Feeling So Happy Right Now…

Our session on Sunday was amazing, and it’s taken until now for us both to enjoy another one of Mistress’s lovely orgasms. I am feeling so happy right now, with the taste of Mistress’s pussy on my lips and tongue, I wish I had this taste in my mouth every day.

After I made Mistress cum and worshipped her feet, Mistress sucked and stroked me while I played with her asshole. I so wanted to lick her gorgeous asshole, but somehow I didn’t ask her. I guess I was allowed to lick her ass on Sunday, so whether she would have let me is questionable… I do prefer it if Mistress just straddles my face, and I feel like if I ask too much it makes it less likely that she will do that. But then, of course, I always want to lick her ass, and she knows that, so I always end up asking sooner rather than later. Maybe next time.

Anyway, Mistress teased my cock beautifully and I was throbbing hard when she finished. That felt sooooo good.

Thought of another two stories, one in particular I really want to get on with. However I notice that it’s already been a month since I transferred my last bunch of notes onto Word, hmm… so irritating!

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