It’s coming…

Okay so my story is well over 6000 words now, approaching 7,000 (as predicted). I’ve also just added an ending which changes the feeling of the story a bit, makes it a little bit ‘nicer’ I suppose. One of the big complaints when writing anything with any level of cuckolding theme (although this really isn’t a cuckold story, but it is a part of it) is that the relationship is compromised and hurtful, and in some stories this is definitely the case. However this time (without giving anything away) I think I’ve managed to negotiate that particular stumbling block quite nicely.

Hopefully by the end of the week the story will be ready, I need to read it through again, possible tweak it a bit more and then get Mistress R to proof read it for me (Mistress R will spot an inappropriately used apostrophe at a thousand paces, believe me!). I think this one could well be one of my best stories yet. I hope you guys and the Literotica voters will agree.

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