EROTIC FICTION: Girls Talk (written July 2015)

I hope you all enjoy reading this, especially ‘appy’. 🙂

It’s pretty long, nearly 7,500 words, and as ever Mistress R was very helpful spotting the stupid mistakes I made, and correcting my grammar in places.

I’ve submitted it to Literotica and when they publish I will post a link for anyone who wishes to vote.


“I don’t understand what she sees in him,” said Michael, already feeling depressed at the thought of spending an evening with his arch nemesis, Nick.

“I know Michael. But…. she’s been my best friend forever and as long as she’s happy, then… what can we do?”

Michael let out a long sigh, they were nearly at Jenny and Nick’s house now, at least they would be out of the damned car soon.

“It seems a lot further than ninety miles,” he whined, to nobody in particular.

“Tell me about it,” thought Sarah.

“It won’t seem so bad tomorrow, when we’re on our way home. I do appreciate you coming, I know Nick is… hard work.”

Michael sighed again, Jenny was a nice girl and he had no problem spending time with her. But Nick…

“She could do so much better though, he’s such an arrogant sod, especially when he’s had a drink.”

Michael turned the car down the drive that led to Nick and Jenny’s country house, or ‘Little Chatsworth’ as Michael sometimes referred to it.

“I know,” agreed Sarah. “I can’t imagine what she sees in him…”

The car pulled to a halt as they reached the end of the drive, right between Nick’s jet black, de-chromed 6 Series BMW and Jenny’s blindingly white Range Rover Evoque.
“…a huge house, a huge car and a huge cock…” continued Sarah, almost (but not quite) under her breath.

“Uhh?” said Michael.

Sarah looked at him, slightly flustered for a second, then regained her composure and calmly repeated what she had said.

They stared at each other for a second and then Sarah got out of the car.

“Shit, I forgot about this bloody gravel, I should have worn some cheaper shoes!” she bristled.

By the time Michael had exited his Ford, his wife was half way to the front door. He walked briskly to catch up, his feet crunching away behind her.

“Seriously?” he whispered.

Sarah nodded, glancing down at the slight bulge in her own husband’s pants.

“How do you know that?” he continued.

“Girls talk…” she whispered as the front door swung open to reveal Jenny and Nick standing there smiling warmly at them.

Sarah’s timing could not have been more perfect, now as Michael walked across the threshold and wandered into the couple’s large entrance hall he couldn’t help but wonder a) if it was true, and b) what Sarah might have told Jenny in return. After all, their own sex life was far from vanilla these days.

Michael followed the others into the lounge, which was predictably oversized. He looked at Sarah and then accepted a glass of wine from Nick, who was already reinforcing everything Michael thought about him, playing his role as Lord of the Manor and asking Michael if he wanted to have a look at his new 6 Series, complete with electrical everything?

Michael winced inwardly but put a brave face on it. He wondered if Nick actually realised he didn’t like him, but all the evidence pointed to the fact that he simply didn’t entertain that as a possibility, after all, he was loaded and the life and soul of the party, how could anyone fail to be charmed?

“Maybe later,” said Michael.

As Nick pressed him for MPG figures on his own car, Michael all but glazed over. He took a long slug of wine and then smiled in all the right places because he knew it would earn him serious brownie points with Sarah, and that was all Michael really cared about.

Michael and Sarah had been married for a few years now, well, more like ten… and over the last few years their relationship had changed fairly dramatically, and definitely for the better. Michael had always loved her, but as he had gradually opened himself up to his submissive cravings, he had fallen deeper and deeper under her spell, to the point now that he hated to be apart from her. He’d never been one for going out with the lads anyway, and Nick’s boorish behaviour certainly didn’t make him question that particular choice in life, though he knew not everyone was as tiresome to be around.

Before long the crunching gravel announced the arrival of their taxi and they all piled in, more than ready for a nice meal at a local restaurant. Jenny had booked their usual table and the food was excellent, the only problem of course was that while Jenny and Sarah caught up on all the news, Michael had to make endless conversation with Nick. They really couldn’t have been more different, and Michael dearly wished he could have spent the night alone with Sarah and Jenny, but no… he had to suffer Nick’s ever more drunken, macho bullshit. At one point Nick said something borderline offensive to him and Michael seriously considered calling him out on it, but in the end he just nodded and looked away, shaking his head slightly as he wondered what a nice girl like Jenny was doing wasting her life with this tool.

The foursome returned home and continued drinking, all except Michael who had never really taken to the stuff and didn’t much care for the way it made ‘some people’ act. Jenny was a good host and always made sure she had plenty of Michael’s favourite juice in the fridge, since she knew he probably wouldn’t drink more than a few glasses of wine.

