousal that you’re now at, thinking of not much more than how good an orgasm would feel, but knowing that you’ll have to wait a while yet…

    • Hi Harry
      Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Despite what I wrote, I get the impression that Mistress R wants to set a new record for me… how much higher that will be I don’t yet know.

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