A Bit of D.I.Y. in the Bedroom…

This morning Mistress had to go into town and I took the opportunity to do a little bit of D.I.Y. in the bedroom… no really, actual D.I.Y. The other day I bought a couple of nice, wall-mounted cupboards one for either side of the bed, so it was nice to get them built and on the wall.

When Mistress came back she suggested that we go to bed for a little while before lunch, and after being left hard and throbbing last night, I was more than keen to do so! After admiring the cupboards Mistress laid on the bed and I worshipped her beautiful feet for a while and then kissed my way up her gorgeous legs.

Once I got to the top of her sexy thighs, my breathing started to quicken as I caught the faintest scent from her pussy. I really do adore the taste and smell of Mistress’s arousal, I simply can never get enough of it, and as I started to lick her pussy I felt my cock harden.

Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, and I licked my fingers clean and then kissed her legs and feet for a while, before moving back up to lay next to her. We cuddled for a few seconds and then kissed as she reached for my cock. I was soon hard and Mistress asked me how many days it had been since I had cum. I did not actually know, and I told her that I wasn’t sure but I guessed around ten days. It was actually fourteen days, funny how I don’t keep track of that as ardently as I used to.

Mistress sucked and stroked my cock as I reached down to gently tease her asshole. I really wanted to be licking it, but even feeling the warmth of it against my fingertips makes my cock throb and I was loving how hard my cock felt as Mistress continued to tease me. After a few slaps to my cock and balls, Mistress knelt up and at first I thought she had read my mind and was about to straddle my face and have me lick her ass.

But instead, Mistress straddled my body and sank slowly down onto my cock. She rode me a while, looking absolutely stunning. I love to see Mistress looking down at me like that, always a trace of amusement on her face as she watches my reactions. I begged her to remove her bra, and Mistress slowly pulled down the straps and slid her arms out of it before pushing the material down to reveal her gorgeous breasts.

As ever I had to be careful not to let myself get too carried away, but after a moment to recalibrate I was okay, which was just as well since Mistress then bent forward and invited me to suck on her sexy nipples. Mistress continued to ride me for a while and then lifted off me, before kneeling next to me and telling me to lick her pussy one last time. As she lay down next to me I looked down at my rock hard cock, glistening with her pussy juice.

I cuddled up to her and ground my slippery cock against her in frustration, mildly disappointed that I hadn’t asked to be allowed to worship her ass, but otherwise blissfully happy and content, with the taste of Mistress’s sweet pussy still on my lips. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Bit of D.I.Y. in the Bedroom…

  1. Now you have a place to store Mistress R’s harness and the dildos and buttplugs she uses on your ass, Rob. All within easy reach for you to fetch them when she decides that you need something up your bum… All your other toys can be close at hand, too… Enjoy!


    • Hi Harry
      Well, those things are close at hand already truth be told. The cupboards are for something completely different, and not at all kinky.

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