Time ticked on and it was nearly 1:30am. Jenny and Sarah were still chatting away quietly, mildly tipsy on wine but still well within their limits, while Nick (of course) had all but passed out on the huge sofa next to his wife. God alone knew how many units of alcohol he had consumed during the evening, but the drinks bill at the restaurant had been quite alarming. At least Nick had the decency to stump up his fair share of the bill, but then flashing the cash was never an issue for Nick.

Michael, meanwhile, was miles away, daydreaming about Sarah’s gorgeous pussy and how much he wanted to be allowed to lick it and make her cum. He rarely thought about fucking his wife anymore, since it was hardly ever an option now. At first he had missed it, and felt strange about giving up control to her to the point that she decided whether he was allowed inside her, but then he got used to the idea that giving her pleasure and making her cum didn’t necessarily require the use of his cock. Once he had accepted that fact and realised just how much she loved having him between her thighs, his tongue pressed against her clit as she came, he relaxed and let go of that particular aspect of the burden of being what Nick might call ‘a real man’.

He glanced over at Jenny, wondering again what she knew. She had kicked her shoes off now and Michael noticed how pretty her feet were. He felt his cock stiffen slightly as he looked away, afraid of being caught looking at his wife’s friend’s pretty feet. He waited a short while then looked again. Jenny was far too caught up in her conversation to notice, and Sarah couldn’t possibly see him looking from her place by his side.

Michael’s cock hardened still more until he felt the walls of his chastity device getting tighter. He looked away again. He’d never really looked at Jenny this way before, and it felt a little odd. He had known her for a good while but he had always just thought of her as Sarah’s friend, never really as an attractive woman in her own right.

He suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable and he shifted in his seat a little. After a few moments he turned to look at Sarah, and it was only then he noticed that she was wearing his key around her neck.

He felt an ominous sensation wash over him, how had he not seen that before? Had she been wearing it all night? It was possible… after all they had sat side by side in the restaurant so he probably wouldn’t have seen it. Shit, now he was sure that Jenny must know. She must know… mustn’t she?

Michael’s cock felt harder still, the thought of another rather beautiful woman knowing about his chastity device making him feel both humiliated and strangely excited. He turned away again, his thoughts churning as he wondered if she knew, and if she did had she told that moron husband of hers. That would be too much…


Michael looked round at his wife, his thoughts still miles away.

“Michael, can you take my shoes off for me please.”

He looked down at his wife’s expensive high heeled shoes. His mouth felt suddenly dry and he took a sip of juice. He looked over at Jenny then back to Sarah.

“Is there a problem?” asked Sarah, a slightly dominant edge entering her tone.

“Err….no, sorry.”

He looked back at Jenny, she had a glint in her eye for sure, she must know something. Michael placed his glass on the edge of a nearby table and then slid off the sofa onto his knees, something he’d done many times in the privacy of his own home, but never in company. He unfastened the buckles and slid each shoe off in turn, pausing for just a second to admire his wife’s beautiful feet.

As much as he loved the look of her feet in sexy high heels, he really objected to the marks they left on her skin when he removed them. It was akin to vandalism in his mind, something so beautiful, tarnished, albeit temporarily. He started to gather up the pair of shoes and made to stand up but Sarah put her hand on his shoulder and said… “They are quite sore, would you mind just rubbing them for me for a while?”

Michael looked up at her but she had already turned her attention back to Jenny, not bothering to wait for a response from her submissive. He shuffled on his knees a little, feeling more than a little self-conscious. He was only thankful that Jenny’s oaf of a husband was asleep, he couldn’t bear the thought of him seeing him like this. He glanced over at Nick’s sleeping form to reassure himself and then began rubbing his wife’s feet as she had requested.

Michael adored Sarah’s feet, he loved to kiss them and suck her pretty toes. He loved every part of her body of course, but somehow her feet were just that bit more special to him. He felt that if it were up to him (which of course it wasn’t), most often he would choose to cum on her feet rather than any other part of her body. As a submissive male he felt that it was the most appropriate place for his cum, and the thought of being allowed to lick his mess from her feet and toes made his cock ache in its metal prison.

He spent probably the next ten minutes on his knees massaging Sarah’s feet and was feeling deeply submissive when Sarah next spoke to him.

“Do you want to kiss them?” she asked.

Michael looked up, then looked at Jenny, then back at his wife. He couldn’t bring himself to reply.

“It’s okay if you do, Jenny won’t mind, will you Jenny?”

Jenny shook her head softly, her eyes sparkling with arousal.

“You don’t have to, but I know how much you like it… and Jenny wants to see if you’ll really do it.”

Michael noticed how rapid his breathing had become and tried to calm himself down.

Michael was struggling to come to terms with the situation, even though his cock was pushing hard against the bars of its cage. After a few more seconds he simply bent his head and lifted her feet up so that he could start to worship them as he done so many times before.

