A Meaner Mistress…

Last night was just amazing. Although things didn’t quite go to plan, they ended so well…

We had intended for Mistress to receive some pussy worship last night, but what with one thing and another, this didn’t end up happening. However, when it came time to go to bed, I expected to kiss Mistress (her lips and feet) and then go to sleep.

Indeed Mistress only let me kiss her feet for a few seconds before telling me to get into bed. But instead of kissing me goodnight, Mistress pushed the covers back to expose her gorgeous body and then grabbed my cock.

She soon had me hard and allowed me to gently tease her asshole with my fingers, I so desperately wanted her to sit on my face and let me worship her ass, but I knew she wouldn’t, partly because my face was stubbly and partly because she wants me to wait until Sunday.

Mistress was a little bit tipsy on wine, and this had the effect of relaxing her and bringing out her inner Mistress a bit more than usual and she said some beautiful things to me about how she feels about me and our marriage, but she also took the opportunity to ask me if I still wanted to continue being her slave and in chastity.

This is something that both of us feel the need to reassure ourselves over from time to time, neither wanting the other to feel ‘trapped’ into a particular lifestyle choice if we simply don’t want to do it anymore. Of course there are times when I wish I could just slam my cock into my Mistress’s beautiful pussy and fill her full of cum, I wouldn’t be human if there wasn’t… and there are also definitely times I worry that Mistress misses having a ‘normal’ sex life…

But last night as she roughly stroked and slapped my cock and balls, we reassured each other that this is what we both want. Mistress told me she absolutely loves having me be so hard and aching for her, and I asked her if she would promise to be a ‘meaner’ Mistress for me.

(I’m thinking that I might have to explain this further to her at some point, since while her being rougher with my cock and balls is definitely okay with me, that isn’t the whole story.ย Perhaps my readers might also like to suggest ways in which Mistress could be ‘meaner’ to me?) ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, by the time Mistress told me to go to sleep (the third or fourth time, since I couldn’t keep my hands or cock ๐Ÿ™‚ off of her) my cock was like granite, and I woke up this morning in exactly the same state. My balls are aching a bit too (Mistress was rougher last night than she’s even been before), but it was soooo worth it. Towards the end I begged her to slap my balls once more last night and Mistress certainly left a lasting impression!

I love seeing my Mistress like this, it makes me feel incredibly happy and so lucky to be in a relationship with such an amazing and sexy woman. I just wish I could bring this part of her to the surface more often. I am going to have to have a serious think about how I can facilitate this in the future, because I really would like us both to experience this kind of intensity more often.


4 thoughts on “A Meaner Mistress…

  1. I think that it is great that you were able to vocalize to MR that you really want her to be meaner. I think that to get her to grow along you are going to have to keep communicating this and keep doing what you are able to do with initiating things within your rules. I know it feels weird, but in a sense some of this has to trickle out of the bedroom a bit if you want to get to the place of this being a little more present in your life. I don’t mean with chores and things, but rather with you doing little things during your down time, to show her how submissive you want to be to her, like coming out to watch tv naked just in case she wants to play with your cock. Or when you talk to her on the phone during the day or via email that you let her know how horny you are for her.

    Some ways that she could be meaner, definitely more ruined orgasms. That is a perfect way to be mean. Making you do something to earn your teasings too. And some of it is just in how she can talk to you. And remember, just because you cannot ask for things like penetration and ruined orgasms or real ones too, you can definitely communicate to her that you are craving any of those things and that might spur on some of her meanness too! Good luck!

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