Super-Hot Sex…

Mistress R and I had some super-hot sex this afternoon, but I still didn’t get to cum. Mistress R did though, a really good one… and she was very pleased with me. 🙂 Mistress tasted sooooo good today, even better than normal, and I begged to be allowed to lick her pussy while she was teasing me. Thankfully, Mistress was feeling nice and let me lick her pussy several more times, which only made the teasing harder, but… still! And better yet she sat on my face several times, which is a major plus for me.

After the initial high score, I’m slightly disappointed that my new story has slipped down to a score of 4.35 / 5.0 on Literotica, but that’s okay, it could well go up again, and all three comments so far have been very positive.

It’s back to work on Monday, which sucks obviously, but… I’m kind of looking forward to getting started on my next project, which is to lose 50lbs by Christmas. If you are a long time reader then you will probably remember several weight loss attempts, some way more successful than others… I do feel good about it this time, and ready to try hard. I just want to get it done, you know. I’m sick of yo-yoing up and down, I just want to lose a shit load of weight and then stick at a reasonable weight, at least where dieting isn’t a constant issue in my life.

2 thoughts on “Super-Hot Sex…

  1. I love how wonderfully evil she is being in not letting you cum and setting a new record! Yummy!

    Btw tomorrow I have this house all to myself since David has a seminar to attend for work so I plan to indulge in a little solo fun and enjoy your latest stories!

    • Hi MM
      Looking like being 50 days tomorrow…!
      Well I hope you enjoy your alone time and my stories
      🙂 🙂 :0

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