Feeling his lips brushing against her feet comforted him somehow, though he was still very concerned about the possibility of Nick waking up and seeing him emasculating himself in front of his wife and her friend. He continued for some time, deep in sub space, while above him the atmosphere in the room was changing.

While Michael diligently worshipped his wife’s feet, Jenny watched on in awe. Seeing Michael prostrate before his wife and lavishing her with such submissive attention was turning her on quite a bit more than she had anticipated and her hand soon moved into Nick’s lap rubbing his cock through his trousers as he remained slumped back on the sofa.

The conversation slowed to a halt, until finally Michael heard a faint gasp escape his wife’s lips. He paused for a moment and looked up to see her staring intently at her friend and then briefly looked around himself.

He had a restricted view from the floor, but it was obvious that Jenny had undone Nick’s pants and pulled out his impressive cock. He was seemingly still asleep, but his cock was hardening quickly and Jenny stroked it firmly, feeling it thicken in her hands and licking her lips, eager to take the swollen head into her mouth.

Michael’s own cock pulsed inside its prison as he watched intently, quite taken aback by the size of Nick’s cock and Jenny’s willingness to force it between her lips. He felt Sarah’s foot twitch and returned to the task at hand, his mind struggling to concentrate, particularly now as he could hear Jenny noisily sucking on her husband’s thick stalk.

So Sarah had been right, Nick did have a big cock… maybe that went some way to explaining his shitty attitude?

After a short while he glanced up at his wife and saw that she had hiked her thin cotton dress up and her hand was inside her panties, clearly masturbating as she watched her best friend struggling with Nick’s impressive cock. Michael’s mind was swimming, what the fuck was happening here tonight? They’d visited Jenny and Nick several times before and there had never even been the slightest hint of sexual tension and now suddenly everything had changed…

Michael watched his wife masturbating, he absolutely loved to see her touch herself and wished she would let him watch her more often. But Sarah’s attention was fully focussed on Nick’s huge cock and for a moment he couldn’t help but feel somewhat inadequate.
He glanced over again to see Jenny pumping Nick’s cock hard and fast as she sucked and licked the head, clearly trying to suck him dry before he revived. Then Nick was cumming, his hips pushing upwards as he exploded into her hot, wet mouth. She drained every drop from his cock, then carefully licked it clean before pushing it back inside his pants and zipping it up again. Within seconds he was snoring quietly, if he had actually been awake during the impromptu blow job he was dead to the world again now.

Michael was suddenly aware of Jenny getting up off her sofa and moving closer, he looked up and saw her standing next to him, with one hand on Sarah’s bare thigh.

“Do it,” breathed Sarah as she continued to rub herself relentlessly. “Just like we said…”

Jenny looked Michael in the eye and slowly opened her mouth, as she did so her tongue extended forth and Nick’s warm cum dripped lasciviously down Sarah’s smooth, silky leg, stopping just above her ankle.

Michael gulped hard, and looked at his wife who was now furiously stroking her clit.
“Lick it up…” she said. “Lick it up for me… show me what a good slave you can be.”

Jenny reached out and gently placed her hand on the back of Michael’s head, pushing it slowly forward until he could clearly smell the unmistakeable scent of warm, fresh cum.
He had licked up his own cum plenty of times before of course, but this was very different.
He looked at the creamy mess before him and then up again at his wife.

“I want you to lick it up and swallow it, while I make myself cum,” she said. “You’ve fantasized about it for years haven’t you? Well… now’s your chance to find out what it’s really like. Go on, look at it, I know you want it, deep down…”

Michael felt a fresh flush of heat rush to his cheeks. How had this got so out of hand so quickly?

It was all true, of course. But this was so unexpected, so sudden… and he never expected this to happen for real, and certainly not in front of Jenny.

He looked again at the creamy mess coating his wife’s sexy leg. Jenny once again applied a little pressure to his head and this time he gave in and let her push him nearer.

“That’s it, lick all that sweet cum up for me…” Sarah hissed as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster. Her words became muffled as Jenny kissed her on the lips, their tongues combining, the taste of Nick’s cum passing between them and pushing Sarah closer to orgasm.

Michael slowly extended his tongue, his cock feeling extremely confined within the device now, and tasted his first drop of another man’s cum. He tried to put out of his mind that it was Nick’s cum, but he knew his wife was probably getting off on that added facet of humiliation.

In truth, it tasted pretty much like his own and once he’d started he realised it wasn’t as bad as he had feared. Of course, the fact that he himself had not cum and remained almost painfully aroused helped enormously, he would later remember this moment and wonder how different it might have been had his own balls already been drained.

He slid his tongue along his wife’s silky smooth legs, cleaning her and swallowing each mouthful, only wishing that Jenny had spat it onto his wife’s perfect feet. Her perfect, beautiful feet.

Shamefully his cock was fit to burst by the time he reached her ankle, and he wondered if this was to be the first time he might cum while wearing his chastity device. He knew Sarah would not be happy if that happened and that any treats he might have just earned himself would quickly disappear.

