I think I’m going to let you cum inside me…

It’s been twelve days since my last post, but not that much has happened to be honest… as you can see from the orgasm page, Mistress came again on the 30th of June and then there was nothing until the Wednesday just gone. There were a few reasons for this, not least the 1st of June was very hot here, like 37 degrees hot, which is ridiculous in the UK. To put in perspective, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.6!

Mistress and I hate hot weather, we are not good with it at all, and needless to say it does not inspire either of us to feeling frisky. Thankfully by the weekend it cooled down a bit, but then Mistress started her period.

It was good that it cooled down though, because Mistress and I were going to London to see the band NOFX, and while it was hot enough in the Brixton Academy, it could have been much worse.

So by Wednesday just gone Mistress’s period had finished and I finally got to lick her gorgeous pussy and make her cum. It was so lovely to do that at last, and afterwards Mistress decided to make me cum too. She teased my cock for a while, then straddled me and started riding me. She was quite surprised that it had been fifteen days for me already, and on the spur of the moment Mistress decided to let me cum.

She slipped her bra down and played with her beautiful breasts while I fucked her from below and when I had to warn her that I was getting close she told me ‘I think I’m going to let you cum in me’. And it didn’t take much longer for me to explode inside her, after which she straddled my face and had me lick her pussy clean.

So this is day two of my next period of chastity, but it already seems longer somehow.

8 thoughts on “I think I’m going to let you cum inside me…

  1. I got hard from that Robert! I painted a picture in my mind’s eye of being able to cum inside my Mistress, and I got instantly hard. it’s the little things. 😉

    • Hi Marie
      Sorry I didn’t see this comment before! Yes, records are one thing but Mistress should always be in control!

  2. That’s a tasty treat, salty semen and sweet pussy juice. What a fortunate fucker you are Rob… I’m licking my lips just thinking about it. Maybe I can convince my sweet bride, CH, to do the same next March, when I have my next orgasm.

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