I do love to ache for her…

Last night I went to bed a little before Mistress, and before I went to sleep I finished off reading ‘The Cuckolding Journal of Mark and Jane’ again. I turned out the late and half dozed off, until I heard Mistress coming up the stairs.

I was really hard and thought, perfect timing, I will ask her if I can touch my cock. However, when Mistress got into bed and we kissed goodnight, she must have sensed that I was hard because she immediately grabbed my cock and started gently teasing it. We lay side by side for a little while, her playing with my cock and balls and leaving me even harder than I was before she came to bed.

She told me that I should go to sleep now, but I couldn’t help turning over and kissing her shoulder as my cock throbbed against her gorgeous ass. Mistress reminded me to keep my hands off my cock and pressed her ass against my cock a few times while I continued to kiss her shoulder.

Mistress told me that she loved feeling my cock so hard and desperate, and in return I told her how much I loved to ache for her. Eventually I relented and turned over to try and go to sleep. I didn’t touch my cock again even though I really wanted to.

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