Thankfully he managed to keep himself under control, although the front of his trousers was damp with pre-cum that had leaked from his desperate cock… and as he licked up the last few drops of Nick’s cum and Jenny’s saliva, Sarah pushed herself over the edge and came harder and louder than he could ever remember. Amazingly Nick managed to sleep right through it and once Sarah had calmed down and caught her breath, the night seemed to come to an abrupt end.

Jenny woke Nick and helped him off to bed, while Sarah and Michael made their way to the downstairs guest bedroom at the back of the house. Suddenly they both felt very tired and fell into bed, cuddling each other, while Sarah softly squeezed Michael’s aching balls.

“So what else does she know?” asked Michael, his eyes closed and sleep rapidly approaching.

“We’ll talk about that in the morning. “

Sarah kissed him firmly on the lips, her tongue darting against his.

“Thank you darling, I really do love you more than ever and I’m so proud of you for obeying me tonight.”

Michael smiled as Sarah kissed him one more time and then turned over to go to sleep.
Sarah slept wonderfully. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Michael found himself awake many times throughout the night.

+ + +

The early morning sunlight barely penetrated the thick curtains of the guest bedroom, but when Sarah and Michael awoke they were instantly aware of a noise coming from the room above. A constant rhythmic creaking, accompanied by the sounds of intense fucking from the mouths of the two participants.

Sarah moved over and cuddled up to her husband, cupping his balls in her right hand.

“Do you miss being able to fuck me whenever you want?” she asked.

“Yes…. of course I do,” he whispered.

“Good, I love that you miss it… but you like it better this way don’t you? I know I do… I don’t know if I would be happy going back to you taking me for granted the way you used to.”

Michael sighed, it was true he had definitely taken his eye off the ball at one point, and being Sarah’s chastity slave had certainly corrected that.

“Yes Mistress, I know it’s better this way… it’s just hard sometimes.”

“I know slave, I know. But when you finally get my permission to cum, isn’t it a million times better than it used to be?”

“Yes Mistress…”

The noise from above reached a peak and they heard Nick grunt loudly as he flooded Jenny’s pussy with cum.

Sarah and Michael chuckled to themselves as they heard the bed creak and Nick start the en-suite shower. He had to work today… which pleased Michael no end, at least he wouldn’t have to deal with his macho bullshit and by the time Nick got home he and Sarah would be long gone.

“Would you like me to lick your pussy Mistress?” asked Michael eagerly.

“Not at the moment, thank you.”

“Oh, okay…” Despite his best efforts, Michael’s face couldn’t hide his disappointment.

Tempted as Sarah was, she knew that any second now there would be a knock on the door, and sure enough seconds later Jenny was closing the door behind her and walking towards the bed. Michael instinctively pulled the sheet around himself, suddenly very conscious of the fact that his cock was encased in a steel cage.

Sarah sat up straight and allowed the sheet to fall away, revealing her naked breasts (and the key between them) to her friend.

“Sounds like someone was enjoying themselves up there,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

Jenny giggled and pulled her robe aside to reveal her pale blue panties. The crotch was soaked and she was clearly leaking Nick’s cum heavily.

“Did you cum?” asked Sarah.

“Not this time, but I was close…”

Michael allowed himself a wry smile at that, he may not have a big cock but he never left his wife unsatisfied.

Sarah pushed the sheets back and Jenny slid into the bed next to her. It was a huge bed and there was plenty of room for all three of them. Michael was getting nervous, but at the same time his cock was getting hard, very quickly.

“Why don’t you let Michael finish you off with his tongue, he adores it…”

The two women turned to look at Michael.

“You wouldn’t mind licking Jenny’s pussy would you Michael… for me?”

Michael stopped breathing for a second and then took a huge gulp of air. His cock was painfully hard inside the metal restraint. He hadn’t tasted another woman’s pussy for so long, and then he remembered what they had just heard upstairs…

“Please Michael,” asked Jenny sweetly. “Nick hardly ever eats my pussy and Sarah says you are amazing at it.”

Michael’s face flushed with embarrassment, but his cock throbbed faster and harder than before. The thought of not just licking Jenny’s pussy, but licking her cum filled pussy clean made him feel slightly dizzy, how could this be happening… was this some sort of test or something?

“I promise if you make her cum for me,” said Sarah. “Then we will do something really nice for you, something you will never forget.”

Michael gazed into his wife’s eyes and felt reassured that this was at least genuine. He also knew deep down that resistance was futile, Sarah could talk him into pretty much anything she wanted. Besides, Jenny was a beautiful girl, why wouldn’t he want to lick her pussy… even if it was full of another man’s cum.

“And you wouldn’t want to displease me, would you slave?”

