Again, already!

Very stupidly, I stayed up very late last night. You know how you start doing something on your computer and before you know where you are it’s 1:30am… well that was me last night. In fact I think it was nearer 1:45am when I actually went to bed, so I was never going to be feeling particularly great this morning.

Mistress and I are going out late again tonight and it’s a safe bet that we will both be quite tired tomorrow, so it seemed like a good idea to have some fun today. It s still quite warm here, but thankfully not as bad as it has been, but needless to say… I am not exactly ‘full of beans’ today.

All started well, we were kissing on the bed and my cock was nice and hard as I used my fingers to tease Mistress’s beautiful pussy. Eventually I moved down the bed and even then my cock was hard for quite some time, squashed between my body and the mattress as I licked Mistress. After a while Mistress was getting more turned on and I began using my fingers on her too, including the new trick I have discovered of stimulating the bottom edge of her pussy, kind of directly opposite where here clit is. This seems to help things along nicely. 🙂

Mistress had a really good, long, hard orgasm, which kickstarted my cock again and as I moved down to kiss her feet for a little while I was already half hard. Then Mistress told me to kneel between her thighs and she started stroking my cock… but the fucking thing was just not playing. It got sort of 70% hard I guess, but not hard enough for Mistress to push it into her pussy.

After a few tries Mistress had me lie on my back and started stroking me harder while she allowed me to tease her ass with my fingers. My cock started to get a bit harder and Mistress pumped it hard and fast, actually edging me once (though she stopped just as I was about to tell her I was close, so she didn’t actually know that). Satisfied that I was now hard enough, Mistress lay down again and told me to kneel between her legs.

A few more tries proved fruitless, I was still kind of hard but just not hard enough. Rather than getting stressed about it (like I used to… which is NOT the answer!) I simply suggested to Mistress that I put the rubber cock-ring on (that’s why it lives on the table by the bed, even though this is a very rare occurrence for me these days, you don’t want to be riffling through drawers at a time like this).

Once I fitted the cockring, I started kissing Mistress and she stroked my cock. It still didn’t get as hard as it usually does with a cock ring on, usually the cock ring makes it look like it’s been taking steroids, but it was ‘hard enough’. Still Mistress was struggling a bit, but after a bit of lubing up my cock was a bit harder still and slippery enough to slide easily inside her.

I pushed Mistress’s legs over my shoulders and pushed into her, giving her some deep strokes (which we were both loving), but it wasn’t too long before I felt like I was getting close, and I had to slow down almost to a complete stop. Mistress turned onto her side, and started pushing herself back against me, I responded, but again it wasn’t long before I had to warn Mistress that I was close.

Mistress told me to keep going and then as I started to cum she told me to pull it out and cum on her ass! Well, honestly I’d already started to shoot inside her, but I pulled out and stroked what I could onto her ass, which wasn’t that much to be frank. The cock ring tends to restrict it a bit and as I said, I’d already started coming inside her. Then as Mistress moved up on to her knees she brushed against me and wiped half of what there was onto my stomach.

Still, I bent down and licked the little bit of cum that was left from around Mistress’s gorgeous asshole. But, stupidly… I could have quite legitimately spent a good while longer tonguing Mistress’s ass, under the guise of ‘cleaning her up’, but I just… didn’t. FFS, this is what happens when you are tired! 🙁

Ah well, it was still lovely to be allowed inside Mistress’s beautiful pussy for a while, and I really enjoyed making her cum nice and hard. And even though it was a bit stressful not getting hard enough without the cockring, at the end of it all I still got to cum, and lick (a little bit of) it off Mistress’s gorgeous ass. So no need to feel too sorry for me! 🙂

Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive. And hopefully I will get a good night’s sleep tonight and wake up with a rock hard cock in the morning.



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