New Records…

Aside from the major new record set yesterday of 50 days without being allowed release, it seems there is another record that needs flagging up. Sadly, it isn’t the ‘Most Mistress R Orgasms Between Robert’s Orgasms’, you would think a new longest period of denial would make that pretty much a cert, but in fact no… we missed that by a country mile. The record for that is 19 orgasms, and during this last period of 50 days we actually only managed 14.

But, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before, there was another record set at the tail end of our last chastity year. That was a new record for days between being allowed to cum inside Mistress R. From 22nd November 2014 until 6th March 2015 I was not allowed to cum inside Mistress R, a total of 105 days, which beat the previous record by 15 days.

2 thoughts on “New Records…

  1. Nice way to get to cum after 50 days.

    Nice to still be every so often setting some new records after over 4 years!

    By the way…curious if MR intentionally pushed you to a new record or if it just snuck up on her?

    • Hi MM
      I certainly don’t think she set out with the intention of breaking a record, but she was aware of the numbers, certainly from 35 days onwards. I think once it got into the 40’s maybe she thought she might as well push it a day or so past the old record.

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