The word ‘slave’ made him feel at once submissive and also slightly unnerved, it was the first time Sarah had ever addressed him as such in front of another person and it was strange knowing that someone outside of their secret world was now aware of his standing in the relationship.

“No Mistress, not at all,” he said sincerely.

Sarah smiled warmly, motioning for him to move over and get between Jenny’s legs. He was slightly hesitant as he wondered how he could possibly hide his chastity device any longer, but then he was distracted by the sight of Sarah moving closer to Jenny and kissing her firmly on the lips.

He crawled carefully across the bed and positioned himself between Jenny’s ankles, looking down at the two women. Sarah slowly pushed Jenny’s robe open to reveal her panties again and then broke the kiss and turned to face her husband.

“Take them off for her slave.”

Michael inched forward and carefully slid Jenny’s panties down her smooth, silky legs. Jenny really was very attractive and if he had to have another Mistress then he could do a lot worse than her. Jenny lifted herself up slightly to make it easier for him and once he had them over her feet he heard Sarah’s voice again.

“Smell them slave, smell Jenny’s filthy, used, cum stained panties.”

Michael was shaking as he raised the material to his face and breathed in the scent.

“What can you smell slave?”

“Cum Mistress… and Jenny’s pussy.”

“Whose cum slave?”

Michael struggled to bring the words out for a second.

“Nick’s cum, Mistress.”

“You love the smell of pussy don’t you slave, is your cock hard yet?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes Mistress, a little.”

“Good… now, I think it’s time you cleaned up this beautiful, cum filled pussy.”

The two women kissed again and Jenny parted her legs to reveal her well used cunt.

Under normal circumstances, the sight of Jenny’s completely shaven pussy would probably have been more than enough to take Michael’s breath away, especially since Sarah had never been keen to go further than a tidy trim. But the sight that met Michael’s eyes was quite astonishing.

Jenny’s pussy was still oozing Nick’s load, but it was incredible that there was anything left inside her given the way her pussy was gaping. He really had fucked her hard, and his thick cock had left her pussy totally wrecked. He looked up to see the two women kissing while Sarah gently squeezed Jenny’s right breast. He slowly lowered himself down between Jenny’s open legs and moved closer.

He couldn’t quite believe just how stretched Jenny’s pussy was, but as he moved closer and closer his fascination turned to lust as he found himself wanting to lick her ruined pussy clean. He felt Jenny’s hand on the back of his head again, just like the night before, only this time she was pushing his head down to clean her instead of his wife.

He heard the kissing noises stop for a second and then heard Sarah’s voice again…

“Go on slave, show her what you can do with that magic tongue of yours. I’ve told her all about your special talent and how much better you’ve become at pleasing me since your cock has been locked away.”

So she knew all along about the device, but still he didn’t know if she had told Nick. Surely she wouldn’t have… would she?

Jenny’s hand pressed harder and he felt his head moving closer and closer, the smell of cum and pussy juice overwhelming him as he opened his mouth and carefully lapped at her pussy for the very first time.

He had licked Sarah clean before of course, but not for a long time, mainly because he was hardly ever allowed to cum inside her anymore. Besides, this was a whole new level of humiliation for him, cleaning up after another man, a man who he found deeply unlikeable and completely devoid of charm. Cleaning his cum out of his wife while he was showering in the room above, his cock satisfied, his balls drained and empty… while Michael’s remained full and aching for release.

But despite all this, he could not help but savour the taste of Jenny’s cum filled hole and the feelings that were washing over him and nourishing his deeply submissive nature.
Jenny pushed her pussy against him, grinding her clit against his face as she got more and more turned on by the whole situation. Michael was completely different to Nick, but she was fascinated by the things Sarah had told her and was quite stunned to find out that seemingly everything she had heard was true.

Michael relaxed as he got into his stride and deployed his tongue with precision. He experimented with various techniques, noting the responses to each and discarding the ones which were less effective. He prided himself on his pussy worshipping skills and wanted to please his Mistress and prove to Jenny that not having a big cock didn’t make him less of a lover.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to start tensing up and Michael reacted perfectly, bringing her carefully to the edge of orgasm and leaving her teetering just long enough to build the anticipation before tipping her right over the cliff. Jenny bucked hard against Michael’s face, expelling the last drops of Nick’s cum in the process, which splattered over Michael’s chin, cheeks and tongue.

She moaned loudly into Sarah’s mouth as she came and then collapsed, completely spent, back onto the bed. Sarah continued to lovingly stroke her breasts, while Michael carefully licked her pussy and thighs clean, before kneeling back up. He no longer tried to hide his chastity device, there was obviously no point anymore anyway.

After a short while Jenny sat up and thanked Michael for an incredible orgasm. Sarah knew that Nick wasn’t very keen on going down on his wife, and that she would appreciate Michael’s talented tongue. She also knew that Michael would enjoy making her cum and getting one over on Nick. But now she felt it was time for them to do something for Michael. He had behaved very well under difficult and testing circumstances and she felt he had more than earned a reward.

