50 Days of Cum – Released (and Consumed)…

Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue about two hours ago, and even then I still didn’t really know for sure whether this was to be my last day of chastity… or rather the last day of this period of chastity, because of course tomorrow is simply ‘day-one’ of the next however-long Mistress decides to make me wait.

I was kind of expecting her to let me cum to be honest, but there was still some doubt. I was happy for either eventuality, cum or not cum… or for her to ruin it (it’s a long time since that happened). But once she stood over me and let me run my hands up her legs, then let me part her cheeks I was pretty sure I was going to be cumming. To be honest that awesome sight and her hand stroking my cock pretty hard was getting me close as it was, and after I begged and she lowered her ass down on to my face… it was only a few seconds before I had to warn her that I was getting close.

Mistress told me to cum and continued jerking me hard, I tried to keep my tongue in her delicious ass for as long as I could, but once I started to cum it was hard to focus and after a few seconds Mistress pulled her ass away from me anyway. It was very intense and there was quite a lot of cum (as you might expect). Mistress first had me lick her fingers clean and then scooped more cum up from my skin and wiped it on her beautiful feet for me to lick clean. That was a nice touch…

I think I was probably ready to cum to be honest. Being denied for a long time is cool, and it’s fun to feel so desperate and horny, but I do miss getting to lick my cum off my Mistress’s gorgeous body. Hopefully now that I’ve had a long period of denial, maybe I will get to cum a few times a bit closer together and hopefully Mistress will have me cum on her breasts, ass or feet, or inside her wonderful pussy… I really have missed that submissive feeling of licking her clean.

Or, perhaps if Mistress can be persuaded to embrace the ruined orgasm again, maybe I can remain denied and horny and get to lick her clean too. Let’s hope so.

You know, I just checked and it’s almost exactly two years since I got to properly cum on Mistress’s beautiful feet. Two years and 33 orgasms ago… !

If you’ve never experienced a long period of chastity, it’s probably safe to assume that you might think that an orgasm after a really long wait is going to be mind-blowing. Well, it is… but there’s also an element of anticlimax. And I’ve read this from other chastity practitioners as well. No doubt you’ve often read about the dip in mood after being allowed to cum, and the truth is, as good as that orgasm is, it’s over so quickly compared to being left hanging. As wonderful as it felt to pump all that cum out with my tongue pressed into Mistress’s ass (and make no mistake, it was fucking great), I honestly can’t wait to be teased and denied again. I can’t wait to be rock hard, and gasping for release, holding my Mistress and feeling my aching cock pressing against her, begging for just a few more strokes… and that’s just how it is.

2 thoughts on “50 Days of Cum – Released (and Consumed)…

  1. You’re absolutely right, Rob. An orgasm can be almost disappointing after a long period of denial, especially if you’re expecting it. The end product is never quite as good as the build up in your mind wants it to be. Surprise orgasms, on the other hand, can be fantastic. Being teased and edged until you are totally cross-eyed, all the while being told that there will be no orgasm for quite some time, only to have her say, “Cum for me… Now!” is the very best way for that explosion to happen…

    Anyway, you;re back to day one… Maybe you’ll suffer through another long stretch… maybe not. Either way, it’s lots of fun.

    • Hi Harry
      I would hate for Mistress to read your comment (and my post) and feel that I was disappointed, or that my orgasm was less than optimal. It wasn’t at all, it’s just… and I hate to use this word, but… the ‘journey’ is key. Or perhaps to put it another way, ‘The Chase is Better than the Catch’?
      What I was trying to convey in my post to those who’ve never experienced it, is that, a long period of denial won’t make your orgasm fifty times better, indeed, in some ways it’s too intense to be the ‘best’ orgasm. But that’s really not the point.
      How can I put it… say you were to take a boat trip down the Nile (De Nile – get it) which took several days, but you didn’t know how many. Every bend in the river you were looking for the pyramids, but they’re always a bit further downstream. In the meantime you get to see amazing things, other temples etc… but you’re waiting to see the pyramids. When you finally see the pyramids, they are still awesome, certainly more awesome than if you’d driven straight from the airport. But they can only be so awesome, they can’t get better and better and better no matter how long the boat trip is.
      But aside from the short ‘reveal’ of the pyramids, it’s quite likely that the boat trip was the best part of the whole thing. If that makes sense.

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