Sarah moved forward on the bed and bent down towards Michael’s middle. She carefully slid the key around her neck into the padlock on the top of the metal chastity device that encaged her husband’s aching stalk. She looked up and smiled at her husband for a second, then eased the padlock out of the joining ring that held the device together. She swiftly removed the main part of the device and watched as Michael’s cock quickly swelled to its full potential. His cock wasn’t small, but next to Nick’s monstrous cock he looked and felt decidedly average.

Sarah moved back up the bed and the two girls tangled their legs together, presenting Michael with two beautiful pairs of feet, rubbing against each other. His breathing quickened and when Sarah gave him permission to stroke his cock he didn’t stop to think about how humiliating it was to jerk his cock in front of Jenny.

“He loves to jerk off over my feet, and he loves to lick them clean… don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” breathed her husband, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight before him.

“Do you like Jenny’s feet slave?”

“Oh yes Mistress, they are lovely.”

“Would you like to be allowed to spunk over them and lick them clean for us?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

“No slave, I want you to ask her… I want you to beg Mistress Jennifer. Beg her for permission to shoot your load over her beautiful feet and to clean them with your tongue.”
Michael paused, he had never referred to any woman other than Sarah as ‘Mistress’ and this was quite a big thing for him to do. Strangely, in some ways it made him feel more uncomfortable than anything else he had already done on this trip.

“Please… Mistress Jennifer. Please may I jerk my cock and cum on your gorgeous feet….”

“And lick them clean,” pressed Sarah.

“Please may I jerk my cock, cum on your gorgeous feet and lick them clean Mistress?”

“You may,” said Jenny, a nervous giggle escaping her mouth as she said it.

“Thank you Mistress,” breathed Michael.

“This is so hot,” Jenny whispered to Sarah. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Sarah smiled at her slightly younger friend and they both turned their attention to Michael as he curled his fingers around his shaft and began to stroke.

“I hope you’ve got plenty for both of us slave, you know how much I love to feel your hot cum spurting over my beautiful instep and toes.”

“I’ll do my very best Mistress,” promised Michael as he pumped his meat hard for his two sexy Mistresses.

“Good slave, I know you won’t disappoint us. How many days is it since you have been allowed to cum?”

“Fifty three Mistress.”

Michael’s response brought a gasp from Jenny and a smile from Sarah.

“Get yourself close slave, I want you ready to cum right when I say.”

Michael stroked harder and moaned as he felt his cock edging closer and closer to the point of no return. He knew from experience that if Sarah told him to edge he needed to be right there. She would have no qualms about stopping him if she thought it was taking him too long to tip himself over the edge once she had given her permission for him to release.

“I’m close Mistress,” groaned Michael.

“Are you slave? Are you right there, right on the edge, ready to unload weeks of cum all over our beautiful feet?”

“Mmmm yes Mistress, I’m so close.”

“Then stop!” ordered Sarah.

Michael obeyed immediately, releasing his reddened cock, leaving it bobbing and pulsing angrily in complete frustration, a quiet but anguished moan escaping his throat.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Jenny. “I can’t believe he just stopped when you told him to.”

“Oh yes,” smirked Sarah. “My slave is well trained, and he does exactly what I tell him to.”
Michael looked at his wife with imploring eyes, begging to be allowed to finish what he had started.

“Right now he’s desperate, aching to cum, and part of him wants to be allowed to shoot all over our pretty feet and clean them with his tongue…. But another part of him, his darker side, wants nothing more than to be locked back up again without release.”

“No…” breathed Jenny. “No way. Why would he possibly want you to do that?”

“Because it amuses me, and because he adores it when I am mean to him. Don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Michael looked down, avoiding Jenny’s gaze as his secrets were revealed. What must Jenny think of him right now? He knew full well that Nick would never agree to be treated this way in a million years …

“Would you really lock his cock up again without letting him cum?”

“Yes, of course. He knows that he doesn’t get to cum without my permission and if he disobeys me he gets punished or I just leave his cock locked up for longer, don’t I slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do you mean… punished?” asked Jenny.

“Paddled, whipped… cropped, depends on my mood.”

“Ooooh…” breathed Jenny, clearly turned on by the idea.

“And sometimes I can be more creative… punishment doesn’t always just have to be about inflicting pain.”

Jenny looked at her friend, scarcely believing the things that were coming out of her mouth.

“It’s difficult at first, but you learn to love being mean… there’s almost nothing I love more than locking up a desperate, aching, leaking cock… but today I’ll let you decide, since we are your guests.”

Sarah reached down between her friend’s legs and gently stroked her sodden pussy, while Jenny arched her back, pushing herself closer to her sexy friend.

“But first we need to get him back on the edge. Tell him to start stroking again.”

Jenny gave the order and Michael eagerly grabbed his cock and swiftly pumped it, praying that she would give him permission to explode over her and his wife’s gorgeous feet.

“Do you want to let him cum, or do you want to watch me lock his poor aching cock back up again?” asked Sarah. “I will if that’s what you want, and he’ll thank you for it.”

“I’m getting close Mistress,” warned Michael.

“Stay on the edge,” instructed Sarah. “Until Mistress Jennifer makes her decision.”

Jenny felt a rush of power as she watched her friend’s husband stroking his cock for her, trembling slightly as he fought to hold back the orgasm that had been brewing for so long. Though she wanted to return the pleasure he had given her earlier, she couldn’t deny there was a tiny part of her that loved the idea of having Sarah lock his cock back up again without release. But no, it was too mean to do that, she wasn’t ready to be cruel like that, not yet…

“I want him to cum,” she sighed as Sarah’s fingers worked their way into her sodden cunt.

“Please let him cum, I want to see it…”

Michael was ecstatic but still looked to his wife for a final confirmation. Sarah held his gaze for a few more seconds, stringing out the agony for just a while longer and then nodded her head gently. Michael breathed deeply and pumped his cock a few more times, then felt his entire body tense as he unloaded a huge load of cum over all four of their combined feet.

The orgasm was too intense to be truly pleasurable, it was almost painful as his cock pulsed and jerked, thick white strings of cum erupting violently and splashing over painted toes, insteps, ankles and shins. He opened his eyes and looked down at the beautiful sight in front of him and carefully milked the last drops out of his now rapidly wilting cock.

As he milked his cock Sarah and Jenny looked on, Sarah’s fingers still playing with Jenny’s slippery, gaping pussy. She couldn’t believe how loose her friend’s pussy was, and she wished she could experience the same.

When Michael was sure he was completely drained he looked up briefly at his two Mistresses and then slowly bent forward and began the job of licking up and swallowing every single drop of cum he had expelled. As he licked and swallowed he heard the sound of Nick’s footstep’s outside on the gravel and then the sound of his black BMW firing into life. He was pleased that he was gone, he would much rather be alone with Sarah and Jenny…

As he slurped up the remnants of his bitter cream from between the two women’s toes he heard them talking about him as if he wasn’t even there.

“I’d love to watch him suck Nick’s cock,” said Sarah.

“I know,” giggled Jenny. “But Nick would never agree to that…”

“What if we get him really drunk and then tie him up?”

The two girls burst out laughing, then Sarah told Michael to leave them alone for a while.

“Go and get showered, and shave your balls… I’ll lock you up when you’re finished.”

Michael moved off the bed as the two women started to kiss once again. He moved towards the en-suite, glancing nervously over his shoulder.

“And don’t touch your cock any more than you absolutely have to,” added Sarah.
Jenny giggled again and kissed her friend.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said seductively as she moved down Sarah’s body and kissed her stomach.

“No, please…. Use your fingers and tell me what it feels like.”

“What does what feel like?” smirked the younger woman.

“Nick’s cock, I want to know what it feels like when it’s inside you… does it hurt?”

“Sometimes… but you get used to it. And then it feels really, really good. Occasionally I let him fuck me in the ass, it takes a lot of lube and he has to go really slow, but it feels incredible.”

Sarah’s body arched and she let out a groan of pleasure as Jenny’s fingers slid inside her and she contemplated the idea of Nick’s thick pole stretching her virgin asshole and leaving her thoroughly gaped. She still didn’t like him very much, but now that she’d seen his cock, she desperately wanted to feel it inside her.

Michael watched from the bathroom doorway for a second, he couldn’t quite hear what was being said, but he could guess. Sarah had been teasing him about cuckolding for a long time now and it seemed that this weekend had brought that a few steps closer to becoming reality. His feelings on the matter were mixed, in some ways he loved the idea of Sarah being fucked by a cock much bigger than his own, but at the same time he hated the idea of another man being inside her… and the possibility of it being Nick of all people, that was very hard to stomach.

And yet, had he just not licked Jenny’s pussy and made her cum?

Would it not be somewhat hypocritical to deny Nick and Sarah the same intimacy?

What if Sarah (and Jenny) had given him the opportunity to fuck her rather than jerking off on her feet. How humiliating would it have been to have slid his cock into her distended pussy, knowing that she would barely have been able to feel him after Nick had stretched her hole so thoroughly.

Jesus, even thinking about that was making his cock start to harden again…

He looked down at his semi-hard cock, then back at his beautiful wife, clearly enjoying the attention of her best girl-friend and then reluctantly closed the bathroom door and plucked his razor out of their overnight bag.

+ + +

Traffic-wise the drive home was better than the drive down, but a nervous tension filled the car. They had travelled nearly a third of the way home before Michael finally asked the question that was occupying his every thought.

“Are you going to let him… inside you?”

The atmosphere inside the car crackled as Sarah considered her answer carefully.

“I’d like to. Especially now I’ve seen it for myself… I thought Jenny was exaggerating a bit, but apparently not!”

She let her answer hang for a moment, gauging Michael’s reaction, before sliding her hand onto his thigh and adding…

“But, at the same time… I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardise what we have. Teasing you about it is one thing, and I love the way it affects you when I lay it on thick… but before I actually went through with it I’d have to be sure it was right for both of us.”

Michael breathed a sigh of relief, and felt himself relaxing considerably.

“Besides, who knows if Nick even fancies me?” said Sarah, turning to look out of the window and feigning indifference.

Michael knew well enough that he did, just from the way he looked at her sometimes and the occasional drunken remark, but decided to keep that information to himself.

“Anyway, I’m not sure Nick is the right person to cuck you with anyway, despite the obvious… advantages. If I was going to let another man fuck me, I’d want you there with me too, and there’s no way Nick would agree to that. He may be well hung, but he’s way too vanilla for me, and for Jenny too I suspect… which is why I was wondering how you’d feel about her coming to stay with us now and again, just her… Nick’s job is changing soon and he’s going to have to start going abroad a lot more than he has before. Obviously Jenny will be stuck at home on her own, you wouldn’t mind if she came to stay with us would you?”

Sarah turned to smile at her husband.

“I know you loved her pretty feet, and she really loved your tongue… and I’d love to peg you in front of her, I’m sure it would blow her mind.”

‘Girls Talk’ is nearly here…

My new story is pretty much finished I think. If I can get Mistress R to proof read later then it may be up before midnight! I think this is one of the best stories I have written, but then who knows, maybe others may not agree. I also feel that with some changes it could be the basis of a full length novel, that is why I will not be writing further parts to this, I have finished it as is, but really this warrants expanding into a 50-75,000 word job. This could be the story I’ve been waiting for, the one to take to Amazon as an e-book!

Another Orgasm for Mistress R…

Tonight Mistress R had another lovely orgasm on my tongue, that’s two nights in a row! We are going someway to boosting the total for the month which is still the worst its been since February 2014, but at least the orgasms Mistress has had have been good ones.

After last night’s orgasm and teasing for me, when we actually went to bed I was hard waiting for Mistress to come to bed. When she joined me I asked if I could stroke my cock and Mistress gave me permission to for a couple of minutes. It was lovely, but it wasn’t as good as when she’d done it early in the evening and I was teasing her asshole with my fingertip… Mmmm!

Tonight after Mistress had cum, she teased me again and though my cock was very steady getting hard, by the time she was finished with me my cock was rock hard. After she had been sucking me for some time she moved up the bed and kissed me, and I just love kissing her when she’s been sucking my cock. I just love it when her mouth tastes of cock, it’s fucking HOT!  🙂


It’s coming…

Okay so my story is well over 6000 words now, approaching 7,000 (as predicted). I’ve also just added an ending which changes the feeling of the story a bit, makes it a little bit ‘nicer’ I suppose. One of the big complaints when writing anything with any level of cuckolding theme (although this really isn’t a cuckold story, but it is a part of it) is that the relationship is compromised and hurtful, and in some stories this is definitely the case. However this time (without giving anything away) I think I’ve managed to negotiate that particular stumbling block quite nicely.

Hopefully by the end of the week the story will be ready, I need to read it through again, possible tweak it a bit more and then get Mistress R to proof read it for me (Mistress R will spot an inappropriately used apostrophe at a thousand paces, believe me!). I think this one could well be one of my best stories yet. I hope you guys and the Literotica voters will agree.

Working Title: Girls Talk…

Well, the good news is that I’m up to just shy of 6,000 words and it’s pretty much there. Am going to give it a few more reads through, as I’m sure there are a couple of anomalies which need addressing, but it’s largely complete.

The story developed as I was writing it, as they often do… it’s ostensibly a chastity / Femdom story, which also includes elements of humiliation, lesbianism and overtones of cuckolding. It’s not really a cuckolding story in the purest sense, it’s kind of in the background, pretty much set up for a sequel, if I decided to write one…

I think it’s definitely different this one, it has a fresh vibe about it. I don’t think I’ve read anything with a similar story, at least not that I can remember anyway. I’m really looking forward to posting this and getting your feedback.

5,000 Words and Counting…

I stayed up until 1am last night, trying to get my story written. I’m up to 5000 words now and the first draft is done (hurrah!). I don’t want to give too much away, but this is quite a different story to any that I have written before. I think that’s why I was so keen to write this one because I found a new angle.

It’s still essentially a Femdom / Chastity story, but there’s a bit of a twist to it too. I can’t wait to get it finished and make it available for people here and on Literotica.